Projecting the NY Rangers 4 post-deadline call ups

The trade deadline has come and gone with the Rangers standing pat. Zac Jones was the big add when the Rangers signed their draft pick and burned a year of his ELC. But aside from that, the Rangers didn’t do anything. They will be allowed four non-emergency call ups through the end of the season. Those will be the only roster adds going forward. They may not use all four, but it may be easy to project who the Rangers will use these post-deadline call ups on.

Morgan Barron

Morgan Barron is forcing the Rangers hand. He’s at a point per game through 16 games in the AHL, with nine goals and seven assists. He’s played both wing and center, erasing doubts that he needed to shift to wing to be a legitimate pro player.

Jeff Gorton spoke highly of Barron in his post-deadline presser, noting they might want to get a look at him. Given the Rangers currently have Kevin Rooney or Brett Howden as their 4C, giving Barron a look seems like a lock.

The wrinkle is that David Quinn likes his fourth line to be a defensive line. Barron is certainly a two-way player, but he may not get any time with skill players on the Rangers. He’d likely be with Kevin Rooney and Colin Blackwell. That’s fine, as neither are slouches, but we likely won’t see him get time with Artemi Panarin.

Tarmo Reunanen

Tarmo Reunanen is having a strong season with Hartford. Before the Jones signing, he was likely a lock to be called up in some capacity to close out the season. Now, maybe not so much. He’s looking strong in Hartford, with three goals and 14 points through 16 games. There have been questions about his defensive play though.

Reunanen is slipping on the depth chart, due to no fault of his own. He’s still a strong player and skilled defenseman. But the Rangers, with Jones and Matthew Robertson as the top prospects, are stacked at LD. There’s only one LD spot available now, if it is even considered available anymore.

Giving Reunanen a look may not be for their own needs. It may be to put him in NHL minutes to showcase him for a trade over the summer. The Rangers can’t keep everyone, after all.

Ty Ronning

Ty Ronning is having a bit of a resurgence this season. After struggling to adjust to the pro level, the 23 year old is having a breakout AHL season. With 14 points (8 goals) in 10 games, he’s been one of Hartford’s most reliable players. He’s tied for second with Reunanen in team scoring, both two points behind Barron.

Ronning isn’t someone the Rangers would call up just to get a look. He’d be a specific call up to fill a role. Ronning is classified as a skilled grinder, so he may be an injury call up if something happens at the NHL level.

Ronning’s call up may be a bit of a stretch, as there’s no real evidence he will be able to take his game to the NHL. This is his first good season in the minors.

The best of the rest

Depending on how things play out, we may see another Tim Gettinger cameo. If Gabriel Fontaine wasn’t hurt, he might have received a look. But now it doesn’t look like it.

For some reason people are calling for Mason Geersten because he’s big. I don’t see that happening. Yea he’s big, but that’s about it. He’s being converted to forward, which means whatever the Rangers see in him won’t get fine tuned for a while. He also isn’t a prospect. He turns 26 in four days.

That’s really it from Hartford. There are a few good options. As for Rangers call ups post deadline, I’d bank on Barron and maybe Reunanen. The rest require something drastic to happen at the NHL level.

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  • Correction on Ronning, he has 14 points in 10 games, 8 goals. I think he’s a call up because his contract is up and they may want to get a small taste of what he might be like in the NHL. I don’t think he’s going to have a career here, but if he can handle himself for a few games in the NHL maybe someone will throw a draft pick our way down the line.

    • 100% agree, would be interesting to see if they can give him a try, technically this week can decide everything, if Boston will be winning, 2 games with Isles and 1 with Caps, this is all over

    • I disagree on Ronning. I think the Rangers have seen enough to know that he merits a qualifying offer in June. What else do they need to know now? OTOH, given the slim pickings the Rangers are going to give Seattle, why give them more information about one of our players?

      Plus the Rangers are already struggling to work so many young guys into the lineup.

      • What they need to know is how he reacts to the NHL. This is the first success he’s really had as a pro coming from Junior … and he’s 23, 24 at the start of next season. A lot of point per game guys in the AHL never see the light of day in the NHL, give him a twirl — Seattle is going to pick who they want to pick and let’s be honest, Blackwell or Gauthier (even hajek) are ahead of Ronning in that regard.

        • not if Ronning looks really good in his cup of coffee. The information you want is more useful to Seattle than to the Rangers – AT THIS TIME

          BTW, if I’m Seattle, I grab Rooney over either Gauthier or Hajek.

  • “He’d likely be with Kevin Rooney and Colin Blackwell.”
    As if Brett Howden is ever coming out of the lineup.

  • Any callups happening after April 27th, which is Hartford’s last game of the season.

    Reunanen not a strong player nor a skilled defender. His 8 minutes should’ve told you how little the organization values him. Below sized, below average skaters who are afraid of the puck when pressured do not play in the NHL, let alone thrive. He got his cup of coffee, it’ll be his last. A callup for him would be the emergency kind, not one of 4.

    Would love to see a 4th line of Barron, Gauthier & Gettinger to end the season.

    I don’t think he’s earned it, but it might be good for development if Cuylle got to work in a top end environment.

  • Let’s give Geersten a look. We are in desperate need of some toughness.
    He would be a solid deterrent as a fourth line winger.

  • It seems to me that this all depends on whether or not Hartford has a postseason. If they do, it is probably valuable experience.

  • Why’d you say we burned a year of Jones’ ELC. From what I understood, he would only have been able to sign for two years after this season, so we’re actually getting a little more life out of this deal.

    • Next year is his 21 yr old season and 21 yr olds sign three year ELCs. What you understood was wrong.

      But Jones signed a contract with no performance bonuses, a major boon to a team being limited cap-wise by potential bonuses.

  • Hartford won its 7th in a row today over Bridgeport, Gettinger and Richards had a goal a piece, Barron and Ronning each had an assist, Raddysh had 3 assists and Huska the win in goal.

  • Barron with Panarin, come on Dave, get a grip on yourself. You e been screaming all year to get some of our current kids up with Panarin. Now, you want the kid who will only be here for a cuppa to get time on the second line? Lol, you must have been smoking something good when you wrote this. Probably got it from Jerry Nadler. Just ridiculous!!!

  • At the present time the Rangers are over-staffed. There is no room in the lineup for all the roster players let alone the call-ups IMO, Gauthier never received a fair shot but it appears that Kratsov is. If they bring up Barron, sit Howden, put him in and how about adding a strongman on that line because as soft as the team is, it is isn’t going anywhere without being harder to play against. Recall last years playoffs against Carolina. Did that not show anything? Did the team become harder to play against?

  • Can anyone explain how Howden is still in the lineup over some of these players, we already know what we have in him. Time to move on from that experiment already

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