Ryan Lindgren, Jacob Trouba also done for the season

Unrelated to the news of the day, both Ryan Lindgren and Jacob Trouba are also done for the season.

They join Artemiy Panarin as done for the year. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as both Trouba and Lindgren have missed the last few games. Absent from this list is Chris Kreider, which leads me to believe he will be back in the lineup tomorrow.

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  • The league did a terrible job. What happened last night was a disgrace, a black eye on the league. Even in the past enforcers primarily fought enforcers. Wilson got fined for punching Buchnevich. But the Panarin event was much more dangerous. If the league really want to stop this nonsense they should have given him, a repeat offender, a lengthy suspension. That’s the answer to stopping incidents like that. Revenge wouldn’t do it. And shouldn’t. It’s a league responsibility.

    • NHL player safety is the biggest joke in sports. How this oaf is still in the league is an absolute mystery. Shame on you NHL.

    • Wow, three key players out. That’s really terrible.
      Must agree w Michael. In years past there were enforcers but the unwritten code of conduct was that a player NEVER started a fight with another player who was not a fighter, who backed off or did not want to fight. Today we have Tom Wilson, a bully, a thug, a poor excuse for a human being, who hits to injure the finesse players. The Rangers had better beef up the lineup quick or more players will get hurt.

    • Exactly Michael. People on here that are calling for “revenge” and wishing someone of the Rangers would punish him are misguided. I wouldn’t be heartbroken if someone clocked him, but I want it done right — fair and square. Still though, that won’t address the issue — that’s on the League. Wilson getting the worse of a few fights (it’s happened before) here and there won’t alter his behavior, massive fines and long suspensions will.

      Regardless, Adam Edstrom take note — improve your skating a bit, work on faceoffs and learn to give and take a punch on the ice …. and you’ll earn a spot on this roster.

    • My sentiments exactly Michael. I am not sure how to stop the madness because the league simply seems unwilling to take the steps necessary to stop it. Perhaps if JD would call a press conference and lace into the league for its fecklessness regarding player safety it would have some effect. But, the chances of that happening seem rather slim, and the chances that it would have an effect probably are even slimmer.

      Meanwhile, because of the league’s lack of leadership, the Rangers need to find someone who can play the game and also can stand toe to toe with punks like Tom Wilson.

    • Drama Queen! Panarin got his hair pulled..I mean not a single real punch was ever thrown. Stop making our franchise look so weak. It is bad enough this happened. We look like a fan base of crying babies. Please stop acting like this was a McSorely level event where someone tomahawked across the side of their head. Buch was fine, Panarin was fine. Stop crying!

        • Trust me…i am and i own it. That is the difference between me and you. I accept my faults…. you live in a world full of deceit.

          You are a loser who makes less then middleclass income talking on a fan blog of a sports team about a player who is making 11 million a year like he is your best friend and you have to defend his honor. To another group of losers such as myself. And even if you make more then that …that doesn’t make it better actually makes it way worse.

          If I am so stupid why are you even talking to me? It is a game buddy. Realize that. There are people on here calling for his Wilson’s head…REALLY? GROW UP….Stop looking so damn pathetic.

          These guys don’t even know your name. They don’t even care what you or I think.

          Was it pathetic? Sure. Was it unnecessary? Definitely. Did it happen and now we need to move forward? Yes. We are a weak team led by a weak veteran group at the moment. I don’t wish harm on anyone. And if you do …that is truly pathetic and you need to reevaluate your life. But to think a guy like wilson will get banned by the league or some sort of punishment for roughing up a couple of our players is insane.

          It is a hockey game. Not a soccer match. Grow a pair unlike this team and just calm yourself down. Have a little more dignity and pride. If you ever have been knocked down in your life you will know what I am talking about. The day will come when you can get yours. Now is not the time.

          So for now just shut your traps and pray we have a great offseason and things go our way as a team.

          Stop creating so much drama.

      • Panarin is so fine that he will not play for the remaining games. What are you talking about?

        • I expect more out of you Peter. You haven’t noticed after every shift Panarin has been putting a heat pad on his lower back during the games? Something is really wrong with him and it started before the hit piece. He is most likely going to have offseason surgery. In a month or two we will find out but right now the front office has just officially end his season for him. This was just the icing on the cake for them to say enough we are not risking our star players health when we have no one to defend him on the ice.

          • No, didn’t see the heating pad on the back. We’ll about the surgery prediction. Not sure I buy it. Besides, if Bread is experiencing back problems of that magnitude then we should be very concerned about his future. Back surgeries in my experience are rather touch and go and often they are not successful.

          • I have to agree, Bread hasn’t looked himself. He did appear to be playing hurt prior to the Wilson altercation. It’s been an emotional year for him. I hope he has a restorative off season and his family is ok. When it is all said and done, even high caliber hockey players are just simple human beings.

          • You’re reasoning is off the rails — not unexpected. No one here knows what the injury is or whether there are multiple injuries involved.

        • I did tanto. I did miss these so called earthquake punches all of you said happened. I didn’t see any blood on anyone of our players. I have watched the replay multiple times. Tell me the seconds to look at on your youtube video of all the blood and damage caused because maybe I did miss it. I did see him toss around a much smaller player who jumped on his back. Which I would have done the same thing in that situation. Is there ever a chance you won’t respond to a comment with a question?

  • I can’t believe some of the stuff I’m reading here. “cross check him in the face”, “break his neck”, “kill him”. Seriously, how does that make us any better than him?

    We are not constructed to go toe to toe with Tom Wilson. Period. And even if we did it wouldn’t matter. That wouldn’t change his style one bit.

    Tomorrow’s game has no meaning for us standings wise. It does for the Caps who are trying to secure home ice advantage for the playoffs. The game is in our Barn, so we have the last change.
    What I believe the Rangers should do hound Backstrom and Carlson all night with heavy LEGAL checks. Every single shift. No matter who’s on the ice with either of those two Caps. LEGAL, hard checks, each and every shift.

    I also believe we can get under Wilson’s skin by pestering him every time he’s on the ice. Lemieux can, oh wait, he no longer plays for us. Let me rephrase: Lemieux would have easily gotten under Wilson’s skin and the resulting power plays is where we could make them pay.

    Tomorrow the Rangers better play tough. That doesn’t mean gooning it up, as I said they aren’t presently constructed to play that game. But they can deliver some hard LEGAL checks. And those checks should be delivered particularly to the Caps better players. Backstrom and Carlson would be my two “targets”, along with Sheary and Sprong as my secondary objectives.

    We have the last change DQ, make good use of it.

    • Quinn had no patience teaching a 24 year old Lemieux who already went toe to toe with Wilson to play a more disciplined game. Other players will eventually start running out kids if we don’t address toughness over the summer.

      • Re: Lemieux … if what we heard is true then it was a matter of him being relegated to the 4th line role … and with the addition of Kravtsov he was also in danger of the dreaded scratch. Add to that he requested a trade, add to that he was probably going to be exposed in the expansion draft … just a lot of factors that led to him being traded.

  • Summary of the last four games

    Scoring 19 against 4 for
    Injured 5
    Nothing to snow for any kids play that we all wanted to see

    Seems like nobody facing the pitiful and undeniable facts.

    Let’s hope nobody gets injured in the next three games and we will not make a laughing stock with whoever is playing

    • To add to the insult. Fox has not scored a single point in these four games. He needs to get few points in the last three to win the Norris

  • Go to…..the official site of the NHL. Not one reference to Wilson or the fine. Only a side headline that Panarin will miss the next 3 games. This is the NHL…the laughingstock of all the major sporting Leagues in this country. Led by a weak, neutered Commissioner!

  • Ever since Bettman created the Department of Player Safety it has always shied away from doing the right thing, the NHL felt fighting was bad for the game but allowing players like Wilson to continue to play by shaping them on the hand will always send the wrong message. Until the NHL starts taking these incidents seriously players will continue to cross the line until someone is severely injured with their career on the line it has happened once already . This isn’t whining about Panarin being injured it is about the NHL not taking these incidents seriously.

  • So, unless they make a trade, they are not going to get a player from the UFA bin who can police Wilson and Endstrom is years away if he ever makes the NHL. I hope he does, I am pulling for the kid. He’s a beast. Cuylle is probably a few years away too but is a better bet than Endstrom. So they have some drafted player but they’ll do nothing for the big club next year. Maybe Schnieder will be ready gives them another gritty defenseman to be on the back end with Trouba and Lindgren. That could mean there’s always, at least one piece of sandpaper on the ice.

    Despite that they need to get tougher. They have a lot of offensive firepower. So what do they do next year? Do they use some finesse for a power forward or two? Maybe.

    There are some interesting UFAs. They won’t be a Wilson or Reeves but could be cheap depth or 4th line/3rd pairing options. And be a little tougher.

    Hyman, Getzlaf, Jankowski, Ritchie, Armia, Sutter and Foligno are all there as well as Oleksiak, Johns, Nemeth and Bagosian on D. If they can get one one or two of these guys on a short and cheap contract–this might help.

    Lucic might be interesting. He waived his NMC for the expansion draft. If he’s not selcted, I wonder if Calgary buys him out. If so he might be amenable to a short and cheap contract after eating some humble pie. Could be a good depth grab for a limited role as the 12th/13th forward. Then again he might be a bad move for the locker room. He is prone to loosing it. They toughness not blind roid rage.

    Whatever happens, they need to do something. I don’t think they need to go overboard but Trouba and Lindgren cannot be it for toughness.

    Curious to see what they do this Summer.

    • They should have told us before the season not to expect playoffs. I would have not watched as many games because I had different expectations from yours

      We are playing checkers with people who play chess.

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