Zac Jones to make NHL debut tonight

Zac Jones will be in the lineup tonight, making his NHL debut. He will be in the lineup in Jacob Trouba’s place. Also in tonight is Libor Hajek, in for Anthony Bitetto.

Without Trouba, the defense pairs are going to be rough. But the change up front is the one highlighted. It’s something I touched on in yesterday’s thoughts post. Getting Alexis Lafreniere top line time while also shaking up the forwards is a priority. Now let’s see if the powerplay changes.

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    • I don’t know as this is reality or just simple CYA. After the last two games, DQ was certain to be skewered if he used Bitetto again and things went poorly. Whereas no one is going to criticize for using Jones.

  • Does anyone know if either Jones or Hajek has any real experience on the right side? Perhaps Hajek played some right in Hartford? Otherwise this could be an adventure. [Personally I’d prefer Raddysh to Hajek on the right, but maybe the latter is more experience than I think.]

  • Read on Blueshirt Banter that Jones played the right side a lot in college so he’ll play there tonight.

  • Sorry…my bad…it was not on BB that I read Jones played the Right side. It was a tweet by Dan Rosen from David Quinn

  • Jones-Hajek … this should be interesting. Just shows you though how badly Bitetto played in the last game and how DQ just said “WTF” given that Bitetto is an RD and could have played with Jones — but I agree wholeheartedly with this decision, because Bitetto who hadn’t played horribly in the middle of the season was a huge eye sore the other night.

    Now let’s hope DQ was also sensible enough to move Kravs up and Blackwell down. Sorry, but Blackwell hasn’t been all that good the last few games, he’s been something of a no-show.

    • opinions are funny eh?for a guy who hadn’t played in forever he was as good as any other number of “regulars”. The Isles made most of the team look terrible.

  • Now let’s see if this lasts beyond the first period. The next should be dropping Blackwell and moving up both Kakko and Kravvy.

    This isn’t hard Quinn! Moves like this are good for both the short and long term. If your vets couldn’t stand up vs the Isles the other night, they should be moved around.

    • Sorry. Even the worst NHL players are actually quite good. They just look bad compared to better players. Almost everyone in the world is worse than Hajek – in fact much much worse than Hajek.

      The he can’t possibly be worse argument is never correct.

      • Yes – Hajek is infinitely better than any of us. He will skate circles around us.

        However we are not comparing him to us. We are comparing him to other NHLers, in which he is not good.

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