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Rangers recall Morgan Barron and Tarmo Reunanen

It’s like the Rangers read my post this morning. The Rangers have recalled forward Morgan Barron and defenseman Tarmo Reunanen from the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Both players have looked solid in Hartford. Barron has been at a point per game, with a line of 10-11-21 in 21 games. Reunanen has been an offensive machine on the blue line, with a line of 4-13-17 in 21 games. Both are very deserving of their call up.

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    • The future is NOW … and it has been for quite a few weeks, but DQ resists (and I’m not talking about Barron and certainly not talking about Reunanen … who won’t sniff the NHL next year, at least not with us when guys like Schneider, Lundkvist and Robertson are in the pros).

        • Quinn forms the lineups, right? You don’t really think JG or JD call him up every day and tell him whom he should play, where they should play, etc., right? They don’t tell him how to put the PP together, do they?

          These are rhetorical questions by the way. 😉

  • Official white flag flying ALERT!!!! Imagine how the veterans will play now? Time to get into baseball.

  • Rangers fans with cross eyes that never played hockey- (dur we need a coach who can make our team play like our opponents)

    Hopefully these kids, especially Barron can play the system well enough and not panic to deliver on some depth. Unless if it’s chess or checkers, YOU STICK TO THE GAME PLAN.!! It’s why LA, Chicago and Boston all have their chips from the last decade.

    Remember folks- Females don’t like indecisive men and athlete’s can’t stand indecisive coaches… Nobody wants to hear backtracking after days of filled game footage and practices of what to do.

  • I guess it’s Tarmo time, with Lindgren likely down for the remainder of the season. Who does Barron slot in for? DiGi or the sacred cow Howden? (we all know the answer to this)

  • Just heard….HOWDEN IS OUT FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!! Broken foot. The sound you hear is the latest from the sheep chorus: BAA BAA BAA!!!!!!

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