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Rangers get five straight to erase bad start against Caps

The Rangers came into tonight’s game needing two points to stay relevant in the East. They came out flat, giving up a pair of quick goals to the Caps. They then clamped down and clawed back. A pair of forced turnovers paved the way to five straight goals for the Rangers and a big time win for the good guys.

Igor Shesterkin was again a difference maker in this one, making many great saves to keep the game 2-0 before the Rangers could mount their comeback. Shesterkin has very quickly become the #1 goalie, making the key saves the Rangers needed, and saves they weren’t getting early in the season.

The Rangers needed to go about 18-4 to get to 74 points this season and possibly make the playoffs. Now it’s 17-4 with a pair of games against Buffalo coming up. It isn’t likely, but it’s doable.

Caps 1, Rangers 0 – Triangles

This is one of the Caps’ set plays on the powerplay. TJ Oshie circled to the weak spot in the coverage, up top on Jacob Trouba, who was forced hedge between Oshie and the man at the near post. Chris Kreider was too far over to Nick Backstrom, which left the passing lane open for Oshie to one-time it.

Caps 2, Rangers 0 – ???

I dunno.

Caps 2, Rangers 1 – Chytilmania

Filip Chytil forced Dmitri Orlov into the turnover at the blue line, and he was off to the races.

Rangers 2, Caps 2 – Kakko

Artemi Panarin anticipated this in the defensive zone, forcing another turnover at the blue line that led to a Rangers goal. Ryan Strome also made a beautiful pass to Kaapo Kakko in front for the tap in.

Rangers 3, Caps 2 – Adam Fox for Norris

Ryan Lindgren made the play to keep the zone at the blue line. Adam Fox did the rest. Fox for Norris.

Rangers 4, Caps 2 – Carbs are good

Panarin snuck behind the Caps as they were pressing, and what a pass from Brendan Smith.

Rangers 5, Caps 2 – Shorty

Pavel Buchnevich with the empty netter, short handed, making it five straight for the Rangers. This clip isn’t the goal, but it’s still great.

Shot Heatmap – Bad start, good finish

The Rangers had a really bad start to this game. But they finished strong. Perhaps they just needed to wake up? But that blue blob the Caps have was there from the end of the first. The Rangers started actually shooting, which led to more zone time. And of course, five straight goals for the Rangers.

Skater Results – Better than it could have been

This could have been a lot worse. The quality attempts weren’t there in such abundance after the first, minus that stretch where the Caps pressed. The second period was a big defensive clamp down. The third was more wide open, but the Rangers were actually alive.

It would be nice to see the second and third periods be the norm for the Rangers every game. The offensive creation, or lack thereof, showed for a while. But it looks like they got the message. This was one win they needed, with a pair of very winnable games against Buffalo up next. These are the games they need.

Charts from NaturalStatTrick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • Looks like taco has found his line at last those 2 I’m going to make him into the player he should be he needs to shoot more though

  • Excellent win, for a lot of reasons. The kids looked great in this one.

    I would take Fox over almost any D man in the league.

  • It was like watching two games…..How many times do we see this team not ready to compete from the opening bell? I almost gave up after the Caps went up 2-0, but decided to stay tuned….Huge goal by Chytil seemed to have changed the outlook of the game, and Igor made some huge saves that gave us a chance to come back and beat the infidel goon capitals. The kids played well, and that is what I want to see going forward this year. let them play, bring up Barron and let him get a taste of the NHL.

  • What a great win. To score like this in the 3rd period, 2 games in a row, against a roster full of players who’ve won a Cup in this league. Chytil, Kakko, and Fox sure brought the momentum and the intensity with their goals. Shesterkin was incredible as well. The boys played inspired hockey up and down the line, and it was great to see Lafrenière/Chytil/Gauthier out on the ice causing chaos with about 3:30 left in the third period.

    Tom Wilson sure looked like a clown last night at game’s end. Lindgren was openly heckling him and laughing in his face. Wilson’s a punk and a half, skating in circles doing the “hold-me-back” routine amidst the officials. Wilson’s slew foot on Trouba is emblematic of the player Wilson really is—he’s big enough to hit people, but he’d rather injure them instead. What a chump.

    • I did not see that…..was switching the game off and on…..was Wilson called for the slew foot or was it another of the refs “evening” things up? NHL needs to hold the refs accountable. Slew footing is as equal to crosschecking someone into the end boards glass head first.

        • Whats wrong with the refs? Letting guys play a hard game doesn’t mean sneaky is part of it. A slew foot is a sneaky cheap shot. Of course so often you don’t see if there was anything that caused his action. The only reason he does it is because he hasn’t been fined enough. The refs are supposed to be impartial….unless you’re in the Garden.Then impartial applies to only the visiting team, at least that’s the way I feel after 50 years of watching. With the exception of Messiers first tour. I guess he scared the refs.

  • The Fox goal was Panarin saving the puck at the blue line, unless you’re talking about something before the clip.

    Fun game to watch, but I hate how Panarin so often looks to only be partially trying. He’s great, killer passer, deadly shooter, but I watch him cruise around the ice, not really forechecking, rarely backchecking… Drives me nuts to see him give up on the play. He also surprisingly slow in a straight line, though his agility and edge work are elite. Uses the change of speed so well.

    He never gives up the puck when he has it though unless it’s a deliberate pass. So few dump-ins.

      • Hey pal, I thought Panarin was struggling last two games, but looked good last night. Now if we could only get a………lol….

    • Hey Ben—how’d you do at your job after you and your family were threatened by a murderous dictator? Just curious.

      Last night Panarin added to his phenomenal point totals as a NY Ranger. Only Mark Messier has more assists than Panarin in their first 100 games as a Ranger, and Panarin’s total tied another Ranger named Wayne Gretzky.

      But yeah, you’re right. Panarin should’ve had 1000 more points by now.

      Wow. This fanbase sometimes, there aren’t words to describe it.

    • Have you actually watched the games recently, or are you just an ignorant Caps fan with nothing to do after getting roasted by Panarin for the last fifty minutes last night?

  • That was a fun game to watch. Igor managed to keep them close during the 1st period, and then Chytil’s break away seemed to really awaken the offense and it was off to the races. They bent some when the Caps pinned them in their own zone, but didn’t break and then made them pay for their aggressive pinching.

    Altogether, a really nice win for the team and one that should give them additional confidence. They beat a good team soundly.

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