David Quinn, entire Rangers coaching staff in COVID protocol

You can’t make this up. David Quinn and the entire NY Rangers coaching staff are in COVID protocol.

They will be unavailable for tonight’s game. The Hartford Wolf Pack coaching staff will be behind the bench with Chris Drury tonight for the game against the Flyers. You really can’t make this up.

On the bright side, Adam Fox and Pavel Buchnevich are off the COVID list. They are available tonight.

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  • Not sure what you mean by you can’t make this up. Did you think the Rangers couldn’t get Covid and if so WHY? I’ve lost 5 members of my family to it and that’s life my friend, people get sick and die in the real world. It’s been happening for thousands of years!

    • I think it’s more of an issue that this team has not been at full strength this season … and that every time they appear to almost enter some semblance of a state of normalcy something new pops up — broken hands, ADA’s issue, Russian hit pieces, etc.

    • My friend, they dont have it, they were “exposed ” but NOT THE REST OF THE TEAM?? LMAO!!! ITS TO evaluate Quinns horrible coaching and why he is giving top pick 8min some games. And the Sabres are rumored to WANT Knaubs as their head coach! Which can mean see if we should keep him and replace Quinn, or they can ” trade” him since he is under contract with us! Drury is above Gorton and is also going to evaluate what happening on the bench with this horrible lack of leadership and who will be traded at the deadline!

      • If you think Drury is above Gorton in the org chart, you might be interested in some infrastructure I have for sale on the East River.

  • I don’t want to enumerate a bunch of excuses for the up and down play of this team … and other clubs have had to battle through a lot of these same type of issues throughout the season, but we seriously have to be right up there with the most affected teams. We’re like Murphy’s Law on steroids.

    • Its all to evaluate the team and coach! I guarantee they win and play with heart! Quinn is a miserable man who favors older players or kiss asses!!

  • The season continues to go viral. It is hard on everyone, even us fans. I hope for a well-played game tonight despite the challenges.

  • Amazingly, coaching staff that knows Reunanen best has scratched him for tonight.

    Game, set and match.

    I’ll even give myself the 1st thumbs down so jackhole & his sock puppets don’t have to.

  • Tarmo lefty, Fox righty, assuming that Hajek goes to left.

    Facts is facts: Tarmo is 7th in the LD pecking order and has another lefty to leapfrog him as soon as next year even as Smitty and JJ fall off.

    The truth is like poetry and most people hate poetry.

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