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Site news / notes heading into the offseason

The offseason is in full swing for the Rangers, and I’m sure you noticed a little downtick in posts and activity here. That’s temporary, as I think we all needed a bit of a break from this exhausting season. The last few weeks of the season were especially exhausting, and while it was great for site traffic, it left most of us with a need for a break from the drama.

The content will pick up again with the draft lottery, player report cards, draft profiles, and offseason plans. We are also going to be relaunching the BSB offseason contest, something that Justin used to run annually. It’s taken a break for a bit, as it’s a bit difficult to run. But we will have it again this year since there’s a blank slate to run with and I think the ideas could be wild.

On a more technical note, the site will be migrating once more to a new design. You won’t notice much of a difference, as it will be very similar to what you see today. The reasoning is the theme is a bit more optimized for ad revenue, and I’ve been working with my site host to assist there. Server costs went up ten-fold at the end of the 2019-2020 season, so the ad revenue is needed to keep the site up and running.

Server costs are also the reason why, starting in September, I will be moving the Wednesday 7 Thoughts piece behind a pay wall. Still working through the kinks of it, but it will likely be through Patreon for $2 a month (subscribe here). I’m hoping between that and the new theme, I won’t be breaking the bank on server costs. If you’re already subscribed to the Patreon, I’ll automatically change it to $2 a month.

One last thing: I have spent way too much time over the past month moderating comments. It’s really annoying. I’m thisclose to implementing a comment registering system. If you can’t play nice, don’t comment. Comment under one name – and yes I know when you change your name to pose as someone else. I’ve emailed a few of you, some that have been here a while. Cut the crap, or I will force a registration system on you. The more time I spend moderating comments, the less time I have to produce actual content you guys want to read.

Final warning.

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  • Fuck everybody lmao Na jk but you guys put out great articles I never comment but I read all of the articles you put out enjoy your guys rest you earned it

  • I read and enjoy all your articles and comment on some. Looking forward to what’s written come this summer. For now good luck and enjoy the break.

  • Great forum here Dave, a place where Ranger hockey heads can give their 2 bits on the direction of their beloved team. Everyone has a right to their opinions or to agree or disagree. However, the insults to one another is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Enjoy your summer.

  • The last time this site did a makeover, I believe Lias Andersson was suppose to be a for sure roster spot.. My bad, I mean an elite 3c or 2c… Woof!!!! I’ll be shocked if Chytil is here by next deadline.

  • I agree 100% with you about people not having respect for each other and in my opinion the foul language should be band as well. Not sure why so many people these days feel they need to use such horrible words. My question is do they speak to the people they love with it, do they kiss the people they love with such a FILTHY MOUTH? Why is it so many people these days can’t seem to respect others opinions just because they are different than their opinion? I for one enjoy most of your writings on this site and would be more than happy to pay for it, hell I was paying for the Athletic and their articles on the Rangers wasn’t as good as yours! You guys also had more of them as well. Nothing is free in this world and you guys deserve to get at least enough money to cover the cost of bringing us good Ranger stuff to read.

  • Dave, thanks for all your hard work.
    You cracking down on those who insist on insulting other posters, and imposters is most welcome.

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