NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: That’s all she wrote – 5/10/21

Last Week’s Results: L 6-3 vs WSH, L 4-2 vs WSH, L 4-0 @ BOS, W 4-2 @ BOS
Final Season Record: 27-23-6 (5th in East Division)
Last Poll’s Results: 7.04 (200 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • the optimist in me said an 8 but with all this current uncertainty, if I’m being completely honest with myself, it’s more like a 5.

    it’s too early to tell.

    who knows, maybe Drury can whip them into shape and they’re a 50+ win team.

  • It all depends on the coaching decision:

    DQ stays confidence = 5
    DQ goes confidence = 9

    Drury, you’re on the clock

  • a couple of UFA who should be targeted.

    Brett Ritchie
    Jamie Oleskiak
    Jani Hakanpaa
    Barclay Goodrow
    Gemel Smith
    Kurtis Gabriel

    I we sign 3 of any of the above…will go a long way in addressing our softness.

    • I like the thought, but no interest in Oleksiak or Tinordi. They are reluctant warriors, doing any fighting just bc they should at 6’6 and 6’7. Thats why Wilson beats em. That deflates a team. Rather a nasty dude like Ritchie. Even Chara, at his age, when he does go, he goes. Cant believe we saw no need for Dillon when he was free last summer.

      • all you need to know about Ranger fans…12 thumbs down…I was pushing for Dillon, got thumbs down back then as well. Their beloved Gorton got fired because he thought he could field a team of all finesse and the league would help them if someone got really mean….guess not!

    • I bet more than half of you don’t even know who Hakanpaa ang Gemel Smith are.

      But Colin Blackwell has enough grit to keep other teams at bay.

      • Tampa and Carolina and their fringe NHL players at best!!! Lol
        They don’t scare anybody…

          • They are not going to go after players like that,they will go after bigger game!!
            Maybe someone like Goodrow who I do like,who can play any way you like.
            Or a Brett Ritchie,not sure if Bostons Ritchie is a F.A.
            Trades we will have to see…..

    • Long time lurker. I love this blog because the comment section is not as toxic as others. Thoughtful and respectful and not the groupthink drumbeat against certain players and coaches. I’ve been a Ranger fan since 1973 (I used to go to about 10-15 games a year) and am now a season ticket holder for the lightning’s affiliate in Syracuse. That said, Gemel Smith would be a very nice pickup. Decent skills and has some sand to his game. I have seen a lot of players come through Syracuse over the years that have become mainstays for the Lightning. Smith could be a very nice third or fourth line center.

  • DQ

    The longer this drags on the more likely Quinn stays. I thought if he was going to be fired it would have been done by yesterday. I still think that. If Drury is waiting to hear what the players have to say I don’t think that will be a cause to let him go. I doubt the players throw him under the bus. I was hoping Drury saw that (among other things) the defensive “system” is too passive to succeed at this level and was ready to move on. That the decision wasn’t made quickly tells me Quinn get another year.

    • There is a second aspect of exit interviews though. It gives the appearance that the players have a say. It may be that Drury has already decided to fire Quinn but won’t do it until the interviews are done.

      I do agree with your first sentence though. If Quinn is around a week from now, he is likely staying.

  • Went from my previous 8s and 9s to a 6, because I truly have no idea what’s going to happen, and with Dolan involved, how “confident” can I be? I like Drury, and I like the players, which is why it’s not lower.

      • The Rangers should seek a restraining order to keep Sather at least 100 miles away from any of their offices as well as a cease and desist order preventing him from presenting himself as a representative of the organization.

  • Went down a point this week to a 7, just because of the uncertainty. A lot of potential, but potential doesn’t win anything.

  • Confidence level has dropped a bit, but waiting for an exciting July. Lots happening in July and Drury better be on the top of his game.

    We need some strength down the middle, some grit and a strong defender. We need another solid draft or figure out a way to deal the picks for a solid player. I am not broken up over the Gorton dismissal, just think the timing was all wrong. DQ does need to go.

  • Given the rather shocking nature of the change at the very TOP of the organization and the lack of specificity about how we might move forward I would guess most people will downgrade their prior votes. If it had been DQ getting fired most everyone would have upgraded.

    • I downgraded from 8 to 7 only because Dolan scares the Bejesus out of me. If he stays away I’m solidly at an 8.5.

  • I have mostly been at 9 for two years. The uncertainty regarding the team’s direction, especially with Sather in the mix to some extent, has dropped me to a 7. We don’t know what we don’t know right now except that the Rangers have a great deal of talent.

    Previously I thought that all that they really need is a beefed up 4th line. Although a bigger 2C than Strome might help, he isn’t doing such a poor job that it is the club’s greatest need despite what I hear constantly here. To my mind a 4th line with more muscle and attitude is all that the club needs to add. The rest is coaching the kids to become assertive players who take the body, win puck battles and go to the net. There’s no reason that can’t happen without proper instruction and it being required by the coaches. I’d prefer that they don’t spend both assets and salary on Jack Eichel, but what will be will be.

    Finally, I don’t hate Quinn but I am not sure that he always has the team well prepared. There have been times when they looked like they had a plan, and too many others when the seemed to not have one. Chris Drury helped bring him to the Rangers so Quinn might hang around a little while longer. I’d be fine if they found a coach who can get the team ready for a playoff appearance.

  • Beginning and middle of season a 8-9, now a 5-6. All depends on exit interviews and What will be done with DQ..
    My guess Drury keeps DQ 1 more season, gives him the muscle he needs, however he replaces Oliver and Brown with a better in game experience.
    If still a mess DQ gets canned halfway through season.

  • I’m at a 2, down from 7-8. James Dolan is a damn fool and a curse all at once. Expecting idiotic trades to begin soon as Drury is forced to justify Dolan’s panic move.

    • Drury was highly sought after by Sabres, Wild, Pens and Panthers organizations, turned them all down…because he loved the Rangers and the direction they are going, only to be forced into trades they he wouldn’t normal make by Dolan. Makes sense.

        • who do you want, too bad David Desharnais retired. He would be a good add…I think Nathan Gerbe is still floating out there.

          Drury is a puppet to Dolan and Sather, I heard they are bring Phil Esposito back to guide Drury

          • Have you been asleep since 1999? Dolan is the worst owner in the NBA. One mildly decent season doesn’t erase decades of mismanagement.

            And back to hockey—I really don’t know who I want the Rangers to add in terms of grit. On your list maybe Cizikas might fit, but he’s getting older and is injury-prone. Goodrow is also in a similar situation. Getzlaf is washed, Ritchie and Gabriel can’t play. Oleksiak isn’t bad but he’s much less of a physical threat than you think he is.

            Matt Tkachuk is an interesting target but getting him might disrupt the Rangers’ top 6. Also think Cirelli in Tampa would be a helpful add to the Rangers.

          • Only after he finally gave up on his dream of giving the whole thing back to Isaiah Thomas!

  • Team doesn’t have enough consistent scoring and more importantly scoring depth. I have very little confidence in this coaching staff.

    • You bring up a good point about consistent scoring. Rangers were stuck offensively too often given the talent level on the team, and a large part of that was how streaky guys like Kreider and Zibby are. And even Panarin seemed like his production was slightly hurt by his streaky-scoring teammates. Buchnevich, Panarin, and Fox were the most offensively consistent Rangers this year.

  • I’ve been stuck at 6 for the last year and a half, and I’m still there, only because I don’t believe Drury will come in and blow it all up for a quick fix. However, for the first time in a while…I’m wavering.

  • I am at a 7 with this team. I am not happy JD is gone but Groton had to see the writing on the wall with Drury still around and getting promoted. I do not understand how the Rangers were not in on Josh Anderson. All it took was Max Domi and 3rd round pick. Just think about this team with Anderson.

    I think DQ will be let go after exit the interviews. DQ wasn’t going to be the coach to lead this team to the promise land. All the college coaches that were hired as NHL head coaches are no longer in the league. The coach hire for Drury will be huge moment for him. There are a lot of interesting candidates out there. I do not want Patrick Roy

    Drury is a winner and got everything out of his ability by preparation and will to win and this work ethic will translate to being one of the better GM’s in the league. He has a lot of cap space and a lot of young talent to add some toughness via free agency or a trade.

    In closing I thought the playoffs were going to be tough to make for the this team. This team showed glimmers of a playoff team but when you thought they could really make a run at the playoffs they didn’t perform in the next game. Last year foreshadowed this team lack of toughness against Carolina. Carolina punched the Rangers in the mouth and we didn’t punch back. That Groton and JD to add some toughness is on them.

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