NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: March 29, 2021

Last Week’s Results: W 5-3 vs BUF, W 8-3 @ PHI, L 2-1 @ PHI, L 5-4 @ WSH
Season Record: 15-15-4 (6th in East Division)
Schedule This Week: 3/30 vs WSH, 4/1 @ BUF, 4/3 @ BUF
Last Poll’s Results:  7.13 (134 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • I don’t like how they are handling La Freniere let the 3rd line play more. We also need a bit more toughness.

  • It’s become apparent that the team will continue to have fits and starts until they start getting some good play from their third line. Right now they are an exciting team when their stars play well (like most teams), but when their top 6 is stifled or have off nights then they need sustained shifts and production from the third and 4th lines.

    And they’ve been getting that from the likes of Rooney and Blackwell. But Chytil, Laf and Gauthier need to step up their games. I would add Kakko to that list of underperformers as well. I know they’re all young, but they have to start putting in at least some sustained shifts and pressure in the offensive zone.

    I know this blog and many readers love Chytil, Laf and Kakko, but the fact is they are not playing well. Laf goes games without even being mentioned. Chytil doesn’t utilize his line mates and tries to enter the zone and make an amazing play way too often. He usually loses the puck three strides into the offensive zone. Laf hasn’t played well enough to be on first PP unit and with 5-7 PP/PK his ice time has dwindled. But even with 8-10 minutes of ice time he has been invisible most nights in all facets of the game. Kakko even though he’s paired with talented line mates has not taken advantage. He loiters on the perimeter and rarely goes in front of the net. He still passes too much and tries for that perfect play that isn’t there.

    Until they get some consistent play and production from these players the Rangers will be mediocre. When their goalie is sharp, defense is sound and stars produce few teams can beat em. But when those three elements don’t click in unison they are mediocre.

    BTW-Looks who’s leading the team in points today. It’s Strome.

    • Possession numbers for Kakko are excellent this year. The guy is an active force in almost every game he’s played this year. At 19, he’s tough on the puck, on the boards, and in puck battles. What games are you watching, or do you only watch Strome? Kakko is a player.

      Chytil has been struggling, Lafrenière has a little too, but the guy still puts the puck in the net without much power play time, consistent linemates, or anything approaching a commitment from the head coach to develop his game.

      And your boy Strome—well, look at him. It took him 5+ NHL seasons to become a consistent top-6 forward in this league. Kakko hasn’t played 100 games yet, Lafrenière has 34 games played, Chytil has played exactly two seasons’ worth of NHL games. Yet you write them off. Impatience is the worst trait of this team’s fanbase.

      • Easy big fella. Just calling it like I see it. You’re not related to any of these guys, right?
        LOL on the Strome comment. Yes, I only watch Strome…and if I don’t defend what is a great reclamation story (and a total steal of a deal for the Rangers) who will on these threads? Everyone wants to throw him to the wolves!

        Regarding Kakko and his fancy stats, that’s amazing. But the fact is he was a #2 pick and as of today he’s put up 6 pts, or one more than Howden. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take a while for Kakko and Chytil to blossom…like until they’re 24-25 yrs old. Kinda like Strome when you think about it.

        And it’s perfectly OK to be 18-21 yrs old and put in sustained cycling shifts consistently. Or throw some checks every once in a while.

        Nobody wants the Rangers to win more than me, and nobody wants the players I fairly criticized succeed more than myself. But it’s OK to call em out when they’re not playing well.

        • Kakko has done everything right this year, except to score a bunch of goals. He’s got a 55.3 CF%, and a 7.5 relative Corsi. This means he is driving play out there, even more so than his linemates. This type of hockey is winning hockey. At less than 15 mins a night average icetime, these numbers are even more impressive. I’m not much of an expected goals guy, but Kakko excels there as well, ranking in the top 3-4 players on this team throughout this year in that stat.

          And no, I’m not related to any of the 3 youngsters you criticized. What I am is a hockey fan who is sick of this team’s inability to stop going for the quick roster fix at the expense of their young talent. I’m also sick of dimwitted fans who cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to the purpose of this abortion of a season. A first-round playoff exit hurts this team more than it helps. The only person it helps is David Quinn.

          • You can sight all the fancy stats you wish regarding Kakko, but he does not drive play. Not in reality. He trying to find his identity at the NHL level. In Europe he was able to freewheel around in open space and create plays that most of the time don’t exist in the NHL on most nights. Much less room to operate. Is he a playmaker? Is he a sniper? Is he a grinder? So far I don’t know what he is or will become.

          • You clearly do not understand the concept of driving play. And I hear you about some fancy stats, as I said above—I’m not a big expected goals guy because I find it to be a relatively abstract statistic. Corsi and Fenwick, however, are not abstract. They’re based on shots and shot attempts. And they’re a strong indicator of which way the ice tilts when a player is on it. When you’ve got a player with a 55-45 percentage advantage in shots, that indicates that a player is helping to drive offensive play, and usually there’s defensive skill involved in that aspect too. Some players can be passengers on a line with great players, which is where relative Corsi becomes helpful—and Kakko’s 7.5 relative is an excellent number. For perspective, even Panarin only has a 4.0 relative Corsi and a 51.4 Corsi. They are linemates now, which means they benefit each other on the ice. Kakko is a play driver this year, and if you can’t see that it makes me wonder what you’re watching. Additionally, Kakko has 23 defensive takeaways this year vs. only 5 offensive giveaways. Again I ask: how can you not see the strength of Kakko’s game?

          • Thanks for the education. I guess Kakko is the most amazing 6pt player on the team. At the end of the day I guess you and I watch hockey from different viewpoints, and that’s OK. Fancy stats are not the end all and should be used in conjunction with reality and results. I think in the case of Kakko (at this point in his career) you are falling on the sword a bit, looking for any bright spots. My original comments stand, and are a fair critique of his game this season.

          • They are both unfair and uninformed critiques of Kakko. That’s how I think they stand. By the end of this 2/3 season weirdness Kakko will go off offensively, mark my words.

    • Excellent comments. I disagree a little on Kakko. By the eye test at least, he has improved markedly from last year (when he was the worst player in the league). He is at least a legit NHLer now, though hardly a star yet.

      As for Chityl, regaining one’s rhythm after an injury is tricky and perhaps even trickier for the very young. He did look good at the start. I recall Buchnevich coming back from an injury and being so inept that he was rightfully(!) benched in the playoffs in favor of Tanner Glass.

      As for Alexis Lafreniere, the assertions that he sucks now and that he will score 500 points before his career is done are not mutually exclusive. Incidentally I would argue that a kid can learn more playing 8 minutes a game than playing 15. Instead of recharging between shifts with little time for thought, you get to think and watch others handle situations which you struggled with.

      However, don’t argue with Perkele. It is pointless. Attributing things to you like only watching Strome or giving up on the young players are what he/she does. And unlike me at least, they are never wrong.

      • Whatever, Ray. A person could set their watch to the regularity of your addled and consistently bizarre perspective on the NY Rangers.

    • Mark……I’ve been voting less than 7 since the start. Not everything revolves around the players on the roster. IMO the FO has done an incomplete job. I am as much of a fan as you and have coached competitive hockey, not that that makes me more knowledgeable than anyone else on this blog. Its the plan of the team I don’t understand . JG job has been commendable with exceptions he is human after all. Continuity is important but it does have its place. The players on the team are no doubt coming to the ice everyday trying to do better and not be a liability on the ice. The players seem very tight on the bench especially when scored against. There are players on the ice that don’t belong. They need to be moved out (like peppy jr.) and have to be. Thats on management, not the players. If DQ cant do it then it falls to JG and then JD. This season is almost gone (it certainly is for the Rangers) so I expect the moves at the draft. No shiny new expensive toys, just hard guys to play against. It would be nice to get a FA and a coach who has won the ring. That coach could already be on the bench.
      That’s what the rebuild means to me…turning the team around to be competitive and winners and deserving of my patronage. Those MSG ducats are not inexpensive are they? Why do I want to spend that money? Not to see the team fall behind 4 zip and then try for miracle comebacks.

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