NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: New scouting approach-5/31/21

Final Season Record: 27-23-6 (5th in East Division)
Last Poll’s Results: 7.13 (391 votes)

Top stories from last week:

  • It’s been a slow week for the Rangers, as the only big move was firing Nick Bobrov, the Director of European Scouting. This happened yesterday. This might signal a new direction in scouting.
  • With the OIlers getting swept, people were discussing whether Connor McDavid would request a trade. That’s unlikely, but Edmonton’s best trade chip is Leon Draisaitl. Could he be dangled?
  • All the offseason plans are tied together. A coach will drive most of it, but expect the Rangers to have a theme to their offseason. We don’t know what that theme is yet.
  • We are into player report card season, and started on the blue line. The Rangers are pretty well off there, believe it or not.
  • That’s really it. It’s been slow.

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • Status quo of a 7.
    Bobrov firing not a total surprise,other than the no brainers, European selections have underperformed miserably. And most likely will not be anything more than fringe NHLers.
    Now the next move should be Clark, a total change in scouting is necessary. New regime new voices.

    • Clarke is probably a Sather crony so he’ll hang on but Drury will put him in a menial role, I think.

      This team is very incomplete so I’ll reserve confidence for now … it’s a 5 for me.

  • Ryan Reaves with another meathead play. The NHL has a responsibility to get this type of crap out of the game. 25 game suspension minimum. This was the same crap that Wilson pulled. He literally went out there looking to hurt someone.

    • Reaves is trash. That move he pulled was a disgrace. Evander Kane had a funny remark on twitter, suggesting the NHL should punish Vegas by forcing them to play Reaves for 20 minutes a night, as that would hurt them more than a suspension for Reaves.

      If Reaves gets a huge suspension after Wilson got nothing, then I’d call that real proof of an anti-Ranger bias from Bettman and Co at the NHL front office.

      Lastly, all of us Ranger fans should take a moment to thank the gods that we are not Toronto Maple Leaf fans. The Leafs are about to take over the longest Cup drought record from the Rangers when they are eliminated this year. And does anyone think they’ve got the stones to win tonight?

      • Until the league takes real action against headhunting and fighting NHL hockey will be a second tier sport. The greatest game is ruined by its handlers.

        • The Players’ Assoc is more to blame IMO. What’s with them?

          Defend the right to due process, but why protect the 1% of the players that are doing this crap?

          Gutless Union.

          • Yep, the NHL brass and the Player’s Association together choose to let the sport be tainted by goonery.

  • I was a nine for a couple of years. I have been at 7 since JD and Gorton were fired. Until I see what Drury is going to do I will remain a bit worried. He seems like a smart guy. Question that I have is whether he has all of the authority his titles suggest.

  • The best thing I read since yesterday was that Oliver Tärnström is now playing with Rögle for next season, which has a quality set up. Will likely play another season of J20, but the Abbott brothers are turning prospects into players.

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