Rangers complete the sweep, take fourth in a row from the Devils

Things got interesting for the Rangers for the second straight afternoon game. But again they prevailed, as the Rangers completed the sweep of the four game set with the Devils. The Rangers jumped out to a 3-0 lead, but blew the full lead, getting complacent yet again in the third period. This has been a bad theme for the Rangers, but they didn’t pay for it this weekend.

The Rangers mostly controlled the game, but a pair of defensive turnovers in the third made things touch-and-go for a while. The Rangers were lacking puck support for both turnovers after coming out firing in the first period. Playing down to the Devils has been a troubling aspect of the last four games, so maybe this means they will play up to the competition for the rest of the season.

That doesn’t matter though, as the Rangers still got eight of eight points.

Rangers 1, Devils 0 – It’s a powerplay goal

What passing on this one. Eventually Johnsson chased way too high on the pass out to Adam Fox at the point. That created open ice for the pass to Mika Zibanejad, forcing the defense out to challenge him. In turn, that opened the passing lane to Chris Kreider at the back door. When down a man, one person out of position affects everyone.

Rangers 2, Devils 0 – Kravtsov gets revenge

Vitali Kravtsov gave Lindy Ruff the middle finger on this one. Kravtsov forced the turnover on the forecheck, which went right to Brett Howden. As the Devils tried to recover, Kravtsov put himself in a position to shoot. Howden put it on the tape and it was in the back of the net.

Rangers 3, Devils 0 – The Kids

Kaapo Kakko with the touch pass. Filip Chytil with the skate to stick pass. Alexis Lafreniere with the skate to stick five-hole. Don’t tell me they aren’t good.

Rangers 3, Devils 1 – Defensive zone turnover

The Rangers turned over the puck in the defensive zone, and that was it. You can’t do that and expect to come away without a goal against. No one picked up Mikhail Maltsev in front for the rebound.

Rangers 3, Devils 2 – Defensive lapse

The puck got by Anthony Bitetto at the blue line, which sprung Marian Studenic for the partial break with Brendan Smith trying to get over in time. Studenic beat Georgiev over the blocker.

Rangers 3, Devils 3 – No reason for that turnover

There is no reason for four Rangers to combine for a turnover deep in the defensive zone. That’s what led to this goal. There’s nothing else to it. Once they turned the puck over, it was going into their net.

Rangers 4, Devils 3 – Birthday boy GWG

Offensive triangles on the powerplay again. This time Zibanejad was in the high slot and given just enough room to tee it up.

Rangers 5, Devils 3 – Empty netter

Ryan Strome got hooked on a breakaway with the empty net. He got awarded the goal, ensuring he didn’t have to miss the empty net this time around.

Shot Heatmap – Rangers control, but get sloppy

The Rangers more or less controlled this game, but again got complacent in the third period. This is the third game in a row against the Devils they did it.

Skater Results – Some fun

The Rangers came out firing against the Devils, but again got complacent and took their foot off the gas. I’m unsure if that’s the players or the coaches, but it has to stop.

The Rangers did what they needed to do, completing the sweep of the Devils over the last four games. Unfortunately they haven’t gotten much help in the standings. Now they need to continue these winning ways. But to do so, the third period lapses need to end. They get the Islanders Tuesday night in a four-point swing game.

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