Trading for Jack Eichel only makes sense if Rangers keep Mika Zibanejad

The debate on Jack Eichel will carry on until the Buffalo Sabres make a decision on his future. This does have some Rick Nash vibes to it, and perhaps it is inevitable that the Rangers land him. We know they made a realistic offer for him last year, and we know that Jeff Gorton was interested. What we don’t know is whether or not Chris Drury is interested. But if the Rangers go this route, then they must also keep Mika Zibanejad to go with Jack Eichel.

Center depth wins

Center depth wins championships. The Rangers, at the moment have a decent 1-2-3 punch with Zibanejad, Ryan Strome, and Filip Chytil. Adding a bonafide star as the 1C just solidifies that depth further. It appears that the Rangers plan on having Eichel and Zibanejad be their top two centers of the future.

This is an important aspect that is being missed, as many are already looking to deal Zibanejad as soon as Eichel. But if that were to happen, the Rangers are making a sideways move. Replacing Zibanejad with Eichel doesn’t move the needle enough. Adding him to Zibanejad, thus shifting the centers down a spot in the lineup, creates depth not many can match.

In this scenario, one of Strome or Chytil is gone. The smart money says it’s Chytil, but salary cap considerations say it’s Strome.

Trade cost is never as much as it seems

When was the last time a star player got what he was worth in a trade? If you consider the Laine/Dubois swap a star trade, then maybe that? But that was a rare situation of two stars needing a change. Look back at Tyler Seguin, Joe Thornton, Rick Nash. None of them went for what we thought would be “fair value.”

What we think we know is that the Rangers had Kaapo Kakko on the table last year, but balked at the addition of a first round pick, which was #1 overall. Now, assuming the Rangers don’t win the lottery, that first round pick is on the table. Although Kakko may not be.

However this is not last summer. Eichel now has a neck injury, and the situation appears to be approaching untenable. This is no longer a “may” trade Eichel, but a “will” trade Eichel. In this situation, the Sabres lose leverage. The only hope they have is that a team like LA offers up a Quinton Byfield, in which the Rangers don’t have anything to match.

They both fit under the cap

The above team trades a lot of futures for Eichel, while also including Strome for salary offset. I re-signed Phil Di Giuseppe and Brendan Smith as placeholders for 13F/7D spots just because it was easier on the CapFriendly simulator than finding a name I liked.

The depth names don’t matter, it’s the top-18 and the cap space. There’s $6 million to play with on this roster. So even if the Rangers move Chytil instead of Strome, there’s room.

The above shows the future state, when the Rangers would need to re-sign ZIbanejad, Fox, Kakko, and Kravtsov. There’s $20 million to work with in a flat cap. If you assume the following breakdown, there’s enough room.

  • Zibanejad: $8 million
  • Fox: $7 million
  • Kakko: $3 million
  • Kravtsov; $1.5 million

These are very rough estimates, so don’t quote me on this. It gets a little hairy since that won’t leave the Rangers with much flexibility. However as we’ve seen with Tampa this year, there are ways around it. The important thing is to acquire as much skill as possible and pay that skill. The rest works itself out. If the Rangers land Eichel, then they need to keep Zibanejad as well. Otherwise what’s the point?

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  • I can’t see Jack Eichel a Ranger only because he is damaged goods. The neck injury that he has could very well end his playing career just as the same injury did to Derek Dorsett. The Rangers are strong at center. The need is for a hard driving Dman and couple of tough physical wings to augment the top lines. IMO, there will be trades but not for Eichel.

    • The Rangers are not strong at center…weak no, but in no way are we strong at center…..No way….We need another center….Better than Strome…

  • If Eichel has surgery on his neck, he won’t be able to play hockey before 2022. Who wants to pay $10 million for a half season of Eichel, and then get stuck with him thru 2026? This idea of trading for Eichel is beyond risky and borderline crazy.

    Eichel is quite the captain for Buffalo. Publicly quitting on his team, lying about trade requests, and willing to force an issue over experimental neck surgery.

  • herniated disc doesnt go away or get better. its his neck, i had c3 replaced, didnt go back to work for 13 weeks. surgeon told me after try not to get hit in your head.

  • Is there a particular reason you have to keep Mika and not Strome? Strome is likely to take less money ($6-7M/yr vs. $8-9M/yr), and Mika is likely to bring back more in trade, but advanced stats don’t see much of a difference.

    • Oh I don’t know, maybe the fact he has 65 goals and 60 assists over the course of the last 113 games might have something to do with it — despite being a ghost for almost 30 games when he came out of Covid. Strome on the other hand in the same period of time scored 32 goals and 76 assists in 13 more games and while healthy … plus Mika PKs and is better on faceoffs, not that any of our Centers are all that good with faceoffs. Advanced stats are all fine and good, but goals win games and finishers are always needed.

  • Trading for Eichel makes zero sense. He is a not the kind of player that will lead the Rangers to the promise land. Full stop.

  • Herniated disc aside for a minute, the above roster( and I realize it’s a rough estimate) doesn’t address the need for an improved 4th line. We may not generate enough offensive possession but they can score. Our issues vs The lslanders and Washington for example were we couldn’t match their physical play and they shut down our cross ice passes with ease. Maybe a new coach fixes some of that but I have a hard time seeing the above roster moving the needle in the physical aspect of the game. We need a solid, bigger( at least playing bigger) more physical 4th line to match the competition. We need some guys who forecheck whenever they are on the ice.

    In a cap free world fine, go for it. But the proposed roster here trades Strome for Eichel, with an increased cap hit of $5.5mill($10 mill- $4.5 mill) for next year. Does Eichel produce $5.5 mill more than Strome? Maybe. Does this move address a big weakness we saw vs the top teams in our division? It’s hard to see that. I would much rather see if Sam Reinhart is available. And then spend a little money on the 4th line.

  • We need another top 6 player. A center would be nice, but a high-scoring winger would also be good as it would help solidify the 3rd line. JE is a great player who is a bit of an unknown at the moment due to his injury. The player (we get) needs a bit of an edge to them, and JE is not that player.

    Drury has his work cut out for him. He needs to acquire a great player but not gut the kids. Interesting summer ahead.

    • I mean, aren’t Laf and Kakko supposed to be those high-scoring wingers we need? I don’t see the point in trading for a guy to further block their development.

      • And Kravtsov seems to be rather smooth, have decent hockey IQ, and have a sniper’s mindset. I have high hopes for that Ruskie.

        So, I think they have the skilled wingers they need. They just need a couple of willing bangers for the fourth line, maybe another experienced defenseman until more kids are ready, and a coach who can coach the team well, teaching the young wingers and Chytil to dominate and assert themselves. A lot of it is learning, leadership and accountability. A big center would be nice, but I’d wait until they can snare a young and affordable one from somewhere via a trade or draft.

        • The owner wants us to be a playoff team. Would you go into next year with the same team thinking LaFren, Kakka and Kravtsov will all be much better? I wouldn’t. Have to get deeper and stronger.

          • I hear you Sal, and you are probably right about Dolan. I just think that if Drury does Dolan’s bidding and trades away assets like those three that it will be a big mistake. They are young players who can be taught. They certainly have to size. I think they need muscle on the 4th line and maybe another physical defenseman. I would be willing to wait and see. But Dolan might be a different matter, and he owns the team not me! 🙂

          • I do not think he moves any of those 3. I think he moves Chytil, Zac Jones and another defensive prospect for a strong, gritty forward. I do think the 4th line needs a full re-do. No Rooney, Howden of PDG.

            Unless you can pry Barkov loose, then I would include Kakko or Karvtsov.

          • Why wouldn’t you assume that Laffy, Kakko and Kravs will all be better? They all took big strides this season and they’re still ridiculously young.

          • Especially Laffy –big strides– he’s got sniper’s hands.

            …you’re right again, tanto.

          • 1st half Laffy and 2nd half Laffy were like night and day, offensively and defensively. He has a way to go, but he’s the one prospect I have the most confidence in that will mature into a Top player based on what I’ve seen so far. He probably won’t be Hart Trophy material, but he’s going to be a guy that hovers in the Top 25 in scoring and who will be willing to play a gritty game.

  • I know that Ryan Strome is not perfect, but if the roster is augmented on the 4th line and the new coach gets the rest of the forwards to play a more aggressive game, I do not think that the Rangers are desperate to acquire Eichel even if he was 100% healthy. Even if healthy, Eichel’s emotional makeup and maturity seem to bear examination. Strome had a pretty good season for the Blue Shirts. It is on the fourth line where they need some new personnel, and then new direction by a new coach regarding how the team plays.

    Add to all of this the fact that Eichel’s disc herniation is of course disconcerting. At this moment in time there isn’t enough known about the long term effects of his neck injury to risk betting assets and salary on him. I’d pass.

    • My only issue is that I wouldn’t want to go into next season with our Top 2 Centers not set (under K for more than just this year). If I’m Drury I’m trying to lock one or both of them up on a decent contract, at a minimum. If you can’t, then trade bait. My preference is Mika and moving Chytil up, then trading for a top notch 3C with size and the ability to win faceoffs, who can also contribute to the PK. If he can sometimes drop the gloves I would welcome that as well.

  • Today’s game is very physical, why the hell would we take a guy $10M with a bad neck. One good shot an he is gone again and maybe for good..
    Rangers please look elsewhere.
    There is plenty of fish in the sea.. besides we need guys like Marcus foligno solid tuff cookie

  • Why ruin a perfectly fine rebuild here? Why the hell should we RISK it by getting damaged goods like Eichel??? We don’t need better scorers, better playmakers, etc., what we need is more piss and vinegar — bottled in a bigger and tougher Center who can actually win more faceoffs than he loses, who isn’t afraid to exact payment if someone takes liberties with our more finesse players.

    • Because, if the events of last week didn’t make it clear enough for you, we have an owner who wants to win now, and is willing to muck up everything just so he can show his rich buddies a good time at “his” Garden!

      • You’re making a lot of assumptions here based on your clear dislike for Dolan. I don’t care for him either, but that doesn’t mean I should just jump to conclusions for which there is no evidence. Yeah, he wants to win NOW — and we should have been able to make a better showing in the last 2 weeks AND we should be able to win next season — maybe the lack of patience was with DQ, maybe it was with the fact that JG didn’t bring in the right peripheral players … because for all the progress our young players made over the course of this season (Kakko, Laffy, Fox, Miller, Kravs, Chytil, etc.), the overall end result was actually about the same or even slightly worse than last year. That’s what’s unacceptable. If they had played the Islanders hard and maybe split, then split with Washington or took 3 points, then even if they fell short at least we could see that they battled hard.

        In any event, we won’t know the answers until later this summer. The chances are good that we won’t get Eichel, despite all the pundits who suggest we’re the frontrunners — why are we the frontrunners? Because they tell us we have the assets to make the deal … but the Sabres have also made it known that they prefer to trade him out of conference, right there that indicates a need for us to overpay — I trust Drury won’t do anything stupid like overpay for damaged goods, especially $10M worth of damaged goods … but hey, we’ll find out soon enough.

        • I suspect that the sudden firing of JD and Gorton was also at least in part due to missing the playoffs and Dolan not getting playoff revenue again. I have to admit that Dolan’s Knicks interference has made me wary. I’d prefer that he go back to sleep and to dreaming that he knows basketball!

          • He might have been itching for the playoffs, but it was those Islander and Capital games that gave him the cover to fire those guys. Playoff revenue? It would have paled in comparison to “normal” years given, as of tomorrow, max 25% capacity.

        • That’s right, we’ll find out…if Drury really is in charge or if he is Dolan’s stooge. Judging by the way he handled the Knick’s for all those years…it might take a while before he lucks out again, and accidentally stumbles on the right people to do the job. I hope I’m wrong , but the guys’ track record says differently. Especially when the new guy is talking about “changing the culture” of the team. To me, that means ANYTHING is on the table…including overpaying for an Eichel just to try and speed up the rebuild while seriously damaging the future. Like I said, the guy has a track record, and until this year with the Knicks, it ain’t good!

          • I’ve never been a huge Drury fan, but I never thought him anybody’s stooge. There’s a reason why so many NHL teams wanted to interview him to be their GM and I don’t think it’s because he would be a stooge for the owner … he should be smart enough to listen to the owner, take in his concerns, and get him to do the right thing — in the end. Believe it or not sometimes even an owner can be right — like the proverbial broken clock. Let’s be honest, almost all of us saw that this team lacked a couple more “grindy” hardnosed players, especially on the 4th line. We all saw that Brendan Smith wasn’t enough of a deterrent as a middleweight, as hard as he might try.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Tanto. I’m not trading for Eichel unless the Sabres are giving him away. Also, it seems the narrative here is that the Rangers are overmatched against Washington and the Islanders? I might (emphasize might) agree about the Islanders, but unless I’m missing something, the Rangers won 4 out of 6 against the Caps, and were ahead in Game 7 until the psychopath Tom Wilson assaulted Bread (an incident which would land him in prison if it occurred anywhere but on a 200-foot sheet of ice). I live in Maryland, and for those first six games this season all the Capitals announcers did was wail about how the Caps were getting killed by the Rangers.

      In my opinion, all the team needs is someone to spend the first ten minutes of the first Capitals-Rangers game in the fall bashing Wilson’s head against the ice a couple of times. Or maybe a nice Buchnevich cross-check to the face. (Not that I would ever advocate fighting in the NHL). That should soften up the Caps and send a message. That, and it would be nice to find maybe an assistant coach who can teach the Rangers centers how to win a face-off every month or so. As to the kids, the great Al McGuire used to say that the best thing about freshmen is they become sophomores. (Actually he said “southmores”, but you get the drift. Anyone over 50 knows what I mean, and all of you millenials out there, Google “Al McGuire basketball coach”.) Get everybody in the weight room over the summer and this team will be fine.

      That’s it. Now you can all give me the Thumbs Downs. Regards-


  • I don’t see any scenario where the Rangers get Eichel and keep Zib and Strome. Strome is too soft and too pricey to be a third line center. So when you say Strome or Chityl would be gone, it is definitely at least Strome. Of course, Chityl may go as well.

    I do find it hard to believe a franchise so often derided for bad acquisitions would risk paying a huge price and accepting a huge contract with the health concerns we have here.

    • If it’s Strome and Chytil, then we’ll have to add another Center as well to the mix who probably won’t be cost controlled like Chytil. I think it has to be Strome, some money has to go back to Buffalo along with all cost controlled assets they’re asking us for.

      • What about Barron as 3rd line center. From his brief appearance this season I think he may be ready.

        • If he can win the job, sure … but just to be sure I would go out and get on a short term deal, a bona fide faceoff winning big Center with some grit in his game. It can’t hurt.

  • I have been living with 5 herniated disc in my neck for almost 20 years. I put off surgery because I didn’t trust it, (Big mistake) now I have permanent nerve damage and the disc are hitting my spinal cord which has a bunch of problems too many to list. My point is if he has the surgery now it will be better in the long run. There are a lot of people in sports who have had this and went on to good careers. I would rather try and get one of the Tkachuk brothers than Eichel!

    • Johnny, I hope that medical advances might come along eventually get you some relief. In my line of work I’ve met many people with cervical and lumbar disc problems and I can see that they are difficult to live through.

    • We know why Buffalo “has to” trade Eichel, but why would Florida trade Barkov now that Florida finally looks like a legit contender? Not saying there couldn’t be a circumstance under which they would, but there’s been 0 indication that they want or have to … yet.

  • Eichel to me feels like Lindros 2.0 in that we’d all just be waiting for that one hit that could/would take him out indefinitely or permanently. The talent is there for sure. But the combo of his injury and the piss-poor attitude really puts me off towards him. And the potential package to land him has me concerned too. The story is always the same… Buffalo should be good, then they’re not good, and Eichel is bitching publicly about something.

    Let’s also not forget that he’s barely played a full season the the NHL, he’s largely a minus player, he makes $10MM, and I have the same amount of points in the NHL Playoffs as he does.

    He just seems like a bad idea from multiple angles.

  • I agree with Dave’s premise that if you trade for Eichel you have to keep Zib…otherwise it’s just a silly risky move. But even if Zibby stays and you trade for him it is a very risky move for the team. It would be a disaster if Eichel doesn’t work out due to injury, chemistry or if he can’t handle NYC. Then they’re stuck with a big salary for many years, and would have nothing to show for it. The ensuing buyout and cap casualties would bring us back to the pre-rebuild days. We don’t want that.

    As many have stated here before, bringing JE in does not address what this team is lacking, and that is big bodied wingers or D-men who protect and open up space for the Rangers skill players. I doubt they’re going to be able to find a big bodied scoring center in one offseason, so get some tough wingers and a Dman (or two) to compliment the softer stars the Rangers have. Their forwards are all too similar in style of play, making them redundant. KK, Laf, Chytil, Strome, Kravy, Gauthier, Howden, Blackwell and even Kreider (1/2 the time) all play the same way. They need to trade a few soft forwards and replace them with more rugged types. Someone mentioned Blake Coleman the other day. He would be perfect for this team. Get a few players like Coleman and the team will be better for it.

    • I mentioned Blake Coleman (but probably to myself).
      I totally agree about BC, Stoobie — he checks off all the boxes of what you want to see in a hockey player: tough, hard skater, can drop the gloves and can score some real nice goals –kind of like a Lemieux with considerable more skill!

      • Good call Ranger Joe. LOL…I do that all the time.

        Coleman’s one of those players who’s good during the season but steps it up a notch or three in the playoffs. The current Rangers have too many who are great in reg season, but turn it down a few notches come playoff time.

  • Everyone is watching the playoffs right? and sees how physical and nasty (love it!) these games are? The Rangers packed up and fled the playoffs LAST year when Skjei (of all people) nailed Fast, folded like a cheap suit when Martin crushed Trouba this year and somehow the fix is to add a smallish center with a bad neck and a huge contract!? While trading away young talent or future draft capital to do it? Insanity!
    Constructing a team full of players who need space to operate and having no players to create that space is a recipe for being a perennial also ran.
    Something else that occurred to me watching these games, it is fun to see players who HUSTLE and charge the player and puck every shift. We know playoffs and regular season games are played at a different pace, but i could not help thinking that way to many players on the Rangers lacked that do or die hustle.
    Heart is just as important as skill, maybe more so.

    • I’ve been watching and thinking the same exact thing. There’s no way the NYR can compete in the Playoffs with the way they’re structured. It would be a repeat of the final weeks, where teams would just run them constantly and get them to play with hesitation.

      It is faster in the Playoffs. But even during the reg season, the NYR pace was nowhere close to some of these other teams. And I’m not just talking speed, but mental quickness as well. That could be because we’re young. But even our vets did not play with the urgency and pace that a lot of other teams do.

    • Eichel isn’t “smallish”, he’s 6’2″ … now if you want to suggest he doesn’t play a hardnosed game, that’s another story.

        • Yeah, he isn’t what we really need … we have guys that can put up points under normal circumstances, what we need is someone whose game can put up points when the game gets tough.

    • Supine – as to your entire statement – TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN. Amen brother. I have seen this story year after year for quite some time. Enough already.

  • DO NOT TRADE FOR EICHEL! The roster will then be severely handcuffed when Mika is resigned (ie Eichel, Panarin, Trouba, Mika, Kreider and Fox).

    Another words we will be back to a situation where we will only have a 3-4 year window (starting now) to win the cup. Reason being, we will lose nearly all our middle tier talent to Free Agency in the years after Mika resigning and will not be able to add similar level talent becuase of Cap issues. We will again have a roster of Bar-Bell shaped contracts (ie $7mil+ and sub $1mil).

    We have the pieces and depth to improve this team whereby we will be highly competitive for the next 6-8 years so why repeat the mistakes of the past?!!??

  • Some really good stuff mentioned posts here today. But need to address Dave’s topic sentence, holding onto Ziab if the Rangers get Eichel. IMO, the topic is diminished by Eichel’s neck injury. If you ever have had neck problems, you would dismiss the idea of Eichel playing with any force, if at all. Dave is a smart guy, judging by how he runs this site. He certainly knows hockey, fancy stats and all. Of course, he may know more about Eichel’s injury than I do.

    • Only his doctors really know … well specifically there’s some Doctor out there that actually knows since there’s a disconnect between Eichel’s Doctor and the team doctors.

  • I don’t think I go is the guy we need and if we keep Mika he’s a cheaper version a little older but after he bounce back from his Covid bout he looked like himself and for a 2C Whoever we might consider will have to be considerably younger but putting up the same kind of numbers and Strom and not cost as much as him which I think could be tough to find

  • There are a lot of good options this summer when it comes to centers. Our owner wants to make a big splash so why not go for Landeskog? He is a UFA and the Avs are in a bit of cap trouble. The odds are they sign him but what is left after his signing in cap space? Sure it leads to others probably going elsewhere. And honestly some of you want gritty wingers so they also have Saad needing a new contract. And Bellmare and Soderberg are apt replacements for 3rd or 4th line centers.

    You could go to almost any playoff team and see the same scenario playing out. There are going to be plenty of players available and plenty of teams willing to make a deal pre expansion draft.

    This is where I think it might have been a bad idea to fired Gorton and JD. Because they probably already had some deals on the table. This is me being a optimist. I don’t know how many relationships Drury has with the present GM’s around the league but I am sure it is not as many as both JD and Gorton.

    What is this affinity with buffalo and JE? I really don’t like this kid and he is too high of risk vs. the potential reward. I am not saying it won’t happen, but there are better players out there.

    Is the sentiment among everyone that we are a cup contender next 2 years? I personally don’t think so. I think we are about 2 or 3 years away from really competing for a cup. I think we definitely can make the playoffs next year. But will never make it past the first round. I don’t see that changing til our defense matures a bit more and our high end kids hit their strides. And even with all things going as fast and as well as they recently have for us…it is 2 years away at best til we are considering ourselves real cup contenders. And that is when we will hit cap hell. And adding Eichel and his 10 million cap hit just makes this even more inevitable in 3 years.

    If we have to win now…I would rather keep the majority of the roster together and add minor pieces preferably centers at low cost deals with say a experienced defender to help the young group.

    But if you are looking long term and accepting we are a few years away from true contention, then the moves should continue to be trades of our stars for assets and picks. Otherwise why did you tear down the franchise if you wanted to compete for a cup in 4 years? That just isn’t a realistic measure of time by any means. By any estimate we are far and away above where anyone would have placed us 3 years ago after the letter. Right? So why stop now? Just keep gutting and filling in stop gaps til you end up with Crosby..McKinnon…Marchand….Petterson…Eichel…McDavid…Kucherov…I think you get my point.

    So doesn’t it makes more sense to stay the course til you find that player? This player may be on our roster today? Who knows, Laffy could be him. But people want to trade Chytil for a broken stick with a drug problem who has yet to even carry his team to the playoffs? The move to make along these lines was to sign Taveras or Seguin. Those days are gone.

  • Some thoughts and speculations

    Eichel will cost much less than people think due to his injury. I can see Chytil , Strome,Jones and a conditional 2022 2nd at most .

    Strome is a stop gap center who is a very low end 2c that will never be a key member of the offense on a championship team.

    Dont discount Sean Monahan as a 2c option as well if they cant make the Eichel tra de.

    After they add their 2C, signing Barkley Goodrow and Blake Coleman is a must.

    Zach Hyman might be an option here too.

    Jamie Oleksiak and Braden Schneider would be a heck of a 3rd pair in the short and medium term.

    NO FACE PUNCHERS!!!!!!!! ( Ryan Reeves)

    • I was on the Monahan train, as you know, but he just had hip surgery, so that made me scratch him off my wish list.

      Hyman is a legit target.

          • Nah, he has not been good for 2 years. Maybe a change of scenery type of thing.

            But Anthony Scultore at Forever Blueshirts proposed a Chytil and Zac Jones for Monahan trade. He’s on drugs. Monahan has a $6.5M cap hit next 2 years, and could be had for a pick, just to give Calgary cap relief, that they need.

    • Yes, let’s trade 2 Centers to get 1 Center back … does not really compute. Strome is the money piece, the rest should be prospects (other than a Center) and draft picks (especially draft picks in this year’s draft) … but really, just say NO to Eichel, there are SO many RED flags.

    • I like those names Czech. But I still advocate that the Rangers seek a face puncher in the offseason.

      Not just any face puncher, but a nuclear deterrent. The Ranger organization has to send a message to the league, that the days of goons taking liberties and cheap shots on their star players is over.

  • The best play for me would be to make an offer for byfield , LA is looking for a run with Doughty crying about now. Drop a few skill pieces and some picks.

    Fill the holes with tough ufas on 1-3 year contracts.

    Landeskog, Coleman , and Danault are 3 forwards we could try to entice one or two to come over.

    Adam Larson is a tough guy as well.

    I wouldn’t go pure grit, we just need some two way players that like to play the body hard

    • They have plenty of other Center prospects that they would trade well before Byfield — Byfield is a non-starter for any Eichel trade, so barring we send them Laffy back, he won’t be included in trade talks — too much upside.

  • Can we just forget about this guy please. Not needed, especially with this neck injury.

  • Bennett and Marchment in a trade and a few smart UFAs and this team is a lot better and they give up a fraction of what they would for Eichel.

    If Eichel is healthy and motivated–he will be a top 5 center. However, there’s a lot of risk and he’ll cost a lot.


    (Re–sign Smith for the 7th D-Man spot)

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