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Rangers cancel practice, to get COVID vaccine today

Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers have cancelled practice today, and will be getting the COVID vaccine instead. The vaccine is now available to New Yorkers over 16 years of age.

Given the Rangers have been hit by COVID throughout the season, including their entire coaching staff, this is a good sign for the team. It’s unknown if the entire team will be getting the vaccine, but based on this, it sounds like most opted in.

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  • Anybody who has had Covid would be waiting a couple of months before getting the shot; anyone who received monoclonal antibodies as treatment has to wait 90 days per CDC guidelines.

    • we had family members who had covid also get the vaccine within a pretty short time. knocked them on their butts for a few days. they were older too, may have been a factor as well. anyway, with mostly young healthy athletes hopefully it won’t be an issue for tomorrow’s game. I’m sure they’ll hydrate well and try to get plenty of rest before tomorrow’s skate, but everybody is different so you never know.

      in either case, I don’t think the league is canceling games because your guys have a vaccine hangover. that’s not part of the covid protocol.

  • I dont know why this is such a big deal other than to make a political statement.(by the team) like Get your vaccine and move on.

        • Right now there is a lot of misinformation and folks refusing to get the vaccine. Encouraging people to get the shot is a public service announcement. It is not left vs. right. Is is well-informed vs. ill-informed or responsible/considerate vs. irresponsible/inconsiderate. Good on the Rangers.

    • Only in the current USA could getting a vaccination be viewed as a political statement. 🙂

      • you’re correct, more people in this country are acting like idiots every day, just don’t know where all common sense has gone. stay safe everyone

  • not political . just team releasing facts … if they cancelled practice without an explanation, probably most people would incorrectly assume that many players have covid / symptoms / tested positive.

    so they in good faith, had to explain why they were cancelling practice

  • My wife and I received the Moderna vaccine in February, and then again during the first week of March. First shot, I only had a sore arm. Second shot, I was tired that evening and took a nap, and had a sore arm. My wife’s reaction was the same for the first shot, and after the second shot she was pretty tired the next day and had a sore arm. That was about it.

      • So u can’t comment on the vaccine if ur not a doctor but u can confirm the deangelo story bc sources confirmed to ADAM HERMAN AND BRANDON COHEN

        • What? I know this is the internet, but let’s save our false false equivalencies for bad memes.

    • Same for me, also, Peter.
      Had my second shot of Pfizer on Monday, and on Tuesday I was very tired, and my shoulder was very sore (in the area of the shot). Common side effects lasted about 24 hours (as they say) and I am fine and back to normal good health today.

  • It would be better if you didn’t spread half-truths. It is being investigated presently as to whether some of those who tested positive also had the bug prior to getting vaccinated. Also, some people take a bit longer than two or three weeks after being vaccinated to become immune. Finally, the vaccines are about 90% effective, not 100% effective, and almost 2 million people in Michigan were vaccinated. So, the report isn’t stunning or an indication of a problem with the vaccines.

  • can we somehow get something into those shots to get this team even better…

    like the 6 million dollar man type of injection too.


  • I deleted an entire thread of comments. Two users (Will, GMANN) were banned.

    Be warned – I am now monitoring comments on this post. I will not tolerate anti-vaccination posts here. Not a single one of you here is an epidemiologist. Not one of you is a virus expert.

    I will ban people. I am not fucking around. Do not spread misinformation because you “did your research” on “”.

    First and final warning for everyone here. Do not fucking test me.

    • Up here in the Great White North, the vaccines are not happening as quick as our neighbours to the south.

      As a result the covid is still with us and more and more young people are getting seriously ill and er rooms are filling up. Our local hockey team the Canucks are out of action as many players tested positive.

      It’s good to see the Rangers organization take that needed action and arrange for vaccines for all their players, as the more people who are protected the less likely the covid will spread.

      • I’m surprised how poorly Canada is handling this, quite honestly. The US has a lot of issues, but we are doing pretty well with the vaccine rollout. I think we are at 60 million vaccinated, about 17% of the population.

  • Hartford won again today 7-2 over Bridgeport, Tim Gettinger with the hat trick and an assist, Ronning and Reunanen had 2 assists, Hunter Skinner scored his first goal and Tyler Wall got the win in net.

    • Thanks for the update, Mjr M! I would love for Gettinger to become a legit bottom six NHLer. Kinda of sad that that ship, most likely, sailed.

        • Look at Rooney and Blackie, they are having career years and in their mid to late 20s. True Gettinger will likely bounce around from organization to organization, but if he sticks with it, he will got his shot in the NHL.

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