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Other non-Eichel center targets for the Rangers

If the Rangers decide to trade for a center, and if the price on Jack Eichel is too high, then they will need to look elsewhere to fill that need. Now naturally those are two big IFs, but it seems like the Rangers will have a few other targets at center should Eichel not work out.

There is a very credible argument that holding on to Ryan Strome is the better play. However let’s also assume that Strome prices himself out of New York when his contract expires. He’s going to get a pay raise on his current $4.5 million contract, and the question is whether he is worth that raise when you combine it with his possible declining production due to age. Remember, he will be 29 for that new contract. For the Rangers, they care about the future in addition to the present.

As an aside: This is all about balancing trade cost, FA cost, and Strome’s cost. Nothing is in a vacuum. The Rangers will make the best play for the team, and that may be just hanging on to Strome. Personally I think the Rangers should explore the market with Strome, at the very least to see what he can get in a trade. They’d be irresponsible to not do so. As for the rest, well I’ve never been more “I don’t know” than this offseason. Just don’t do anything that cripples the organization.

Trade Targets

Elias Lindholm – Calgary, three years left at $4.85 million

Elias Lindholm is a name that popped up a few times in my mentions, and it’s an intriguing one. I have no idea what Calgary’s plan is, but the fact that people I trust have mentioned it to me at least makes me look deeper into it.

Lindholm is an a great offensive driver who at least holds his own defensively. He’s a consistent 50 point player, making him an ideal replacement if Strome is dealt. It’s more or less the same production for the same cap hit, just for a younger player for a few additional years. Also important is that Lindholm is a career 52.2% faceoff guy, something the Rangers do need to improve upon.

At 26 years old, Lindholm could be a one of the shrewd center targets for the Rangers. He’s a good three zone player, and is good on the forecheck, covering in the neutral zone, and is quick on the backcheck. That itself would make the Rangers tougher to play against. When we think grit here, we think tenacity on puck pressure, not hits. Being tougher to play against addresses the grit factor and, more importantly, gives the Rangers an identity that they’ve been lacking. Lindholm does help address that.

Alex Turcotte – Kings, ELC

This is a shot in the dark, and something I’ve mentioned before as a potential prospect-for-prospect swap. The Kings are blessed with tremendous center prospect depth, but they lack defense prospect depth. The Rangers are the exact opposite. There’s a match here, albeit a long-shot.

For the Rangers, they’d look to trade from Matthew Robertson, Braden Schneider, or Nils Lundkvist. Given how Schneider and Lundkvist have looked, Robertson might be the play here. On the surface, it isn’t necessarily a straight-up trade, but Turcotte’s injuries might have impacted some of his value.

This is more of a shot in the dark than anything.

Anthony Cirelli – Tampa Bay, two years left at $4.8 million

Tampa Bay needs to shed $5 million this offseason to get cap compliant. They likely won’t be able to pull the Kucherov-LTIR thing again in a full 82-game season. So something needs to give. They will try to move Tyler Johnson, and may be able to swing a trade with Seattle to take him in a trade. But if not, they will need to get more creative.

Cirelli, though, has had a rough year. He’s overall much better than this through his three-year sample.

The question, if the Rangers and Tampa go this route, is always going to be cost. Cirelli is another one of those forechecking centers that gets back on defense. This, like Turcotte, is likely a longshot, as Tampa has many other options to shed salary before trading someone like Cirelli. Remember, they got a 1st round pick for JT Miller’s contract.

Free Agents

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, projected 7 years, $8.1 million

Nuge is the top free agent center this offseason and is projected to get a doozy of a contract. As with all 28-year-olds, the question is about longevity and ability to produce numbers worth the contract. All signs point to Nuge not being able to produce at a 60 point pace for 7 more years.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a buyer-beware center target for the Rangers. With more ice time, he likely puts up decent numbers in the first few years of the deal. But after that, who knows? If the choice is Strome or Nuge, the answer is Strome.

Casey Cizikas, projected 3 years, $2.3 million

The Isles likely aren’t going to be able to retain Casey Cizikas, or at least it likely wouldn’t be prudent to do so. Cizikas will get more than his production is worth on the open market, but that is the story with most UFAs.

Cizikas is an all-defense, no-offense center. He’d kill penalties, add a little bit of that old-school “grit” factor fits with the narrative, and has familiarity with the division. The cap hit isn’t prohibitive for the Rangers, and they’d be able to afford a luxury like this.

Cizikias is an ideal 4C for a team that wants their fourth line to be defense first, and maybe chip in a goal here or there. He’s definitely an upgrade on Brett Howden. But the thing is, the Rangers already have a guy like this in Kevin Rooney. Rooney-Cizikas would make for a good shutdown duo, though.

Phillip Danault, projected 7 years, $6.2 million

Phillip Danault was someone I thought the Rangers should have pursued last year, but I don’t think the timing is right anymore. He’s unlikely to return to the Habs, and the 28 year old will get a good deal on the open market.

Unlike Nuge, Danault is likely going to be worth close to every penny he gets. The question is going to be the back-end of that seven year deal he is projected to get. Now if the Rangers can get him for fewer years, the dollar amount comes down as well. Per Evolving-Hockey, a 7 year deal is 23% likely to happen, but a 3 year deal –with a $5.3 million cap hit– is the second highest probability at 21 percent. That’s a deal I’d do.

But again, I don’t think he’s going to take a short-term deal. I say no to seven years, but yes to fewer than five years.

I can talk myself into a few of the potentially available center targets for the Rangers, but it’s such a grey area. We will get more clarity as some of the expansion draft prep shakes out.

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  • Bottom line: If the Rangers’ really are looking for a center and Strome were on another team he’d be high up on the Rangers’ radar judging by the loose ends, spare parts and almost were’s in Dave’s list. The exception is Cirelli, but that’s probably unrealistic.

    Zib-Strome-Chytl-Barron/Rooney is fine for now. Rangers should let the right trade come to them rather than chasing any of these names, including Eichel. The grit is going to have to be filled in on the wings. Only Laffy & Kakko are untouchable. Too many dancers (I am already regretting the Lemieux trade).

    Rangers need a premium 2-way winger who’s got some buzz saw in him. I don’t know who that would be (thinking a younger Brendan Gallagher as a template), but if he’s out there they need to be prepared to give to get. Assuming the Goat has little current trade value or is exposed to expansion they’d have to consider trading Chytl, Kravs, Jones or Lundqvist. Good young players but Fancy Dan’s all. Although trading Krav is a little scary because that kid’s got serious upside.

    If Robertson can get something done, fine. But no trading Schneider under any circumstance.

  • I live in Montreal and they love Danault here. However, he scores 10-15 goals per year. 50-55 points per year. Great defensively but average on face offs. Big thing is that he, apparently (by some reports), turned down $5M per year for 6 years in the off season. He’s an ideal 3C that wants to be paid as a 2C….big gamble as a 2C. Really hard with Danault because Montreal has not been a great offensive team for years so are his numbers a result of the bad offensive team or is he part of the offensive problem? He will likely get his money from teams with cap space like Detroit, Seattle or Ottawa. Montreal might even move some $$ around to keep him as their other centres are still very young.

    • Year, very nice player, but I do not think that he scores enough to justify the next contract.

      Not to mention if he would be that much better than what the Rangers already have.

      Excellent 2 way player though. Perfect 3C on a good team.

  • Bild around Barron. Let the kid play. He has a size and all the Rangers need. Give him some more TOI with big boys ane we will see

    • Build around Barron? Cmon now. No offense to the kid, but in what world has this kid proven anything to warrant a statement like that? What has he done to even consider that to be an option?

      • “What has he done…”

        Hobey Baker finalist, big body who can play center or wing, point per game player his rookie season in the AHL.

        He is a very good option.

  • JT Miller could be an option. Vancouver will be making changes. They’re up against the cap. I like the idea of swapping prospects with Kings. I’d take Kupari for Lundkvist if they included MacDermid. That boy can throw em.

  • Elias Lindholm looks like the best of the bunch of the centers available. Big, sturdy, backchecks as tenaciously as he forechecks. The Rangers should think of fortifying their middle six as they enter the next phase of the competitive cycle. If they only have to trade one of Robertson, Schneider, Lundkvist for that to happen, all the more better! (And this is before Aleksander Barkov hits UFA status after next season.)

  • Would rather they trade Jones and a draft pick than Robertson, Schneider or Lundkvist. Too many pics of Jones wearing his cap backwards for my taste. lol

    What about Jordan Greenway? Would be an interesting add.

    • Tanto…I’m with you but here is where I struggle…Jones is a lefty whereas Lundkvist is a righty and we have Fox on the right side doing the same job. We don’t have another puck mover on the left side. Watched the Sweden/Belarus game this morning and Lundkvist was the player of the game for Sweden. However, we have Trouba/Fox/Schneider/Lundkvist on the right….do we want 2 puck movers and one big physical guy or vice versa on the right side? If we move Lundkvist, it should be for a greater return than Jones as Nils is a better prospect…..great problem to have. Let’s hope Drury makes the correct call.

      • I’ve just seen snippet and read about Nils. However he may be a game breaker–possibly a Norris caliber player–when he hits his NHL stride–however long that takes. I think he is good enough to get Turcotte in a 1 for 1.

        What would a player like Greenway cost the Rangers? Engvall might be a cheaper and very nice piece for the bottom 6.

        I would love Cirelli or Bennet.

      • It would be great id they could move schneider to the left side. I say have him make the shift bc Nils is a puck mover so that adjusment may be more difficult and affect his game more. The type of game Schneider plays he really just needs to adjust playing the puck on the boards to make the move a success.

      • Yeah, not overly concerned about the whole left right d’ issue right now (besides, some guys play better on the off side), I suggested Jones because I think of the defensive prospects he might end up being the weakest. I agree with you about Lundkvist, he should bring back a top flight Center prospect all on his own.

    • Would love for them to get Greenway. There are some decent UFAs too. With a new coach–one or two trades and one or two smart UFA signings could be enough to get them to the playoffs.

      For UFAs Armia and Coleman could be good pick ups. Savard on D?

      Getzlaf on a one–two if it is less than a million–could be a great mentor. A cup winner who is a warrior and plays the right way. Especially for guys like Barron & Cuylle.

      • That’s the direction I would look to for improvement, not the big splashy (and costly) trade everybody seems to want.

  • Pass on all of the centers listed except Turcotte which is an unlikely add. Lindbolm would be interesting but he is more of an elite third line center and we need a little more than that. Given the choices in the article and the slim chance of getting Turcotte , I would rather give Barron the chance. Big kid who is a decent skater and plays with some bite.

    • A serious third line C is exactly what we need in my opinion. We need a lock in the FO circle which is a glaring weakness this team has had for a while now. We also need a center who can skate in and bang on the forecheck. Put Krieds on his wing and you have the making of a shutdown line with some ability to score.

  • I think Blake Coleman is a viable option. He will cost less than Cizekas, scores more, hits, plays gritty. His only weakness is face offs(where we REALLY have to improve).A bigger and better Rooney.Does also play forward.

  • The big X factor here is what type of contract Strome is seeking here. If a team threw 50 million over 7 years at Kevin Hayes then Strome has got to be able to at least get that on the open market.

  • I like the options you offer up here. I have a hard time seeing Tampa moving Cirelli. I do wonder if the right offer came along if they would move Sergachev before the expansion draft so they could also protect Cernak? With Hedman and McDonaugh signed long term Sergachev is 3C making $4.8 mill per on a team already over next years cap and having a few spots to fill. But let’s stick to centers.

    I would see what it would cost to land Sam Bennett. I think he would be a nice 3C and he checks a lot of boxes that this team needs.

    As per Strome, lots of talk that he played well with Panarin, but in the bigger picture it’s fair to say he played well for Quinn. Can’t wonder if JD brings Quinn to Columbus would they have an interest in landing him? They need centers too. They have 3 firsts and they have Boone Jenner, who could be a nice 3 C. Clearly not a 1 for 1 trade, but if other pieces were to come into play there could be something there. Then Chytil would move up to 2C. I am not looking to collect firsts for drafting purposes, but if we look to trade a team like Tampa who’s draft pick cupboards are pretty empty, another first could come in handy for trade purposes.

    I like Turcotte. I think the biggest issue is does LA go after Eichel? If they do I imagine Turcotte would be part of that deal. And if so, does Valardi become available?( I realize they both could be part of that deal) He is NHL ready putting up 23 points in 54 games last year. He drew around 45% and he’s got good size. With Kopitar, Eichel and Byfield down the middle, barring an injury it’s hard to see any of those center prospects getting a shot in the the NHL as a member of The Kings. Madden, Kupari and Thomas are also attractive bottom 6 options. They would also cost less than Turcotte or Valardi.

    As far as trading Robertson goes, IMO he’s they type of D man we need. Ditto Schneider. Lundqvist and Jones are excellent prospects but very similar to Fox. And I have a hard time seeing us ice a team with all 3 in the line up. Fox isn’t going anywhere, but I could us the team trade one of, if not both of Jones and Lundqvist for the right deals.

    • And I would also see if Sam Reinhart is available. I liked how he played towards the end of the season after they moved him back to Center.

      • Hard pass on Reinhart, he’s got some pop but I really don’t like anything else about his game.

    • I like Sam Bennett – he has found his game in south Florida. He is all over the place against Tampa.

      I like Boone Jenner as well. Big, strong, snarky, net presence, and has a 55% face-off lifetime.

  • Dylan Larkin showed up in the Rangers radar this past deadline. Don’t know much about him just he put up some decent numbers on a terrible Detroit team and I think he got hurt this year as well. I like Jordan Greenway as 4th liner but don’t think Minnesota trades him. The thought of Greenway Barron Gauthier as a 4th line is enticing. My two cents – Rangers need big centers that can win face offs and drive to the net. They don’t need another superstar center they have one in Z and they have the talent on the wings. There are not many wingers in the NHL who can drive the play the Rangers have a lot of them. So go with big centers after z that can win face offs dish the puck to our high end wingers bang some bodies, get a thumper to keep everyone honest and go with toughness on D instead of finesse have enough of that upfront.

    • Greenway is not a 4th line player, he plays on the 2nd line for the Wild, I doubt he’d be available but if so the cost would be high.

  • I would love Phil Dan, if I were rangers I look to get him a deal around 4-5 years, and at 6M Avv, would fit the contracts and we can turn strome for other assets ! Don’t blow the future for eichel!

    • “would love Phil Dan, if I were rangers I look to get him a deal around 4-5 years, and at 6M Avv,”

      I would love to have him here!!!!! But it won’t work due to a few reasons.
      1) He doesn’t just want to get paid like a 1c. His camp is pretty vocal about him playing a top line role.
      2) This team isn’t built to carry that kind of future cap hit for a none 20 goal player.
      3) If you have a guy like Phil D as your 2c, you better have a bottom six center who can chip in on offence.

      • True, but the defense part of his game and him sliding into 2C would be great for, playing w pan i don’t play hockey at all I can score goals playing with Pan Lmaoo, so true anythng can happen at this point, jus hope the move that happens is the correct move !

    • Danault has already turned down a 5 year $30 million dollar offer from Montreal so he’s going to cost much more than that and I am not sure he is worth what he’s asking.

  • I was on board with Cirelli in the past, but he had a TERRIBLE season!

    Lindholm is attractive, but I want to swing for the fences and get Josh Norris. He will be costly to obtain, but he checks ALL the boxes for what we need.

    HUGE PASS on Eichel. That ship sailed when he hurt his neck. Don’t want him and that big $$$ contract even if the trade cost is cheap.

  • another option that would be crazy for both sides, and would be sure to piss everyone off is trade ADA to Colorado for Kadri. The risk/reward are about the same. (maybe more risk taking Kadri)Close contract values. same duration and Drury and Sakic were team mates on the Av’s, so they have history.

    • Nobody wants Kadri anymore. Total loose cannon who hurts his team with stupidity more than he helps. He’s going to turn into a Tony D situation for the Av’s.

    • Avs have Makar as their RHD puck mover…ADA is not needed and why would they want the drama he brings? However, they could make that move IF they were planning to buy out Kadri’s final year. Then they could buy out ADA at one third of the cost instead of 2/3rds.

  • One centerman the Rangers could consider is Nazem Kadri. He is a wild card but does have a high level skill set.

    With only 1 year left on his contract, the word on the street is the Avs may move him before the expansion draft to avoid losing him for nothing. IMHO the feisty pivot would be a perfect ideal 4th line center and is quite capable of moving up as a top six forward if needed.

    • Nobody wants Kadri anymore. Total loose cannon who hurts his team with stupidity more than he helps. He’s going to turn into a Tony D situation for the Av’s.

  • I would sign Cizikas as a 4th line C.. won’t cost much, adds some grit & it hurts the Isles.. I’d look to deal for Lindholm but if he’s not available I’d wait into next season.. the Panthers may not be able to hold on to Barkov & he would fit perfectly..

    • I think Cizikas is already a Ranger … it makes too much sense … especially if the expectation is 4th line center… Solidfy our back end and hurt division rival

  • #3 – Don’t read too much into that, the Canadian team (like the US) is extremely weak … and the Latvians got some real good goaltending.

    #1 Funny, but I watched Pionk a few games ago … and he looked “meh” … Trouba brings some bite to the right side of the defense. We can argue about the $s paid, but he’s good and he’s what we need on the “grit” front.

  • The same warnings you give on the 28 &29 year olds is the same we must give to Zibinaejad. Do we really want to give a 29 year old a 7 year deal? If we didn’t sign Kredier then maybe we do it. But you can’t have 3 guys signed to long term deals, into their late 30’s, with NMC’s because that means buyouts which is dead cap space for 4-6years! Haven’t we learned from Girardi, Staal, Shatty, and others? with all of the young players we have who will be needing contracts, we will need all the cap space we can get to sign them.

  • Help me answer this… This “comment” aka novel is a question not a statement…. Bored on a sunday but if you check it out, I think you’ll have fun with it!

    Would we be better off getting two awesome #2 centers, (2A & 2B) instead of breaking the bank on a 1B? Crushing our cap with Mika and [unnamed player/1B]?

    Also leaving us some $ to possibly overspend for a CASEY CISEKAS on the 4th line (having MORGAN BARRON play the wing there).

    Also in this hypothetical – STROME is gone and CHYTIL is either a wing or gone.

    SO – I’m trying to find 3rd line centers that are not the same 4 or 5 guys mentioned in every discussion.

    I start my search with 2020-21 FO%. Then work my way down to see which top FO guys in the league check the rest of the boxes regarding their style of play, point production and an affordable cap hit.

    Questions on some players include: (would love to know what you guys think about these players… what boxes do they check off as far as friendly contract, playing style, intangibles, etc…

    FO%: 55.1
    ELO rating: 2571.2
    The sharks should be breaking down the team soon. Contract is team friendly $5.625 million through 22-23. His recent end of season interview response to staying with the SJS can definitely be interpreted as being more than ready for a change. One drawback is that he’s not very fast… other than that, i’m not sure… does he play with an edge or is he another east/west euro style guy?

    FO%: 58.2
    ELO rating: 2569.2
    Didn’t know who he was until obviously being glued to the tv for all the recent TBL vs FLA games. He’s caught my eye.

    ELO rating: 2565.8
    Ducks tearing it apart? Is his cap hit “affordable”? Only interesting if after weighing his skillset and age if he is of good value for the remainder of his contract. But if he is a value player at this point in his career than he would be a perfect guy to add with his intangibles: experience, leadership, WILL vs skill, etc…

    FO%: 52.4
    ELO rating: 2564.4
    Basically can repeat what was written for HENRIQUE.

    FO%: 54.0
    ELO rating: 2563.6
    Golden Knights Cap situation should be interesting as will what happens if they don’t advance to the finals.

    Total Cap $:
    Est. Cap Space:

    FO%: 61.8
    ELO rating: 2563.4
    Interchangeable with KARLSSON but his cotract is so team friendly I doubt the knights would move him.

    FO%: 52.9
    ELO rating: 2559.3
    Canucks are headed for certain change and I am a big fan of this guy playing as our 2B or 2C… I believe he’s exactly what is required for the NYR (“New Culture”).

    FO%: 55.8%
    ELO rating: 2573.1
    Dallas is another team that seems headed for some changes. Whiles I haven’t seen much of him in live action, he seemingly checks all the boxes except for offense. Although he apparently does have that potential. So he may be more of a true 3rd line center rather than a 2B center.

    FO%: 51.4%
    Although he’s in this actual article, it’s the first i’ve seen him mentioned with this strong of a case. As documented above… he seems like a nice fit.

    The only reason he’s not on the list is bc he is always mentioned and this list is of guys that are not in every article for the NYR center search from the last two months.

    SEAN MONAHAN could make the 2A/2B list also except he doesn’t meet the faceoff requirements to make this list.

    As mentioned at the beginning, two of these guys instead of, say Jack Eichel at $10M leaves room to overspend a bit on the 4th line center for CISEKAS although someone i’m liking more and more watching the playoffs, and someone I might make more $ than : ) is NIC DOWD. Again, BARRON moves to the wing.

    BTW – Although we love to be optimistic and dream… but I don’t think it’s likely – if Barkov became available… 1A / 1B plan is in full effect. However, I don’t even know why this is so talked about. Wishful thinking? Barkov always has both hands on the table and without hesitation says he loves FLA. Plus FLA is LEGIT!! I think the winner of that series with TBL with be representing the east in the finals. (I know… Carolina, but just my gut feeling).

    NOTE that, i’m not sure how popular my opinion will be, but if it’s at all possible to trade KREIDER for anything… to get that contract out of here i’d do it immediately. IMO we’re now paying top line $ to a guy who disappears half the season and does not use his size for actual “in-your-face hockey. The intangibles we pay him for, are not what he brings. What he DOES bring is a fast… very nice 3rd line winger that plays and performs on the top power play unit. He would be perfect minus $2M a season.

    IMAGINE: assuming we move prospects and picks for new guys (STROME & CHYTIL to be either included or to restock prospects & picks)

    Definitely THE top faceoff team : )

    BARRON – CISEKAS – see below

    (Interchangeable center/wings)

    *Would love to replace KREIDER with MATTHEW TKACHUK


    Let Brendan Schneider play a year in Hartford learning to move to the left side so he can replace Martinez and pair his complimentary F*U style with LUNDKVIST’S elite talent.

    One can Dream!

  • The point of my comment just above is to get two cheaper center’s 2A & 2B instead of breaking the bank with a 1A & 1B… Then spreading the wealth for some top quality in your face guys. Also would be THE top faceoff team in the league!

    It’s really long – so to skip the details and see the line up:

    BARRON – CISEKAS – see below

    (Interchangeable center/wings)

    *Would love to replace KREIDER with MATTHEW TKACHUK


    Let Brendan Schneider play a year in Hartford learning to move to the left side so he can replace Martinez and pair his complimentary F*U style with LUNDKVIST’S elite talent.

    One can Dream!

    • I like the idea of having 2 good centers( 2a&2b) but I don’t want to lose Chytil. Would rather move Jones & Robertson. I believe Schneider & Lundkvist are top pair quality and once we move trouba which will have to happen eventually that will give us 4 top flight D men. I believe this team is 2 or 3 players away from being really really good. Of course I’m counting on the kids making good. If we added horvat cisekas & Coleman while adding an NHL caliber coach I’d take my chances against the rest of the league

  • I am of the opinion that the Rangers are not desperate for a center. I think that they can win with Zibanejad – Strome – Chytil – Barron as their centers. I would rather that they try to got a couple of big wingers to play on the fourth line, and another physical dman for the 3rd pairing.

    • Agreed, adding more snarl on the Ranger roster should be the highest priority.

      Watching how physical the Eastern teams are in the playoffs right now, the Rangers need to be tougher if they want to compete. Modern hockey is a thing of the past.

      • They need that fourth line to be a real checking line and the line you bring out when you need someone to drop the gloves, but still have enough skill to be a line that does not drop the skill level to almost zero. Then they need the coach to drill their young forwards on how to actually play hard and to assert themselves on the ice. This can be done and should be done, else the coach is the problem.

  • I would love Lindholm or Cirelli, but both are very long shots.

    Calgary would be nuts to trade Lindholm with that contract.

  • Assuming that he is really available, I believe that Eichel would be a bad choice. The price and the gamble would be far too high. With that terrible neck injury, that could end his career, he’s also a high risk to sign.
    I believe the answer to improving this team is mainly on the wings. Adding a couple of hard driving physical players would make a big difference but who is now being offered?
    I suggest putting Chytil on the trade block. He put up 71 pts in 186 games, his FO stat is a low 39.6% and he has yet to have a playoff type/important game goal. I like the guy but he isn’t the type of player they need for the big games and one to lead this team into the playoffs.

    • The last 15 games of the season, Chytil’s face-off percentage went up to 52.3% which is significantly better than anyone else on this team including our supposed number one center, Mika, who was under 46%. Admittedly, a very small sample size but I am just not willing to give up on Chytil just yet.

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