It’s time to name Chris Kreider captain of the New York Rangers

When the season started, the Rangers decided to forego naming a captain, going with four alternates instead. This made logical sense at the time, as it was going to be difficult to choose between the two front runners: Chris Kreider and Mika Zibanejad. As the season has progressed, there is one clear answer now. It is time for Chris Kreider to be named captain of the New York Rangers.

Kreider has always had a knack for timely goals, especially in the playoffs. But the rub, at least according to his detractors, was he takes games and stretches of games off. Zibanejad’s struggles aside, which have nothing to do with his status as a leader of the team, it’s been Kreider that has stepped up this season as the Rangers struggled with staying healthy.

On The Ice

Over the last few weeks, the Rangers have been riddled with injuries and COVID list restrictions. As the Rangers dropped like flies, forcing them to dress an AHL roster, it was Kreider who stepped up. Over the last two weeks (seven games), Kreider has put up nine goals and two assists.

All this is without Artemi Panarin, the Rangers go-to game breaker. The Rangers struggled in this stretch, understandably, given the roster they were dressing. But it was Kreider who kept them relevant throughout this stretch. It’s been behind Kreider’s play on the ice that the Rangers are now just four points out of a playoff spot and rising.

Off The Ice

We aren’t really privy to what goes on off the ice unless it makes news. But we do see little things here and there of the Rangers as they close out games. It’s Kreider who is the last off the ice, making sure to congratulate everyone after a win. It’s Kreider who is there to celebrate with a teammate that had a strong game. Whenever you see a celebration at the door, it’s usually Kreider.

It’s also Kreider that is available to the media after tough losses or after tough locker room issues. We all joke about Kreider’s knuckles after the infamous DeAngelo/Georgiev fight. But it was Kreider who was available to the media after that.

There’s definitely more to leadership than being available and producing when the team needs it. But this team seems to rally around Kreider. When he talks, others listen.

It’s time the Rangers name Chris Kreider captain. It’s just the logical choice now.

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  • “We all joke about Kreider’s knuckles after the infamous DeAngelo/Georgiev fight.”

    You never miss an opportunity to not mention the ADA situation…As I understand it Miller broke up the fight and Georgiev was the guy who hit ADA.

    Don’t be Adam Herman Dave…

  • Agreed!!
    From the outside looking in, it looks like management,the coaching staff and the players defer to him for guidance and leadership.
    Just look at the players on the ice or coming off.
    Seems like the logical choice.

  • Kreider is a born leader. He deserves the RESPECT as any other captain of the NY Rangers.

  • A little unfair given Mika’s possible Covid issue. If he were capable of stepping up, I’m sure he would have.

    That said Kreider is the de facto Captain of this team, you can’t go wrong selecting him — and the fact the Rangers re-signed him to a deal instead of trading him (would have been easy) at the deadline indicates that.

  • Players have said plenty of times that naming a captain is more important to the media/fans than it is in the locker room if you have a solid core of leaders.

    Don’t make a big deal out of something that doesn’t need to be a big deal.

    • 100%. The guys in the locker room know who the leaders are, you don’t need to have a C on your jersey in order to lead by example.

  • I believe he has taken numerous young guys under his wing in the off-season re conditioning regimen and even housed them.

  • I agree there would be no better choice for a Ranger captain than Chris Kreider. When the team was doing badly and could not get any scoring help from Zibanejad, Kreider stepped up and decided to carry the team. Now paired with Strome the Rangers have a new and different #1 line. The youth are playing better and the vets are playing well. It will be a winning season but a playoff spot may be a stretch.

  • I have been a huge Kreider fan since he was drafted.

    His inconsistency has been tough at times. But it would be good to have a captain for the yuts. Most likely, one of Laf, Fox or Miller will eventually be a captain. The other two will probably have the A’s. And it wouldn’t be the worst to give them a guide.

  • Time for the Rangers to name a captain, should have been done sooner, I think Kreider has more then proven himself as the top choice.

  • If anyone can guarantee that this is the Kreider we get as a player, then by all means.

    But that’s the point, no one can.

    • oof, man, I would never have pegged you as a subscriber to the “Chris Kreider annual disappearing act” thing, please reconsider he’s actually great all the time (no beef of course, just a friendly disagreement)

      • I love Kreider, but sometimes he thinks too much as opposed to just “playing the game.”

        He should be a dominant 30-40 goal scorer annually. Sometimes, and sometimes it’s just sometimes, you never hear his name during a string of games.

        Just my opinion. I set a high bar for him, because he can attain that high bar.

  • I’ve only been saying it since shortly after McD was traded. Chris has been the defacto captain, especially on the ice. Plus, with the Russian invasion on the team, it can’t hurt to have as captain a guy who can speak the language.

  • I don’t agree with the notion that goal scoring production equates with captaincy. Captain is about a player you trust to talk to the refs on the ice, and a player you trust to handle the locker room and player issues off the ice. Just because Mika is in a slump and Kreider is scoring doesn’t make the case. That said, I don’t know what the Rangers are for. The longer they wait, the bigger of a deal they are making it, and the harder it is to make a decision. I don’t know what they’re waiting for

  • Hi all naming kreider as captain would validate him as a leader on and off ice. Also I think players can go to him if they have a problem. The more the rangers can have role players and establish what role each player plays on a team nyr can be more and more organized going to the playoffs and ultimately win the cup. Come trade deadline perhaps rangers are in a playoff spot they get 2 players a def and forward and make the playoffs as a higher seed. Then next season when players salaries come off the books they can look to add to the core. Captain kreider sounds awesome and it’s a reward for him how hard he works leads etc. To all God speed God bless I hope we are all healthy and happy. Let’s go rangers

  • Kreider would be my choice for the Rangers captain. He is especially effective when he plays with fire in his belly.

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