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Rangers dismiss Nick Bobrov, head of European scouting

In a bit of a surprising move, Chris Drury and the Rangers have dismissed Director of European Scouting Nick Bobrov. Bobrov has been director of Euro scouting for the past six years, with a pretty decent track record.

Drury and Director of North American scouting Chris Morehouse will take over the draft. Likely with Gordie Clark’s input as well.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this, as the Rangers have done a pretty solid job with their Euro picks lately. No one bats 1.000, but there have been more consensus good picks than bad from the Euro spots in the last six years.

Of course, this could be temporary until the Rangers hire someone else to take over the European scouting. But the Rangers dismissing Nick Bobrov comes off as surprising.

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      • so basically instead of firing him and paying him to do nothing, he will be scouting NHL/AHL players.

        • A lot of guys get farmed out like that(or become EVP.) Covid got a lot of those guys let go. Tracking data will make for the next wave of redundancies.

    • Gordie Clark has been moved to pro scouting position about a year and half ago… He is no longer overseeing the draft…

      • I want Clark and Slats the hell away from my hockey team.

        They’re old fools who should not be listened to any longer.

    • Dolan needs to keep his Grimy paws off the Rangers and let the GM hire and fire who he wants.
      The Rangers obviously like Drury. So let him put together an organization as he sees fit. As Richter said above. If Drury wants to fire Gordie Clark, then let him do it.
      Side note: I wonder if the powers that be were thinking Gorton may not be here much longer when teams were asking to interview Drury earlier this season. Maybe that’s why he dropped out so abruptly.

  • Oh yeah Chytil and Buch are goner’s… Maybe even some other Euro’s? I doubt Kravtsov is going anywhere, he is a product of Drury. I think a huge decrease in Euro prospects is in play for the NYR youth movement.

    Where the heck has Tanner Glass been?

  • New guy comes in…new guy makes changes. Not surprising. Was just wondering if this was maybe a “trimming the fat move”, due to Covid? Only wondering because he didn’t name a replacement…yet.
    Also, Alan Hepple, director of amateur scouting for Colorado the last six years and in the organization for 19, has been let go. So there is an experienced scouting guy out there, if Drury is interested in a major change to the scouting dept.

  • Rangers euro picks while Bobrov was head of scouting:
    2015 draft – disaster (Kovacs, Zborovskiy, Saarela – all in the 3rd)
    2016 – Reunanen in the 4th – solid B
    2017 – Anderson – F, Chytil – B+ (Sjallin, Lakatos, Virta – dart throws that didn’t work out)
    2018 – Kravtsov – TBD, Lundkvist – A, Lindbom – F, Pajuniemi – TBD, but looks promising, (Ragnarsson, Gross, Kjellberg – whatever)
    2019 – Kakko – no brainer, so not going to grade a scout on him, Henriksson, Aaltonen – underperforming expectations so far, but TBD, Edstrom – whatever
    2020 – too early to tell, but I would have taken Nybeck ahead of Tarnstrom

    To summarize, no stars unearthed in later rounds, only one late first rounder performing above expectations so far.
    A couple of good ones, but nothing to write home about.

    • He held the same position with Boston from 2001-06…and the only name that stands out is Krejci…so there is that.

    • Gross played in Oshawa before & after his draft year, would’ve been scouted by N. American scouts.

    • yeah he seemed to have been bushing for a lot of soft undersized crap that can barely produce in the top European leagues. Grit is what is needed not soft undersized skill players. My guess is they had a clear difference of opinions once they started discussing this year’s draft and they fired him. Bobrov does not understand how gritty a player has to be to be a successful NHL player.

      • They wound up not performing in top leagues, but they really weren’t performing good enough in juniors to begin with to make up for the lack of size. For every standard deviation in size for a player, you pretty much need a similar SD ratio in scoring(probably more) to make up for it.

        Like playing down a league for your age, you need to have obscene scoring rates(like Mario Lemieux his draft year) to show you’re in the wrong league for whatever reason.

        • And it isn’t just size, if you look at most of the Rangers roster there is plenty of size, but many of them play too soft, not enough fire in them. If you player doesn’t enjoy physical contact they should stay away from NHL.

    • One should add a little more to the list. The Rangers have signed a handful of European free agents. Georgiev turned out well; otherwise not much so far with only Khodorenko in the pipeline.

      He also was presumably the guy most familiar with Rykov, who seems to have been a mistake.


      Should we mention that his predecessor found Buchnevich and Shesterkin in the third and fourth rounds? A really good European scout can do something.

  • Their Euro picks bar Kakko & Edström under Bobrov are utter garbage.

    2016: Reunanen. That a guy that late even got a NHL game is a slight win, but he’s never gonna play 100 of em.

    2017: Chytil. Good pick, lots of hands in on that. Sjalin, Lakatos, Virta. All busts, None offered, Sjalin will have a nice career in Sweden.

    2018: Kravtsov: Lots of people in that decision, still probably too early. Lundkvist:same as above, but great value. Lindbom, Ragnarsson, Pajuniemi & Kjellberg. All likely busts, Pajuniemi will be okey in Hartford if he cleans up a lot of other parts of his game.

    2019: Kakko: say no more. Henriksson: you hope against hope, but I don’t see the talent overcoming the size issues. Altonen: too small, hands won’t ever catch up to the skating. Edström: has a chance to make it as a 4th liner, but hasn’t shown high level scoring skill. Then again, hasn’t had that chance since he was 16.

    2020: Tärnström: painfully thin, would need a full time nutritionist to fill him out, likely won’t get offered. Ollas: who knows about goalies.

  • Anderson – F
    Krav – C
    Fil – A
    Lundkvist – A
    Henrikson – C
    Reunanen – A (for the round)
    Pajuniemi – A (for the round)

    Rest… who are those guys?

  • Not a surprise when you see the soft players we have drafted for years. We have drafted too many Europeans for my taste and not enough Canadian kids who play with that sandpaper type grit needed in the NHL, especially playoff time! PLEASE Drury dump Clark next!!!

    • Top of the draft is GM, head of player personnel & head scout working through consensus, 2nd rd is latter two. After that it’s on scouts lobbying for picks.

      Bobrov gets wins on Reunanen & Edström, a draw on Pajuniemi; the rest of those 3rd round picks or later are just utter failures. Not only not getting offered, but most of the time not sticking in the top league in their country(Sjalin the exception.)

      The likelihood of those players making the show are small to begin with, but they’re not even punching above their weight in the slightest.

    • The other thing is that “sandpaper” guys are rarer than hen’s teeth in every league until the LNAH starts a Junior loop.

      USA hockey has stomped on it hard, so has Hockey Canada. Cuylle is an exception, so is Montana Onyebuchi(who has signed an AHL contract with San Jose) and both of them are fringe roster guys who might stick in a 32 team league.

    • I’m Canadian and would love more Canadian flavour but you have to be careful or you end up drafting McIlrath instead of Tarasenko or passing on Kucherov (how many teams passed on him until the second round). Talent is talent no matter the country. Every scout lobbies for ‘their’ guys because they haven’t been around the world to see the other prospects. That’s why a head of amateur scouting and GM need to see some of the players for themselves. The ultimate decision rests with the GM. Later the draft, the more the GM depends on their scouts and the GMs often pick a player in a region where the haven’t taken someone to throw a bone to those scouts so they aren’t discouraged after a year’s work.

    • He was the Asst. Director, then the Director of Amateur scouting for Columbus from 2016-19, before joining the Rangers.

  • If Bobrov had anything to do with drafting Goalie Olof Lindbom in the second round, then he should be kicked to the curb.

    • Well above his pay grade.

      The kind of decision that gets made off of U18 by a head of scouting rather than years of study by a regional scout/goalie witch.

  • Drury‘a first questionable move. Bobrov has done a great job and should have been promoted to take over for the inept Clark.

    • no way, this was the right move let him draft players that have no chance to play in NHL for some other franchise.

  • The current Ranger team has 9 soft European players on it. That’s not the makeup of a team that is going to be competitive for the Stanley cup. The team needs to balance the finesse with the grit.

  • the beginning of the fall of this regime was when nyr got destroyed at the 2017 traverse city. gordie chewed them out and msg pulled the video. then the lias/krav fiascos. so while they were bouyed by the lottos not the smoothest ride since the letter.

  • A heartfelt thank you to all the brave service people, past and present, along with their families, who have sacrificed so much for so many people.

    And we also cannot forget all our first responders as well. Thank you!!

  • I think, that Rangers can sign with the three stars of Khl Zhafyarov, Jaskin and Shipachyov.

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