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Rangers get Varlamov’d again as Isles shutout Rangers

Semyon Varlamov is a Rangers killer, as the Isles shutout the Rangers for the second straight game and third time this season. This game was expected, at least by me, as the Rangers were dressing seven rookies and were missing a trio of top of the lineup players. Throw in Barry Trotz and the fact that the Isles are actually a good team, and this had disappointment written all over it.

The Isles dominated from start to finish. They are the better team. There is nothing else to this game. It stinks that they got blanked in the two games they absolutely had to have this season, but it is what it is. The kids will get their runs for the rest of the season.

It’s been a fun year. The Rangers are done. They kept it interesting until the end though. I’ll take that.

Isles 1, Rangers 0 – Puck watching

Ryan Strome went to the puck carrier instead of to the passing lane, which was to his area in the high slot. Anthony Beauvillier didn’t need much time to convert.

Isles 2, Rangers 0 – Offensive zone turnover

Cross ice pass turnover. Mat Barzal breakaway. Clockwork.

Isles 3, Rangers 0 – Uncle

Cheating too far to the boards, leaving the passing lane open in a high danger area. This is a rookie mistake by Zac Jones. This is something I’m ok with, he will learn.

Shot Heatmap – Expected

The Isles are better this year and the Rangers were without three top of the lineup guys. Did you expect anything else?

Skater Results – Boring

This was a typical Isles game. Shut down the opposition and take advantage of the chances you get. Also Semyon Varlamov is a Rangers killer.

The Isles shutout the Rangers again. Tell me something I don’t know. It happens. Honestly, at this point it’s all about the kids and watching them grow. There were mistakes. The key is not making the same mistake twice. Let’s enjoy some stress free hockey for the next week.

Charts from Natural Stat Trick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • Yes Dave, even with guys out of the lineup, I did expect something else. We had enough talent in the lineup to at least be competitive. I expected us to adjust, to come out ready to compete from the start, and instead we got a repeat of Thursday night, a repeat of the Carolina series…

    I’m not giving the players a pass on this, but it’s time for a coaching change. After the 2017 Ottawa series disaster, AV should have been dismissed immediately, but instead we let him linger and wasted another season. We should not make that mistake this time around. Get a new coach in place who is ready to lead this team from the first drop of the puck next season.

  • Got to figure there will be some changes maybe major changes over the summer. LW is basically locked down with only 4th line spot open. RW is a question- do Rangers trade Buchy instead of resigning him, who will go in a trade Kakko Kravy Gauthier. Center also interesting position- is Z expendable with new contract on the horizon stromer Chytl soft down the middle. At this point it’s obviously the team needs to get heavier. Trick is balancing skill with grit. IMHO Rangers don’t need a superstar center, they need a big physical center maybe 2 that can win face offs and dish the puck to the wingers drive to the net (not sure if there are any to be had in a trade). Since Kreider is locked in b/c of contract they need another big body on the wing that can actually take the body and not disappear – Gauthier maybe if given the chance. Won’t go into defense – that will straighten itself out. Not beating a dead horse but DQ needs to go just can’t adjust during games – it’s tough to watch as teams adjust mid game and Rangers can’t. Finally they need a pugilist in the lineup somewhere..especially with a young team that one is on JG.

  • The kids arent out there on the PP which like the previously 2 games against the Fishsticks, came up empty again.

  • There are two types of NCAA prospects.

    1) NHL ready prospects

    2) None NHL ready prospects that need a full 1-2 years in the minors.

  • once or twice, injury excuses are acceptable(every team goes through them). getting shutout 4 times by the same coach team and goalie within a 50 game span? something deeper is going on. its on JD and gorton to address it.

  • For anyone here who keep pointing that Mika or Panarin are soft I want to ask if you think that Gretzky, Kane, Kucherov, Datsuk and many other so called finesse players would have fared better? If you know hockey you could never say that.

    This play made Vorlamov look like Hasek and Trotz like Scotty Bowman. They are both HOF materials

    In reality this coach is bozo and GM is his puppet master. How many times they have to play the Islanders to prove that?

    The team rebuild that ignores the team chemistry, roles, leadership is doomed from the start. You can bring any players you desire with this team management they will lose to Isles and Trotz every time

    Be honest with yourselves and stop picking on players

    • You saw it didn’t you? We all saw it. Mika got elbowed in the face in the first 5 minutes by Martin and instead of taking his pound of flesh…. he is holding his nose and looking for a penalty and not fighting back. Can it get any softer? And the whole game went by and not one player on the Rangers did anything to Martin. So we are clear, he knocked out Trouba probably for the season, and he now just broke your star center’s nose in a dirty play. And nothing happened to him?????

      You think Gretzky, Kane, Kucherov, DAtsuk and the so called others would’ve had that kind of a reaction? Then you don’t or haven’t seen as much hockey as you think you have. I mean Panarin, that time against the bruins, got charlie horsed against the boards by Marchand and even he started throwing punches and trying to exact his revenge. You know who didn’t help him out? You guessed it. Mika. (This is where I wish I was a good video editor)

      Every single player you mentioned at some point has had to stand up for themselves on the NHL ice.(seriously take 5 minutes and look up PIM career wise and see all the 5 min majors these guys you mentioned have, Mika doesn’t have one in 10 years) It just lets’ the other players around the league realize you will eventually answer the bell. That you can’t take dirty cheap shots against me without getting your own from myself and my teammates.

      The newer generation of fans maybe can’t understand why fighting is still allowed in hockey, but that right there is the clearest example of why it is still allowed. And no one on our team was willing to fight for him cause they all know he isn’t willing to fight for them. That is no leader and no 1C. It’s my ultimate beef with him. He is soft to the core.

      How do you build team chemistry when the 1C and so called leader of the team is a wimp? Wouldn’t you lose all respect for him after a interaction like that? Put it another way…A kid gets bullied. Everyday the bullies take his lunch. The kid never fights back. Do you respect him? Or do you wish he would just punch them in the nose and end the bullying? I am sorry but Mika doesn’t get a participation award for playing hockey in the nhl every year. That is not how the nhl works. It might work for your kids in tee ball and it might be great to raise your child that way. But hockey doesn’t/hasn’t ever worked that way.

      And I was honest with all my interactions with you. I agree that the coach and the “system” he tries so hard to get the players to play is not effective. But it really does always come down to the players themselves. And if I was Quinn, I would tell mika…either you go out on your next shift with matt martin and absolutely destroy him or you won’t play another shift tonight. That simple. And honestly…. I think that conversation has already taken place and it is why they don’t like each other and mika won’t play for him. It is why Howden is his so called lover and never gets sat for any extended period of games. Because unlike Mika that kid answers the bell. It is why I will always defend Howden on this site regardless of how anemic his offensive stats are. His is a gamer and I respect that and so do others.

      This game isn’t or hasn’t reached the point of being a non contact sport. I feel it certainly is going in that direction but as of today, there is still fighting, and checking, and holding, and slashing. And in a sport that legally allows fighting….you can’t have a soccer player for your 1C. And while I am not belittling the elbow but I am also taking into the fray the years I watched players like Stephan eat through a straw and only miss 1 game with their jaws wired shut. Mac another relatively soft player play on a broken heel and a fractured collarbone.

      So keep blaming the coach. You are not wrong, but you undeniably are not right either.

      • The game has evolved tremendously. During the period 1978-2021, 189 NHL forwards have played in 1000 games. Exactly twelve have committed zero majors. Who are those twelve? Well, five are still active and six have retired in the last decade. The old-timer in the group, Stu Barnes, retired in 2008. When Gretzky played, everyone got majors. This is no longer true. among those with no majors – Kane, St Louis, the Sedin twins.
        Looking at those with none in 400 games in the last decade, one finds mcDavid, Draisatl, even Jaromir Jagr (who had a mere 3 in his career). Thsat list was close to one in four players.

        Incidientally, when I looked at the entire NHL history (the 1000 games is a real limitation for the olden days), two names do get added, Jean Ratelle and Butch Goring. I guess Ratelle wasn’t a 1C after all.

        • I am looking at this from a objective non emotional point of view. Remind me how many cups any of those guys have outside of Gretzky?

          The great one in all his greatness was never able to win another cup without messier. Messier on the other hand pretty much single handedly won us the cup.

          So while Jean Ratelle was a amazing player…when he was doing all his lady byng award winning how many cups did the Rangers win?

          • Kane has won 3 Cups, St Lous and Sendins went to finals almost won of not for AV

            “ Messier on the other hand pretty much single handedly won us the cup.”

            I love Messier. One of the best leader and player in history. But it is quite a stretch to claim that he single handedly won us the Cup. They had Graves, Kovalev, Leetch, Zubov, Richter. Even if you take famous game 6 against the Devils if not for Richter there would have not been Messier heroics. Certainly he was the big reason but that was one loaded and talented team. But your point well taken

      • LT, this is a “chicken and an egg” story. You think that his teammates do not fight for Mika because he does not defend himself instead of him not fighting because he will not get any support from his teammates. I personally think it is combination of both. You might remember in the last two years players who were not in the lineup fought for Mika. Kreider comes to mind and so does Tony D.

        I also disagree with you on focusing on Mika. Yes he is soft but you can discount that with his scoring. I doubt his same softness last year when he was scoring unconsciously. I know we all have biases. Some do not like Laf here, many do not like Howden and Hajek, you do not like Mika as 1C. I have my own biases. I do not like the coach and GM. My sample size is 3 and 6 years respectively to build it.

        Also I did mention to you before we watch the games from different angles. You picked up Mika’s issue from last night but conveniently ignored Strome another missed assignment resulting in a first goal. Just because he costs less or because he is not going demand the contract as high as Mika? Anyways , I look at the game as continuous story lines. What I have seen is that Trouba got injured and nobody showed any remorse. Next game Ryan gets injured. You might say it was a clean check. But check the replay closer, Clutterbuck extended the label which resulted inRyan’s head hit. Even if you think it was a clean hit, would you expect a response? All of this leads to last might Martin elbow. Why would you blame Mika for not fighting knowing that nobody else would stand up for him and he could get destroyed by Isles third line? So three games – 1 goals scored, 3 injured player. Mika fights and it would be 4

        When I mentioned Gretzky, Kane, Kucherov, Datsuk I compared them with Mika and Panarin. I am sure you know that Panarin probably has fought as many times as Kucherov and Datsyuk. Kane and Gretzky never fought in my recollection. Gretzky had body guards all his career. Yes, Mika is softer than them but my point was that if you had any of these four players playing for the Rangers last night not only the score would have not been different but I doubt that any of them fought Martin. That is my opinion

        I am old enough to remember how disappointed and upset the coaching and administration was after loss to Carolina. They expressed the desire to build the “hard to play against” team. They drafted Laf, Schneider and Coyle. Not sure that I have seen more toughness from Laf that I had seen from Kakko but that is picky. But Laf was on the ice along with Butch last night when Mika got hit. Neither one had issues with it either. But let’s look what admin has done since they decided to get tougher. They let Fast go. He is not a fighter but he surely much more fits the “tough to play against” model than most players on the team. Next, they brought Blackwell, Bonito, Rooney, Johnosn. Can you please tell which one of them fits their established direction? But let’s not stop there they made a mess out of Tony D situation, remind you that he was at least fighting for his teammates. And then traded Lemieux. Who did they bring back at the trade deadline to replace them when they declared as in last year they had shown confidence in the team to win this year?

        You blaming Mika mainly. I certainly disagree with you on this point. You think Rangers have lost the last three games because of Mika. I think that the Rangers lost in spite having him.

        • I am going to assume you read Ray’s post by this point and realize how wrong you are on your assumptions.

          You are starting to back down just like Tanto. So I take it that my argument has settled in and your starting to see the validity to my point. No one likes to be wrong and it is hard to admit when we are, but I have freely admitted this coach is not the answer. I have also claimed he is not the sole reason that we have lost to the islanders and didn’t make the playoffs this year. You have yet to do so. I also admit mika is not the sole reason either but he is this team’s leader and 1C and therefore plays a much larger part in us losing to the fishsticks 2 times in a row for a record shutout streak then Quinn. Over the season …definitely this season’s disappointment is on Quinn and the front office.

          I have consistently for the last 3 to 5 years said Gorton has to go. How we as fans have not been jumping all over him in blog after blog flabbergasts me. Why bloggers consistently pick on players like Howden and Strome confuses the crap out of me. They are perfect stop gaps for a team in transition and until other assets are ready these guys are indispensable in hard cap era. But not a long term answer. But I guess they have to play to the crowd.

          And while we are finding out about the kids …you need guys like Panarin and Strome and Mika and Buch. But when the day arises and you still haven’t made the playoffs and the guys contract is up ….you don’t resign him for 10 million for 10 years. It is time to cut bait and trade him for the highest possible return. And remember all the front office did to get him was trade Brassard. Which at the end of the day was a hell of steal in itself.

          People mistake my constant criticization of Mika as in I don’t like him. It is not personal. I just think he is not worth 10 or 9 million a year for 10 years. And if the franchise offers him such a contract we are going to be pretenders for a long long time. It is why i am making the point now. Cause his trade value will never be higher. And yes I understand Richter’s point in who will replace his points in the short term. But I am willing to trade that off for his return in assets and the losses that come because of his disappearance from our lineup.

          • LT, your assumption is wrong. I had not read Ray post until now. My conversation was with you and I was responding to your post. Now I have read Ray’s response and I am not sure what that had to do with my extensive points I had addressed you. My question to you have you read my response? Because it appears you are missing what I have said

            Before I address you last post. I would like to tell you that I respect your point of view even when we disagree with each other. This is the second time you made the reference and comparisons other bloggers here with me. I personally think this is not very respectful and intellectually honest. I hope you take it the right way because I do not want to offend you with my response

            Now to your response. I do not know what gave you any idea that I was “backing down”. Quite contrary, I continue to stay on my points that this team can and should win with Mika as 1C. I do not see him as more of a reason to lose the last 3 games more than any other player and there are quite a few who made mistakes resulting in scores against us

            I also brought up Gretzky, Kane, Kucherov, Datsuk as they had played these 3 games in places of Mika and Parin, the outcome would have not been different. I could tell you even more – if McDavid or Sidney or Malkin had played in their places outcome would still be the same.

            “I have also claimed he is not the sole reason that we have lost to the islanders and didn’t make the playoffs this year. You have yet to do so.” What is there to admit? Yes, everyone should share the blame of not making the playoffs. But you seem to imply that Mika should be blamed more than others because he is soft. My view of this different from your and I have already explained it. But let me repeat it. This team should be fine with Mika 1C but cannot afford to have Stromeand Chytil as 2 and 3 then. It is all depends on how you see team building and individual roles. In my view I see a lot of value from Mika, certainly more than you do.

            Yes, Quinn is not the only reason we lost. Gorton should share the blame by not recognizing glaring weaknesses in the roster and being hypocritical addressing identified weaknesses. I tell you who would have made the difference last night. Players such Nick Fotiu, Joey Kocur, Bob Robert, Barry Beck.

            This team has a lot of prime talent but has no leadership, no chemistry, no heart or soul. I know these are clichés. But hockey game full of clichés and this team does not have most significant ones

          • I get that you don’t see mika as the sole reason, or in the general scope, a larger contributor then anyone else on this team for these past losses.

            I have tried statistically to prove to you and others in many different ways that someone like him, as in a soft perimeter player, will never win a cup as a 1C.

            You have argued that it is the coach who is to blame because he has underutilized this roster. To which I have countered, many times to many different people, this is not the case.

            Do you remember my point about line deployment and the amount of ice time each player see’s at even strength? Whole bit about Howden only averaging 3 minutes less then Mika at even strength? (Where is your counter?)

            Do you remember the point about even Crosby has been in multiple fights in his career even with all his concussion issues? (Where is your counter?)

            Do you remember the individual statistics I have posted on just how bad Mika is against the elite centers of the league? (Show games which he has been elite against a elite center)

            You have countered with no facts just opinions. And when you try to counter with a fact it backfires in your face because you are too lazy to look up your argument. And when someone actually does look it up and points it out…. you deny it. Smooth.

            People will keep digging deeper into the ground when they “Feel” they are right. I am not using emotion to cloud my judgement on this player. I am using facts. If you can factual show me a team with a guy like mika that won the cup as their 1C, I might be willing to concede my argument. But I know you can’t because they don’t exist outside your imagination. I have done the homework.

            I am done. I have spent my energy on this subject. And til you have some actual facts to back up your argument there is nothing more to say. He needs to be traded this offseason for his highest possible return before he becomes another overpaid underperforming contract among the vast hordes of them we have in our history. I am tired of seeing the Lundquist’s, Brad Richard’s, Dan Girardi’s, and all the countless others that have come and gone never to win a cup.

            FYI St. Louis and Kane are not centers. They are wingers. And as I have said numerous times that position can afford a Rick Nash. It is why I am not mad at Panarin for his piss poor effort. Plus I pretty sure when the season is over he is going to have hip surgery.

            Centers drive the play in hockey. Not wingers. Wingers need to be snipers and great passers, they can be east west players cause the position allows it. I am not saying that is the case with the players you mentioned I am just stating what makes a good winger. Not a great one, just a good one. But if you understand hockey on the simplest of levels you would realize I am not wrong.

            Again I like mika he is certainly fun to watch. But he is not the answer long term as neither is strome or howden. But I am much more inclined to keep howden and strome for the simple fact their contracts are reasonable and are likely to stay that way.

          • So you have gone from aggressive to insulting. I am not a doctor but I certainly recommend you to speak with your doctor bout Prozac. This might help you relax before you type and well before you think. Seem you typing faster and thing slower. While at it you might for memory booster meds or vitamins

            You should reread all your posts addressed to me none of your stats and other points that I haven’t answered is simply a lie. You might be confusing me with tanto or Ray but I do not know any of them.

            Regarding your wings and centers remarks, clearly shows that you think that are speaking with someone who like yourself never played hockey. You want to be media guy. I do not know if you can even skate but you surely can insult and offend someone who knows much more than you do. I already read and responded to your post about Sather being a money man and coaching for Canada minor league team. If you want to come to debate come prepared and stop being childish.

            I had respectful debate with you. But after this last post you can take your debates and arguments to whoever want to hear your whining about Mika. And while at it throw them the stats about the winger Panarin that you are forgiving him for having poor games against Islanders without even comprehending what that means

            There was a good movie in 80s. “Fish called Wanda”. One of the main character loved to read Nietzsche but he had little or no comprehension of it. I hope you look at this character seriously and stop fantasising that you have any clue about hockey and start listening smarter people who have

            Good luck, bud. You are on your own here. Hope you will make better friends with someone else

  • Guess the whining about the goalie choice was a lot of hot air.

    On the bright side, Jones and Tarmo did not look out of place, considering their amount of NHL experience. I can’t say this about the rest of the team. Panarin, no SOG? How is that possible?

    • I don’t see anything that is hard to understand. Oneteam is preparing for the playoffs and jockeying for seeding while the other is playing an exhibition game. what do you think is going to happen? A few players are trying to impress management and try really hard, but other guys are ready to go home for the summer.

      Of all of his shortcomings, my greatest complaint with Quinn was his refusal to name a captain. I think it is insecurity – and I don’t think an insecure coach has any place in the NHL. Scotty Bowman once said (I am paraphrasing of course) “I don’t care whether or not my players like me. I need for them to like each other.” I personally believe that Callahan went to Gorton and got Tortorella fired. But i also believe that was what his captain’s job was at that point – to speak for his teammates. I think Quinn is defending against that. But no captain leads to the same ill effects as a bad captain does.

      The precise incident which ended DeAngelo was disrespecting a lesser teammate, I’m guessing not for the first time. A captain would not tolerate that. Would a captain have resolved it before it got that far? maybe, maybe not – would have been worth a try though. So many games with limited effort, not just with the season over, but throughout.

      There are many things in this world that should not matter – but they do. Because human nature. Quinn ignores these things.

      • My opinions of the coach are well known, so I won’t bother.

        But what is discouraging for me, is not the losses, it’s that the Rangers were never in these games.

        The Globetrotting the Rangers did against the Devs and Sabres, the Isles did to the Rangers. Virtually no resistance from the Rangers whatsoever. This bothers me more than anything else.

        • yes it is discouraging, but it is not surprising. One team was committed to maximal effort and the other team was not. This is what naturally happens under those circumstances.

          Now most people at BSB are aserting that this year was about development, not about winning. If it really is about development, what motivates the players to make an effort? Nothing that I can see. If I’m Panarin or Kreider or Zibanejad, some days I go out to see what I can do and some days I mail it in. That’s why, IMO, the season should never be about development; it should always be about winning.

          Seriously look at the roster. You have a good goalie, one who unsurprisingly is sixth in the league in save percentage among goalies with 30+ games. You have Panarin, who was a hart finalist last year and may just be the best left wing in the NHL. You have a legitimate Norris candidate in Fox. The KBZ line is one of the better lines in hockey. You have top two draft choices in the last two drafts. You have enough depth at forward that you really can play twelve guys who all really belong in the NHL. The third defense pair is shaky, but really you should be expecting to make the playoffs.

          Yes, the opposition was tough and the playoffs were not a sure thing by any means. But the Rangers were not New Jersey or Buffalo. They should have been focused on the playoffs from day one – not to the extent that they would be compromise their future on deadline day, but to the extent that they would put winning games as a top priority.

          • I have said this numerous times and I will say it again: Panarin, Zib, Buch, Kreider, Strome, Fox, etc., all career years this year and last. they are playing the best hockey, stats wise, that they have ever played.

            You would think that those contributions would translate to contention. But the reality is, it’s not even close. Because while it is nice to beat up on the bad teams, piling up stats, it is quite another to succeed, as individual players, from Feb to June, against the better teams, who start to play playoff type hockey, including much better team D.

            In these type games, the goals are scored around the net. Who is there for the Rangers? Other than Kreider? The one-timers from the dots are not there in these games, because those passes never get through to the shooting player.

            East-west passes are fine, but you can’t 100% live off of them in these tighter games. You watch the Isles, their passes in the O zone are short and quick. Not cross ice.

            So, if this core group of Rangers are staying, and they do not change their playing styles, then we will have .500 hockey for a long time. Plus, the kids have to be much more involved, since shutting down the Rangers’ elite players is the key to beating them.

          • Hate to chime in but I couldn’t resist.

            Beauvilleier drove to the net on everyone of his goals. Same with every goal Barzal scores against us. They don’t pull up short and try to rip off a great shot and create space. They drive to the middle of the ice and get the highest percentage shot they can off the rush. And hope for a juicy rebound.

            It is something I never see from our players for the exception of maybe kreider. Off the rush we seem to always stop in the top of the zone and make this stupid cross ice pass to the trailer. And while that seems to work against the sabres and devils it totally doesn’t against a team that manages their defensive assignments well like the islanders.

            Now I am not sure if this is cause of Quinn and this is his style or if it is truly the players like panarin constantly just doing it out of habit. But is so predictable that the islanders scored their first goal directly off this move as it was stromer getting caught waiting for the trailer and everyone had pinched in already.

  • We can all blame Quinn all we want and lord knows i want him fired…but the main culprit who is responsible for fielding what might be the softest team in Ranger history is Jeff Gorton.

    For all those who hated Lemieux…at least he would have answered the bell….when Gorton traded him away…he basically alerted other teams…you can do whatever you want to my team. Gorton and Quinn fell in love with Blackwell and Rooney so much so that Lemieux figured he had no shot and wanted out.

    You have Geertsen in the minors…Martin makes scrambled eggs out of Trouba and our entire organization pretends nothing happens. We will make them pay by scoring goals…as so many of you clueless fans have decreed. What do you have to say today?

    Now, Gorton and JD, will overpay for muscle because they have to instead of consistently addressing it in the draft…instead every year, i see us drafting 5’8′ 165 guys with a quick first step.

    There is a ton of talent in our organizations…guys who need space and protection. Now Mr. Gorton, how do you fix that.

  • Gretzky had Messier, Semenko, McSorley , Beukeboom, and Graves, and a bunch very capable supporting players that won four Stanley Cups. Who put that team together Sather. That why The Rangers brought him in, thinking he would build that kind of team. Why didn’t it work out? Where do we start to explain Sather’s’ failure to produce a team with that kind of skill and toughness?

    • Pretty sure that team was already put together before Sather arrived on the scene.

      They were a canadian minor league team that entered into the nhl because of Sather. And for that he gets all the credit. When Gretzky was 18 or 17 the nhl wouldn’t allow drafting anyone into the league under 21. So Sather made them a team and bypassed the rules. (Honestly I am no historian on the Oilers but I am pretty sure this is how it went) It is why Gretzky was never drafted.

      He was a money man who wanted to get behind the bench which wasn’t exactly odd in those days.

      • With all due respect you should have checked your story before before posting it

        Sather was a player/coach for Edmonton in WHA. WHA is not a minor league , it was a professional league where a Bobby Hall and Gordie Howe among many others used to play. The league collapsed i. 1979 of I remember correctly and few teams allowed to merge with NHL. Edmonton was one of them and that is how Mark Messier became an Oiler.

        I do not remember all Gretzky details but it was the owner idea to sign him in 1978.

        Sather was never money man. He was the coach and GM. In fact he won at least one coach of the year award. Not sure if it was called the same at the time.

        You certainly not giving him much credit but he drafted more HOF players than you could even think of. Let me list so e of he players I remember. Andy Moog, Grant Fahr, Paul Coffey, Jarri Kurdish, Jeff Boukeboom, Kevin Lowe and I am sure there a lot more than I can remember. He also was a coach of Canada of Canadian All star playing against several cups against Russians

        I was very excited when he joined the Rangers. His records with us was not close to Oilers. But his team managed to get to the finals and with some better luck could have won it

        I hope you recognise that these are significant achievements. Besides Scotty Bowman I can’t think anyone else matching them

  • I don’t know about everyone else, I’m totally disgusted with the effort the last 2 games. 2 games we absolutely needed and we no showed!
    I don’t want to hear excuses about we were short handed.
    If we played hard and lost,the bettter team won.but to go out this way with absolutely no fight.
    1.Martin concusses Trouba (no response) 2. Last night Martin again elbows Zib still no response.
    What does it take to get players here who are willing to stick up for their teammates or themselves.
    As the mantra last off-season was for us to be harder to play against,I don’t see it.
    JD/JG and coaches need to find us bigger heavier grittier nasty players to do some heavy lifting so our guys get a little more room on the ice.
    I’m not looking for goons,just guys who can play,but when the going gets rough, they get going!!

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