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Should the Rangers target Leon Draisaitl as a big splash?

The Edmonton Oilers were swept right out of the playoffs by the Winnipeg Jets, and almost immediately the Connor McDavid spitballing started. The Oilers aren’t going to move McDavid, but the Jack Eichel situation may scare them into making decisions to get McDavid some help. They are a mess, and they need help all over the lineup. Their best trade chip, aside from McDavid of course, is Leon Draisaitl, and it would certainly qualify as a big splash for the Rangers.

The Oilers are set to lost Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to free agency, taking away their third best offensive weapon. Their goaltending just cost them at least a game in that sweep. Their defense is headlined by…..someone? This is a team that needs help everywhere. And the Rangers are the team that has the assets. If they have the assets to land Eichel, they have the assets to land Draisaitl.

Just a reminder that there is not a single rumor pointing to Draisaitl being available. This is just pure spitballing. It isn’t even speculation.

Draisaitl is all offense

Leon Draisaitl is the non-McDavid trade chip that can bring them the most. The 25 year old plays all three forward positions and has been an offensive force since paired with McDavid. The guy has put up three 100 point seasons (2021 was a 100 point pace) in a row. He’s a force on the powerplay and a very skilled players. But, as with all players, there are concerns.

We all know what Draisaitl is offensively. One of the biggest concerns is his play away from the puck. It’s a justified concern, as his defensive numbers are pretty bad. It’s almost as if he plays in two zones. The right coach and the right system can get some buy in on the defensive side of things. Generally speaking though, putting up 100 points is worth the defensive lapses.

It’s not just a blip either for Draisaitl. He’s one of the worst defensive players in the league. Now don’t read that the wrong way. At 100 points, he likely outperforms all of his defensive woes. But don’t think you’re getting McDavid or Eichel. He’s a step below both as a complete player.

What about his play without McDavid?

The other big concern is what he can do without the best player in the world. Can he put up the points without him? Or will he stumble to “just” under a point per game pace? Again, we aren’t going to see Draisaitl completely crumble without him. But we might see a downtick in points and offensive impact.

The above is Draisaitl’s WOWY from this season. Now these should be taken with a grain of salt, as they are a bit noisy and dependent on good data with some flaws. Again, use it to paint a picture. The middle cluster is the average Draisaitl. The purple box around McDavid is how far he carries Draisaitl when paired together. It’s a significant boost.

Now look to the blue box to the left around the number 97. That’s how far Draisaitl falls when without McDavid. Two things jump out at me here:

  1. McDavid drives a big chunk of Draisaitl’s offensive impact. Remember that offensive impact is more than just points.
  2. The defense remains the same – bad.

The play without McDavid, combined with the significant hole in his game, make Leon Draisaitl a very risky proposition for the Rangers or any acquiring team. Assuming Edmonton looks to move him.

Buyer beware

Draisaitl comes with an $8.5 million cap hit for the next four years, which is comparable to Eichel. Eichel is a risk because of his injury. But Draisaitl is healthy and perhaps a bigger risk because he may be a product of playing with the best player in the world. If the Rangers are going to give up the same pieces to acquire one or the other, than I’d go with the injury risk. At least he can be put on LTIR.

This isn’t to say the Rangers won’t benefit from having Leon Draisaitl, or that any trade would be a disaster. It is painting a full picture of who Draisaitl has been as a player in his young NHL career. There’s significant risk.

Charts from Evolving-Hockey and Hockeyviz.

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  • “If the Rangers are going to give up the same pieces to acquire one or the other, than I’d go with the injury risk.”

    How about going with neither?

    Zib>Strome>Chytl>Barron/Rooney is fine for now, and Chytl takes the next step (a valid ‘if’) then it’s way better than fine. All this talk about a center seems to be due to people looking ahead and not wanting to pay Strome what he may get on the open market. But that is too much thinking. Fix what ails the team now and the rest will fall into place (like if Chytl develops into a solid #2).

    What ails the team is that intangible grit, toughness, hard to play against thing. With Lindgren and Trouba back from injury some of that will be fixed. With Robertson and Schneider waiting in the wings, the D will fix itself organically.

    Up front the log jam of fancy Dans needs to be broken and the best play IMO is to send a premium D (Lundqvist) or solid prospect D (Jones) along with a young winger (Goat) and a bag of Howdens for a grinding, annoying, Swiss Army Knife of a 50 point guy.

    As the dust settles, the Rangers don’t need that much. There is going to be development w/ Laffy & Kakko and Kravtsov should be a regular 3rd liner. There was a reason they took the steady rebuilt route and the thing is mostly built and needs to grow into itself, with a couple of outside tweaks. The Rangers do not need to make a “splash”. That is the old Rangers way, the Sather way, and I hate it.

    • “Zib>Strome>Chytl>Barron/Rooney is fine for now”

      I don’t know that they are. I would trade Strome, elevate Chytil to 2C, and get a Lindholm type, if not Lindholm himself for 3C. Then I would also look for an upgrade at 4C, because I think that Baron is better suited for wing.

      Strome has proven, too many times, that he is not a big game player. The last 10-15 games of the season, he produced very little, with the playoffs on the line. A player like Lindholm is a more well rounded player. So is Denault, but I think that he’s too expensive for what the Rangers need.

      While a real coach is needed for the players to be better, the Rangers do have to make some tweaks to the roster to get to the next level. Going into next year with the exact same players as this past year, is not an option, IMO. And it starts with the 3 and 4 center position. With Chytil at 2C.

      • kreider needs to be 4th line winger, no matter what his salary. put him with a center who can win face-offs and with a gritty forechecking right wing or move him to RW and you’ve got a heck of a 4th line. use the finesse guys on top 3 lines. he’s already been paid so use him where he would be most effective.

        • I don’t think 4th line for Kreider, but 3rd line, yes.

          Get a Cizekas type 4C, with Baron and Martinook or someone like that, and they’re fine.

      • Chytil can’t even handle being a 3rd line center can’t win a face-off goes long stretches without a point but let’s promote him to 2nd line for being mediocre. The hate Strome gets is comical as far as him not finishing strong last 10 games or so not many players did when your getting shut out by the Isles and scoring a goal or vs teams like Boston and Washington. Maybe it’s time for guys like Kakko and Chytil to start producing like a 1st rnd pick before we promote them to top lines

        • Chytil does almost as much as Strome and with a lot less to work with, whether that be linemates, even strength and power play time. Maybe he can’t win many faceoffs, but neither can any of the other Centers win more than they lose.

        • First of all, none of the Ranger centers can’t win faceoffs. But that is not the barometer for which line they play on.

          It’s pretty well published that faceoffs really do not impact games, for the most part. That they do not create or cause goals, in general. Do they somewhat? Yes, but not enough to be material, overall.

          And i have posted that Chytil was 47th in the entire league in 5 on 5 pts per 60 minutes. And that’s on the lousy deployment he had to endure with this coach.

          So, I TOTALLY disagree with you. he should be the 2C and the hope is that a real NHL coach will get the most out of Chytil and the rest of the Rangers, in general.

          • I stand corrected. Chytil was not 47th in pts per 60, 5 on 5, he was NINETEENTH. 500 minutes minimum for the year.

            Chytil drops down to 47th in all situations, mainly because he got no PP time.

      • The guy to fill the gap if you deal Strome is Dmitri Jaskin. Won’t cost you anything, has size, tough to play against and is that tweener 2-3 C.

        Got buried in the Blues depth chart.

    • “Zib>Strome>Chytl>Barron/Rooney is fine for now, and Chytl takes the next step (a valid ‘if’) then it’s way better than fine.”

      “What ails the team is that intangible grit, toughness, hard to play against thing.”

      I’m not advocating anything here, but i do want to point out that these two passages are partially contradictory. It’s close to impossible to change the team with changing the personnel – and if you start the discussion with these guys are fine and these guys are fine, pretty soon you aren’t doing anything.

      You don’t want to do anything at center. At left wing, Panarin and Kreider can’t be traded so literally the only meaningful change is dispatching Lafreniere and people reject that. Likewise, they want to keep Kakko and Kravtsov, so the only non-fourth line change is trading Buchnevich, who is hard to play against.

      It can’t be about just the fourth line and third pair. Kevin Rooney was ninth among centers in hits. In hits/60, diGuiseppe and Gauthier were better than Rooney. On defense, Brendan Smith is tough. The Rangers weren’t soft because their fringe players were soft.

    • The meme was always that Ranger fans would not tolerate a rebuild. The fans seem to be fine with it as was management under Gorton. Dolan and the media seem to be the impatient ones. Let’s hope Drury listens to the right people, anyone not named Sather.

    • gary your comments are good.
      however we will never win with Strome, Rooney and the rest.
      we overrate our own
      Barron (big and strong) needs to play 2nd line ..
      with panarin and Krastsov
      Chytil with Krieder and Kako ( strong tough line)

      Sorry to say defense won’t work hear until Schneider comes.
      Just not tough enough.
      Patience my friend

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Richter. I believe Barky will hit the open market at the end of next season. The Rangers should keep their power dry and land the big fish.

      • Agree Bloomer. Rangers want to make a big and meaningful splash? Barkov is it.

        Complete player, in his prime. I would take Barkov a 100 times over Eichel.

        • If I am Florida I am going to try to keep Barkov and pay him a lot. However, if he goes to free agency then you are correct, go after Barkov. Pay him a lot of money and figure out your cap somehow later. He is someone I’d gamble on, not Eichel.

          • Peter, I think it comes down to where Barkov wants to play. He will get paid, no matter where he goes.

            He plays in FL, which is a team that does not get a whole lot of media play, so only real hockey fans know that he is one of the best players in the league. At least top 15, IMO. Basically a pt per game player and plays a 2 way game.

            This is the C upgrade that I want. And he’s only 25.

          • The Panther draw no fans. There’r not gonna keep Barkov unless he takes a big home team discount.

  • Draisaitl on the same line as Zib or breadman? MMMMMM! That would be tempting for the right price.

  • He is McDavid’s caddy, so here we would have no choice but to pair him with Panarin. Will he generate that much offense with Panarin? Will it be a sizable increase over Strome?

    Putting him as a 3rd line center with Krieder and Kravtsov won’t allow him to generate enough offense because he won’t have a player that draws the defense away from him. Can he be the spotlight?

    Too many questions for my taste.

  • The right move to be made was getting Bennett from the Flames for a few picks or a pick and prospect, the way the Panthers did. He is exactly the type of guy the Rangers need. Look how well he played in the playoffs, Bennett gets better as the games get more important. I have no interest in adding Gaut in any deal. The Rangers are littered with soft players…trading away a 6’4 230lb player will only hurt the cause.

    • I agree with you about getting Bennett and keeping Gauthier. I think Bennett would be a good fit and could still be available as Florida has a lot of decisions to make. I think Gaut was misused by Quinn.

      • I think Florida loves him…we would now have to overpay…I think they would rather move out other pieces than him. I hope I am wrong but he carried them the last 15 games including the playoffs. Gaut has so much potential…Quinn had no use for him and probably part of the reason he was fired. That size and speed is too tantalizing to give up on without ever giving him a fair shot. Now, there are warts there…but I think with the correct coaching, he could be a force for us.

          • I believe that signing an RFA would require giving up four first round picks.

          • if you signed him at less than $4.3 mill per the compensation is a second rounder per cap friendly.

          • What a comical suggestion. That would require them offering over $10.9M a year for a player like Bennett. I can’t stop laughing — if it’s under $6.544 per then it’s just a 1st and a 3rd … and in this draft, one might even consider it.

  • Let’s see…6’2, 208 lbs center who is physical and was voted MVP of the league last year 110 points in 71 games)….yet you guys say pass? Edmonton’s defence and goaltending are awful so looking at defensive stats is ‘tricky’. Sounds like the talk of Malkin being a byproduct of Crosby…such hate! If he is available, go for him…he is 25 and signed at a reasonable price for 4 more years. I love Barkov but his next contract will be $10M+

        • here we go…mister know it all…I thought you love Zib & Chytil…their production should offset Leon and Zib has better defensive numbers. Jones has elite offensive potential to offset them losing Tyson Barrie. Tarmo made AHL all star team, Georgie to stabilize their goalie situation and a 1st for a guy that is dependent off McDavid and has terrible analytics away from the puck

          • Stop, you’re too funny. Jones has elite offensive potential? He’s not top pairing material — or let me put it this way, no one would bank on that. Tarmo is 3rd pairing at best … and more like a 7/8. Georgie would be a decent get for them because they have no goaltending depth, but I’m sure they would question whether or not he can be a #1 (compare Georgie to where Talbot was when we traded him to the Oilers — and Georgie has never shown that he can produce at a high level over a long stretch of games) … meaning they would have to gamble on Smith repeating his performance this year, at his age that always has to be questioned — they would be better off targeting a guy like Khudobin whom Dallas may not be able to protect because of Bishop’s contract; they could probably pick him up for a draft choice.

            Lastly, Zib and Chytil … this is the real value in the deal, but we’re trading 2 C’s for 1C … assuming Draisaitl is an upgrade on Zib, that still means we have to go out and find a good 3C … and you also have to assume we’re resigning Strome, because I don’t think they want to enter next season with a 2C not under contract for more than 1 season. Besides. I would think the Oilers want 1 center and a couple of upgrades at wing and a BONA FIDE d’man, like a Lindgren.

            I’m not saying the Oilers wouldn’t be at all interested in moving Draisaitl, but he’s just 1 year removed from being a Hart Trophy winner … and he just scored at a 1.5 points per game pace and has 27 points in 21 playoff games.

    • The thing I find odd isn’t how McJesus drives Draisatl’s production, it’s that Drai drives the only decent defenders that the Oilers have.

  • Depending on the price I would consider doing this. Put him with Panarin and I would expect similar offensive results to only slightly diminished results vs playing with McDavid. The salary difference between Eichel and Draisaitl is $1.5 mill. It’s close, but the difference it’s enough to add a decent bottom 6 forward or bottom pair D man.

  • Obviously, if hes available you look into it …hard! But I find it difficult to believe that EDM would want to break it up so quick after this 1 stumble in the playoffs. They’re a young team, like the Rangers that needs to add pieces to what they already have. To trade a guy like Draisaitl now would mean a reimagining of what they are…..the replacement they get might not work out as well…and then the real fingers start pointing!
    I still think they’ll investigate Eichel, and Drury will only bite if the cost is right. More than likely they look into lesser options.
    My only fear is that they revive an old rumor of interest, in say, a William Nylander type. To me, that’s a lateral move that doesn’t move the bar.

  • I don’t think that the Rangers need to try to make a ‘splash’. The resulting waves possibly would hurt their longer term prospects by hamstringing them regarding the cap and by spending assets that they don’t need to spend on a center, depriving them the ability to make other deals or fill other holes. I don’t think that they are in desperate need of a center.

    Sure, in many respects Draisaitl is a brilliant offensive player. I am sure that if he’s centering Panarin that the points would be legion. But at what acquisition cost? Ryan Strome also won’t be a $8.5 million per year cap hit like Draisaitl, or a $10 million cap hit like Jack Eichel. And they can use some assets that they would spend on the center they don’t necessarily need on big wingers and a physical defenseman.

    He’s a great offensive player and I like him better than Eichel, but I don’t know if he’s the best route for them to take.

  • Sign Wayne Simmonds. 2.5 mil

    Instant toughness. I don’t need him around more than a season or two.

      • Which gives him motivation to make it stick in NY.

        There aren’t many tougher than him that are on the ufa market for less than 3 million.

        If there are name some. I’d certainly be willing to take them on as well.

        • would love Getzlaf for a year…oh Hugh Jessiman…I heard someone say our players should get boxing lessons…I remember watching a preseason game and Jessiman fought Steve Downie, who was at least 5 inches shorter and about 50 pounds lighter and Downie buckled ole big Hugh and I knew we had a lemon, right then and there. Hugh said he was taking boxing lessons the previous summer.

          You either have balls and know how to fight or you don’t! Orange Theory doesn’t make you tougher.

          Brett Ritchie is a tough SOB
          Barclay Goodrow, good light heavy.

      • “He’s washed up. There is good reasons he’s been on 5 teams in the past 3 seasons.”

        ^ Gauth is the weaker version of that for the AHL lol

        • Not sure why the Goat is mentioned in response to a completely different subject. Tourette’s Syndrome perhaps?

          But the Goat is an unproven rookie who may never make the NHL while Simmonds is 32 and has shown himself to be way past his prime.

  • Draisaitl was a great center iceman in juniors and in Europe. He has played center here but seems better suited at wing because of his offense first mentality. Center ice responsibilities are important.

    If Drury is thinking along these lines I’d rather him go after Reinhart of Buffalo who would come much cheaper. He was as outstanding junior center that has played wing here. Since Eichel went down he’s been playing center and doing very okay. He’s right-handed and I’m a fan.

      • Got to be honest, I don’t care for Reinhart … aside from his ability to score some goals, the rest of his game is a mess. Would rather grab a guy like Bennett.

        • His +/- was dreadful because of the drek around him – not that it’s that important. However, his CF% was 50 and CF% REL was 4.6 while scoring 25 goals in the NY state equivalent of Hockey Siberia. Proving, IMO, he needs to get out of there just as Eichel does.

          • He can’t win a faceoff and his shooting % was 19.2 — about 5-6% more than normal for him. He made $5.2M and will be looking for a raise. I would rather keep Strome if that’s the case.

  • “Their defense is headlined by…..someone?” Just maybe Tyson Barrie, who had a pretty good season with 48 points. Or Nurse?

    Draisaitl — Another shiny object we would have to overpay in order to get. I’m not even sure why the Oilers would trade him, they’re another team (like us) that needs to make some moves on the periphery to get better.

    You say “the Rangers are the team that has the assets. If they have the assets to land Eichel, they have the assets to land Draisaitl.” Yes, we have assets … not necessarily the right ones for the Oilers. They can buyout guys like Neal, Turris and Koskinen to free up some money and upgrade via free agency. They are in a win now mode, so they’ll need legit roster players, not good prospects.

    • Exactly Tanto, they’d need a proven player in return. Given their needs on defense, to the Oilers a fair swap would be Adam Fox. I am sure that would never happen on the Rangers’ end, but if I were the Oilers that is who I want for a 100 point player.

      • Or a d’man like Lindgren (not one for one of course). Defense wins playoffs and Lindgren is a true throwback … but then I’m sure they would want a whole lot more on top of him. Hart Memorial and Art Ross Trophy winners don’t grow on trees.

  • Never mind the big shiny toy. It won’t work out, it never did for the Rangers except in the Messier/Graves era. And even then the Rangers goalie and best defenseman were homegrown products. This team has a 90-year record of front office failure that revolves around constant turnover and buying other team’s declining stars.

    Edmonton isn’t trading this level of talent, they have no depth as it is…the only reason this team is competitive at all is because they have 2 elite centers. The rest of the team isn’t that good.

    I’ve said this for weeks: lowball Philip Danault on term and $$$, with the promise of playing for a legitimate playoff team. Either that, or take advantage of a capped-out team and get Cirelli from Tampa. Hope Dolan is less of an idiot this off-season than he was at the end of this season.

  • What would be fair value for Barkov? Do you think a 2nd line center, a 1st round pick and maybe 2 prospects too much? Would you make that trade? I don’t think it is possible but if you were the GM of florida is strome, our 1st round pick, and say Robertson, and Rykov enough?

    I know I would want fair value back. So something along the line of Kappo or Lafreniere mixed with a first round pick and say Miller/Nils and maybe throw in strome. Would you make that trade? I think from our end Kappo,Strome, and a 1st and I would do it.

    What would you be willing to give up for a first tier center? Since we are just spitballing. Curious to see what most of you would be willing to part with for a Barkov or Draisaitl. Versus what do you think it really takes to get them?

    • I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I’d trade away both strome and zibby for a 1st line center that can play with Panarin on 5 on 5

      And a 2nd line center that can win some face offs and play with Laffy

      Who would I part with ? Strome and zibby. If Drury is supposed to be the next best thing in gms, then he needs to show it by actually signing a ufa/trade that pans out for us, vs the clusterpuck that we have been doing for the past several seasons.

      • How does trading our best all-around center and our 2nd line center for a one dimensional offensive center make this team any better? You do realize that Zibanejad’s last 2 seasons hes had 125 points in 113 games played, right? Despite a bout of covid in the middle of all that too. The dude has scored 65 goals in his last 113 games played, and you want to dump this cost-controlled superstar all because he didn’t drop the gloves with Matt Martin. Oy.

        • I’m not taking about picking up drai.

          That’s a useless move that says win now if I can vs long term thinking.

          Nor am I taking about Matt Martin.

          I feel there is a big issue on your team when your top two forwards can’t play with each other on 5 on 5. Breadman was picked up to play with zbad. Not strome.

          So from a resource perspective we are stuck with Panarin playing in the 2nd line. Which to me is a travesty.

          The options of how to deploy players goes down dramatically when two players are locked into a spot on the lines.

          While I like both players , they need to be able to be deployed 5v5 on the same line with good results. Or you need a change of personnel.

          • Don’t worry about PErkele …he/she has reading comprehension issues. If you don’t specifically spell it out ….the idea gets lost in that mind.

            I agree with your thought process, but we all know that will never happen.

            I don’t put Strome in the same category as Zibby. Strome definitely has his fair share of negatives, but I think if asked he can be a gritty center. I just think he wasn’t asked to be for his whole time here. And if no one is asking you to play that way, why would you? He was the first one in on the Wilson event and was the only one to win a fight that next game.

            I mean did you see that awesome fight mika got into and dominated in that game? (After this sentence…Perkele is now confused and angry!) It is why I included Strome in my trade suggestions. I think around the league his value has certainly increased. He is not the offensive threat of Mika, but his 200 foot game has greatly improved since coming to us. I do think he has that playoff style of hockey in him.

            Makes it more realistic to say trade him with a top D prospect and a draft pick. Seems like fair value for a player of Barkov’s caliber.

            The league has set a value on RFA’s and offer sheeting. So a player of Petterson’s talent comes at a cost of (2)-1st round picks, a second, and a third plus the overall salary commitment between 8 and 10 million. So if you can get him for anything under 10.1 million that is what you have to give up. Anything above 10.1 million is (4) 1st round picks. So I can see as Dave noted it is a real possibility we offer sheet him at that cost.

            So strome was a 1st round pick, choose between Nils/K’Andre as the other first and chuck in a 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick and now you have a offer sheet RFA. It makes logical sense. I know this doesn’t sit well with most on here. This should be what it takes to pry Barkov away from Florida.

            It is why if you change to Mika for Barkov and say add kappo or Miller…you might take that trade if you are Florida? Not likely but it is just as likely as us landing Draisaitl. No? Sorry dave had to get a shot in!

          • What’s the matter, Laffy, you haven’t proposed a trade for a washed up player in a couple of days? I saw some of the other geniuses here talking up Ryan Getzlaf, that oughta be right up your alley. He’s old, can’t skate, and sucks overall—which is the type of player you usually suggest.

            And yes, Geeman did propose trading both Zib & Strome, which is a ridiculous proposition. That’s what I addressed in my post.

            And here’s a general question: can you find me someone in this league who plays center who has produced more than Zibanejad in the last 2 seasons, while also making less than 6 million a year? I’ll wait.

          • Getzlaf to rough for you? Guy is a hall of famer, still can play and teach all of our soft players what it takes to be a man in this league.

          • I know you want a no hitting, checking, fighting league but that is about 20years from now when all the super woke get their way.

      • I agree but change strome to mika? But then why do the trade unless you are like me and think Barkov is a better player then mika? I pretty sure Barkov and Mika will demand the same salary. I mean Barkov is 3 years younger. Barkov is a better +/-, he is a better point per game producer on arguably a worse team, and he gets injured with the same regularity as Mika. It is a real toss up. Here have some raw stats to munch on…
        Mika Barkov
        Avg Games per season 60.4 66.1
        Avg Points per season 43.4 58.1
        Avg Goals per season 20 22.6
        Avg Assist per season 23.4 35.5
        High Goal output in Sea. 41 35
        High Assist output in Sea 44 61

        Another way to phrase it is…do you trade mika and say laffy or kappo for Draisaitl, or Barkov, or McKinnon? If you get that true 1C in return… you make that trade? Or do you really believe Mika is the guy to bring us the cup? We are all fans. What in your mind gets the deal done? Just spitballing. It is why I including the point about RFA’s and the cost of offer sheeting them. 2 1st’s and a 2nd, plus a 3rd. If you are a contending team those 1st’s could be so low they are really 2nd’s.

  • These guys are all untouchable. Leon is a great player, but he is not for sale. We need to concentrate on the teams that either didn’t make the playoffs or have early departures for young, 2nd tier players who are coming into their own. Need some toughness along with skill.

    Drury should use Georgi and some defensive prospects to acquire someone who is a level above what we have on the 3rd line. Throw is some picks to acquire something more. I would hate to see Kakko, LaFren or Kravtsov dealt.

  • Off topic……..

    Alan Hepple, director of amateur scouting for Colorado the last six years and in the organization for 19, has been let go.
    I wonder if this is an area where Drury feels the need to make changes, also.

  • Draistal plays center very well. He is an incredible player on his own and can play anywhere when needed. That’s why he plays MCDAVID when the Oilers need to score. The Oilers are an awful team and both of these guys are wasting their careers away up there. If possible, Leon Draisital would be an incredible addition to this team. It’s quite laughable how some here are saying pass and that we should go with Strome and a bunch of JAGs at center.

    • He is a terrific player, even if he had defensive weaknesses. But, if I am the Oilers, I’d tell the Rangers: Sure, Adam Fox is who we want, plus others.

      • True statement, Peter…so true (and THAT’s where the conversation would start, between 2 GM’s).

  • I don’t see this team needing a top 6 center like this, so I’d hate for us to trade a group of picks and good prospects when we already have two of the top 30 points scoring players as top 6 centers. Sure, maybe Chytil isn’t a long term solution at center, but he’s also a third liner. If he’s moved to the wing, we can much more affordably acquire a proven 3C.

  • Anyone paying attention to the situation in Florida? Like what happened to Bobrosky? Was he really that bad or just the team defense that horrible? I knew that signing would never work out. And now they are stuck with him and his 10 million cap hit for the next 5 years. Think they buy him out or just stay with him?

    • They played the defending Stanley Cup champs, that’s what happened to Florida. And the defending champs were allowed to be $17 million over the cap for the playoffs.

      I watched game 1–Bob wasn’t bad, but still got shelled for 5 goals. Missed his next appearance where I guess he wasn’t great. And yeah, Florida has to eat that contract it seems or hope Seattle picks Bob. They will lose Chris Dreidger to UFA I think if they’re stuck with Bobrowsky.

    • The Panthers are pretty much stuck with Bob and his boat anchor contract. Currently, he is Florida’s third best goalie and takes home 10 million a season for the next several years. They have no financial wiggle room, which is why it is very possible Barky will walk at the end of next season

  • The way you spell Zibanejad rules. It makes Zibby sound like some complicated heavy metal band.

    “….opening for Iron Maiden on this tour will be the crushingly heavy Zybanijad….” 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Problem is most Ranger fans expect all these kids to become superstars and don’t want to see any dealt to change the makeup of the team. I say get over it! We’re not going to win with a bunch of choir boys looking to run & hide when the play gets physical. Lindholm, Kadri, Goodrow, Coleman, Olesiak are the types of players we should be looking to add without giving up our best prospects.

    • Lindholm would be a solid pickup. At this point, if they can get Kadri on the cheap, I could live with it—he’s a good player though filthy dirty. He’s nuts, and obviously could be a liability because of that. But a little dose of crazy could be what this team needs to see every day.

      Not a fan of Oleksiak, he’s been injury prone in the past and isn’t really much of a fighter despite his size.

      • The problem with Kadri is that you can’t rely on him. 3 out of the last 4 playoff series he’s played have resulted in suspensions. Is that really the type of guy we want to rely on to center the 2nd or 3rd line? I don’t mind someone that straddles the line of crazy, but Kadri has no clue where the line is drawn. Shame really, he’s good otherwise.

        • I know Kadri’s nuts, and a huge suspension risk because of that, but it’ll drive his trade cost down to much less than what he’s worth. His natural cussedness might be just what the Rangers need. And yeah, it might be nice to have someone willing to revel in payback on the roster for when the team needs it.

          • I agree in principle, but in practice he just ends up hurting the team in the end.

  • The Oilers’ complete lack of playoff success should be a major red flag for acquiring any of their players. Including Nugent-Hopkins, who is an unrestricted FA this offseason.

    Getting swept by the Jets tells a lot about them, and how pretty, regular season play does not work in the playoffs.

    Add Blake Coleman to the list of possible 3Cs to target. TB has cap issues and probably will not pony up the $3-4M per that it will take to sign Coleman. Sign him for 3C, trade Strome, and elevate Chytil to 2C.

    Coleman is a scrappy, potential 20 goal scorer, who would bring sandpaper and talent to the 3rd line. Put him with Kreider and Krav, and you have a very nice 3rd line.

    • Just found out that Coleman has not played too much C lately, so the search continues for 3C.

      I would still love Lindholm, but I assume that he would cost a ton, trade cost wise.

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