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Lineup updates: Phil Di Giuseppe in, Julien Gauthier a healthy scratch

Fresh off Vitali Kravtsov being listed as a fourth liner yesterday, Julien Gauthier will be a healthy scratch for the Rangers tonight.

Phil Di Giuseppe will get back into the lineup in his place. I’m expecting some kind of rotation between Di Giuseppe, Gauthier, Rooney, and Howden for the last two spots in the lineup.

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  • We need to have Gauthier in the lineup every day, just to see his real potential. Not knocking PDG, but Gauthier has more potential than PDG.

    We need to move Rooney, Blackwell and Howden to allow our kids to play everyday. It will also open a spot for Barron.

    We have 5 mediocre players that fill our 4th line. I would rather see the kids get NHL reps so they can better prepare for next year.

    • Howden is 8 months older than Barron. He’s barely hit his prime, still needs to add another 5-10lbs.

        • … and who here possesses the most pure talent, regardless of age? … and who here will probably end up the most effective player overall? I say Gauthier for the former, Barron for the latter.

          Howden needed TIME … and not all that playing time he got on the ice in the NHL. He needed to mature on the farm for a year or two. That NHL ice time would have been better spent on others IMO.

    • As pointed out Julien Gautier is a big man and a fast skater. He is 23 years old and was a first round draft pick (21st overall) that performed well in the minors. He needs work on improving the defensive part of the game but he is not afraid to go to the net. The only way to find out his real value to the team is to give him regular shifts and more minutes of ice time.

  • sad thing is Gauthier looks like he COULD become this league’s next Josh Anderson and a mini version of Tom Wilson. Big RW’ers that can really skate and be impact forwards. The only person keeping Goat from being that guy is Goat himself.

  • I understand rotating players in and out, but there needs to be a 2021-2022 vision. Who can we develop into a strong bottom 6? Is it Chytil. Lafren, Kakko, Gauthier, Kravtsov and PDG or Howden? We may require some player movement to open up spots in the top 6. I want to win but I want to develop players. Tough decisions ahead

  • Showcasing PDG? That’s the only thing I can come up with because Gauthier needs to be in the lineup.

    • No, Gauthier does not need to be in the lineup. Gauthier appears to be the seventh most talented wing on the 50 man roster and optimistically the 10th or 11th most talented forward. That qualifies him as an interesting player, but it does not make him someone you tie yourself in knots to get into the lineup.

      When you have four important very young players in Lafreniere, Kakko, Kravtsov and Miller combined with relatively young guys Shesterkin, Fox, Lindgren, Chityl, developing Gauthier becomes a distraction. Indeed, the project may already be too ambitious to be done properly.

      I am not saying Gauthier shouldn’t play. I am saying that not playing him is to be considered. For tonight only, my thinking is simple. I want to give Krav line mates who know how to play the game, guys who can cover his mistakes if needed and help him fit into the system. So in choosing between diGuiseppe and Gauthier, DQ should choose solely on merit, not on potential.

      • Although I believe that overall Gauthier should probably play more than he sits in order to properly evaluate him, I do recognize that DiGiuseppe might be getting the nod so that Kravtsov has another experienced line mate for defense and to help with Kravtsov’s development. I’d like to see Gauthier play, but an occasional scratch is not the end of the world as we know it.

  • Would love to know if these are all DQ decisions or if Gorton is whispering in his ear. This is a difficult week for bubble players.

    Thinking we have to move Smith and a winger at the deadline.

    • If Quinn is being whispered in his ear by Gorton then it is definitely time to change the coach, this is the coaches job, lineup decisions not the GM’s

  • DiGuisseppe isn’t a bad 4th liner. But, He’s been in NHL over 6 seasons and has never broken 20 points or scored more than 7 goals. At 27, he isn’t going to get any better. So, you aren’t developing him. Maybe he could benefit some of the kids by playing with them, but when we get toward the end of the season he shouldn’t be in the mix. He played better earlier in the season than he has of late because he was shooting more then. Altogether, he isn’t the future of the club.

    Maybe the Goat wasn’t too good recently and Quinn wants to drill some things into him. An occasional scratch isn’t a big deal. But the Goat needs to play more than he sits overall in order to see what they have in him.

    • I can’t buy the “didn’t play too well” mantra, he’s looked good to me … he’s flashed a lot of speed and a willingness to take it to the net. He was instrumental in a couple of goals of late as well while getting limited ice time. Maybe I missed him missing some defensive assignment, but there’s no good reason for him to sit OTHER THAN this is the FO wanting to showcase him for a minor trade (he could provide for some “cheap” depth).

      • He is occasionally sloppy but I thought he was doing alright too Tanto. Maybe Quinn sees something I don’t or maybe he didn’t like the kid’s practice, or maybe they do want to showcase DiGiuseppe. But, I agree, you want to play Gauthier as much as possible to develop and evaluate the kid.

        • The good I see so outweighs the bad — aside from that one night with the bevy of penalties … but he’s been very engaged since then and has shown flashes that he may be ready to breakout — and this on less than 10 minutes per game which is criminal IMO.

  • Can someone ask Quinn why Gauthier isn’t on the 2nd power play unit parked in front of the net screening the goalie with his big body and great hands?

  • DQ is screwing Gauthier just to try and save his own behind. He is coaching this team like it’s Pee Wee’s. He needs to go. Let the kids play

    • That’s a theory, so what you’re claiming is that we shouldn’t be trying to get into the playoffs this year. And that’s OK if that’s your philosophy, it’s just not mine

  • The simple explanation is probably the right one: Quinn believes PDG is better defensively than Gauthier, and if we’re protecting a lead PDG will be useful in a shutdown role. So PDG plays. Quinn wants deperately to make the playoffs, every move he makes is toward that goal. If we don’t make the playoffs, he will have failed and he will be replaced — that’s the silver lining in this. But shame on management for allowing this to happen, and for not doing a better job prioritizing the development of our young players.

  • Once again, a coach who KNOWS he won’t be fired this season, goes about his business making just one more asinine decision to add to the list. Watch Blackwood get the benefit of playing with Panarin(ala Ryan Strome), while Kakko toils with Chytil and Lafrieniere, barely seeing the ice as the game progresses. And as for Kravtsov…..well he didn’t actually score on that diving effort last game, right Davey boy…so he gets banished to the 4th line with that Gretzky clone,Kevin Rooney. If it just wasn’t so blatantly stupid, you could laugh…but its not funny at all. Maybe they need to send out another letter to explain how College Boy makes his decisions….or better yet, just admit that hes in way over his head, and cut bait the day after the Season ends. No reason to even watch tonight…

    • Mickey you lost me at “Blackwood”. Pay attention just a little bit. You’re hilarious; have a nice day.

      Regards- orange

      • Anything you say fanboy…the world needs asskissers…see you serve a purpose! And it’s Blackwood as in DEAD WOOD! Be careful not to catch a cold from that breeze going over your head!

  • Very frustrating watching PDG in the lineup instead of goat. Kravtsov may as well be scratched for all the good he gets playing on the 4th line

    • Guys we are not winning a cup this year remember Dave and Rob and everybody else has said so

  • Phil Di Giuseppe hustles but like Howden can’t put the puck in the ocean, expendable. AHL players.
    Gauthier drives to the net, looks encouraging but seems to lack the skill to finish the play. So far, not overly impressive, but may develop if given ice time. Barren needs a shot, period, maybe he can win a face-off! Blackwell is a high energy guy that has some skill, should have him around.

  • They need to make some trade just so that Quinn has less options. It used to be in NY that kids would get benched for older players who had a legacy somewhere else. A distinguished career, or even just some solid years elsewhere. Now Quinn is benching, not just youngsters, but youngsters who were top picks and whose talent level is not really questioned. I know these kids have to learn. But this is getting ridiculous. He’s benching these kids for 4th liners and marginal NHL players. And when he puts them in the lineup, he still has trouble giving the ice-time.

    None of Blackwell, PDG, or Rooney are going to even be here in a season or two. Enough with this crap. This team has outgrown him.

  • In the past…when I have clamored for gritty guys…I have heard repeatedly, that grit is easy to acquire….which isn’t true at all….what is easy to come by is guys like PDG, Rooney, Blackwell and Howden, and I like PDG…just really dumb to bench Gauthier for him…

    the aformentioned guys are all easy to come by….a 6’4 230 lbs player who skates like the wind isn’t. Does the kid make the occasional mistake…definitely…but for him to get punished, over and over again…it won’t be long before he Lemiuex’s it and asks out.

    That my friends is how you develop a bad culture.

  • If you want to know why Goat sits, ask why Shestyorkin is going to start again tonight.

    The organization is trying to make the playoffs, FULL STOP.

    The quicker y’all come to understand this point, the more things make sense. You might not(and probably should not) agree with it, but it is what it is.

    Will they upend the apple cart on the off chance they get in? NO. If the numbers stop adding up, will they use their cap space and maybe deal a player or 2 out? Probably.

    But they are going to ride their horses until they drop in between now and then.

    • I agree that’s what DQ is shooting for, but I think Goat of late is playing better than PDG — PDG is the conservative and safer play, but no risk no reward.

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