NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: April 5, 2021

Last Week’s Results: W5-2 vs WSH, OTW 3-2 @ BUF, SOL 3-2 vs BUF
Season Record: 17-15-5 (6th in East Division)
Schedule This Week: 4/6 vs PIT, 4/8 vs PIT, 4/9 @ NYI, 4/11 @ NYI
Last Poll’s Results:  6.41 (165 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • Optimism is great but the Rangers are not a competitive Stanley Cup team. You can’t win the cup, all finesse, little grit and with the current coaches system or lack of it. When last place Buffalo makes the team look bad this only confirms it.

    • There was definitely some direction given to DQ regarding more ice time for the 3rd and 4th lines. He was rolling them consistently even late in the 3rd.

      Maybe not a great formula to win today, but necessary for winning tomorrow.

    • dahlf…..agree with all but comment on Buffalo. They’ve won 2 of 3 and their speed made a tired top 6 look tired. The new coach has them playing sound hockey . Wish he was with the Rangers. Last I looked, he has a youngish team also. Small sample but it gives Sabre fans hope.

  • I was encouraged that management appeared, finally, to step in and give Quinn marching orders on his ice time distribution, so I bumped my confidence ranking up 1 spot. When they take the next step and actually replace the coach, I’ll raise my rating again.

  • With this team you see glimpses that they are over the hump but then you see the shootout lost to Buffalo. I have seen Quinn say it is all about wining. The playoffs would be nice but this team wouldn’t advance pass the 1st round. I think it is time this off season to move on from Quinn.

  • Quinn is doing what most coaches in the league do every day, try to win games. There is a delicate balance to using your best players and trying to develop kids all at the same time. DQ must have been reminded of this, which I think is a good thing.

    I am wondering what will happen at the trade deadline. Are we sellers, buyers or something in between. Do you dare move Strome or Buch?

    I do not feel that we need another draft pick, but I do feel that we have journeymen 4th line players that are eating up NHL ice time for a guy like Morgan Barron. Rooney, Blackwell, Howden and Phil DG should all be shopped.

    • You always need picks … every pick is the 1 more chance to hit a home run … in the alternative, combining picks let you get better picks. We’re low grade sellers, I don’t expect them to move anyone big, like Strome or Buch — but I guess you never know what might be offered.

    • This coach is not winning and not only not developing the players but already has a bad reputation with dealing with the young talent (Lias, Kravtsov) and mismanaging veterans

      Why would you want another draft choice? Look at GM record. How many drafts he has made outside first round to make the team?

      Sorry for being negative but I cant see how we become a success without addressing the coach and GM

      • First pair defense, 2nd pair defense all acquired by Gorton. Zib, Strome trade robberies. Chytil, Lafreniére, Kakko. Plus finding a gem like Blackwell on the scrap heap. Third D pair too, although they’re not much more than mediocre.

        Gorton blew the Lias pick. What else has he really screwed up? And don’t say the Tampa trade—Tampa already traded JT Miller, since they realized he’s a playoff choker who plays no defense. And McDonagh’s health was too risky for an 8-year max contract. In that trade Gorton was again trading money away, rather than getting locked into more bad deals that would necessitate buyouts. I’d say it was a slight loss overall in that trade, and Lundkvist may yet justify the deal. Gorton’s been a better GM than Sather by far. Not perfect—but definitely in the top half of the league.

        • Fair. I did ask about the draft and specifically besides first rounders. Anyone playing for the team now? Gorton has been GM for almost 6 years. Is that enough time to judge?

          Regarding the trades and since you listed positive trades and signings (wander why you forgot Ponarin)

          1. Bad Stepan trade
          2. Bad contract for Shattenkirk
          3. Bad contract for Trouba
          4. Giving away Graves for nothing
          5. Mac and Miller. They got your favorite players Hajek and Howden.
          6. Contract to ADA if he was such cancer in the locker room

          I think this is plenty for someone to judge him. For some reason you are still seeing his Boston record. His record here is not good at all

          • Oh. Forgot to mention two coaches. One inherited and kept for 2 years and another one he hired to develop the talent the last 3 years. Are those positive transactions too?

          • Strongly disagree on the Stepan trade; we’ve already been thru this. Stepan is making more than a million dollars a point this season. I don’t think that would’ve played well in NYC. Clearly I disagree with you on the Tampa trade, and not because I like Howden, hahah. But because I think JT Miller is a mirage as a player. he had 4 years to do something positive with the Rangers and didn’t. 1 goal in 40 playoff games does not warrant a longterm contract. He’s one of the ten worst defensive forwards in hockey as well. The Mac thing is a money/term call. Supposedly he won’t be back in Tampa next season, too.

            Shattenkirk is gone. Trouba’s contract isn’t good, will grant you that, but I like the player. Graves is a number 6 defenseman in Colorado, far from an impact player, and will be grabbed by Seattle I bet. He was blocked here by Mac and Marc Staal’s awful contract. These situations ultimately weren’t franchise-altering, and Gorton has moved quickly on mistakes like Shattenkirk.

            I think you judge him way too harshly. Look around the league at the idiotic contracts signed every year. A GM who acquired Zib for a toasted Brassard and Strome for a toasted Ryan Spooner deserves a lot of credit in my book. That’s our 1&2 centers, acquired for a bottom 6 journeyman and a guy who’s out of the NHL.

            I agree that Quinn has been a disaster. That’s his only hire as coach. He fired Vigneault which I was fine with. So I’d agree with you here to a point. But overall Gorton is the best GM this team has had since Neil Smith and Craig Patrick.

          • Yes, we have been at Stepan and you have to explain to me first the saving portion of the trade when the money were savings were spent on Shattenkirk (your mistake we still going to paying for his buyout) and paying $9 mils for ADA to sit in addition. Lias is out (of course it is not Gorton fault for selecting him and then accused for being terrible organization). So we certainly lost on the savings. And got nothing in return. To your point about paying Stepan now. What made you think we could have not used him in 17 and 18 and 19 and then got a buyout? I was not against the trade. I was against bad trade and that was a bad trade no matter how many times you repeat that it was not

            Mac was not standing on the way of Graves, Hajek was if any. Mac had been traded before Graves. But again no matter what you think he gave him away for nothing. He lead in plus minuses by a huge margin last year. So I doubt Avs will let him go especially with his low salary

            I understand you do no like Miller, But again this was a bad asset management. Tampa got first rounder back, we got fourth rounder for his russian replacement (sorry forgot his name). Mac seems to be doing fine injury wise. So what did we get from this trade. Lundkvist looks really good and if he works out that might justify it marginally

            I do not judge him harshly at all. I am judging him by his record. 6 years is enough to judge. He kept previous coach for way too long and then hired even a worse coach and have refused to fire him. During his rebuild process he has not shown the development of young kids nor good track record in drafting besides first round. You rate him ahead of Sather not sure why. Sather team went to the finals. Sather had number of key players in middle draft. Of course I wish he had the same draft history with us as he had with Oilers. But I could say the same for Gorton. The lack of ceneters in the organization that he should have been addressed from the day Stepan was traded is not a minor mistake

            Everybody think Gorton got lucky in the draft lottery. I think he would been luckier to reverse 1 and 2 in 20 to 2 and 1 in 21. That way we would have had 2 stud centers and enough space for the wingers. lol

            At the end the record speaks for himself. If both of them stays next year you will be telling me about another excuse why the team is not contending for the Cup with the current roster

          • Nope. Dont agree at all. Gorton was left with an empty farm system, and an old and tired team. He’s revitalized this organization’s future talent level to the point where the Rangers have a real shot at a championship team. Sather got lucky, not Gorton—Sather ran this team into the ground and then had his ass saved by Henrik. Seven straight years without the playoffs. Sather should’ve been fired before Henrik turned the team around, honestly.

            Either way, you’re not changing my mind, and I’m not changing yours—so let’s rest on it. It’s been a decent debate, good to butt heads with ya.

          • You can disagree all you want. I understand this might be emotional for you. It appears no matter what argument presented to you you rejecting them. In any other sport he would have been fired by now, solely on his coaching, drafting and development.

            Agree to stop the argument. Lets see how you will react when he keeps DQ and has another bloated contract like Troubas. I hope not to see it for sure

          • BTW Neil Smith traded Amonte and Weight to get the Cup. Those were our best prospects. He left with the farm depleted too. So the same sin judged differently. Just pointing the flow. I personally did not like either Agree with Patric with you though. I used to love that team

          • Sorry do not know how to edit and change the post. Not to continue the debate but for the record. I forgot some real great trades he made

            Talbot for draft picks that came out to nothing
            Hagelin for someone I do not remember and second rounder who did not make it
            And my favorite getting Eric Staal for a prospect and 2 second round draft choices

            Perk, did not mean to continue this debate this with you. Just wanted to point why I think this GM has been terrible IMO

          • Not every acquisition works. I’ll say this again, because you keep glossing over this:

            Any other GM in the league pick up a 1st line center by trading away a 3rd line center who was 4 years older than the player he acquired?

            Any other GM pick up a 2nd line center for a guy who was out of the league 4 months later?

          • I stand by the facts and not by emotions. If he keeps this coach I hope you would run out of any supporting excuses.

            They need to promote Drury. That is my vote and let him evaluate the talent and find the coach who can develop them

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