Lineup Changes

Kakko returns, Colin Blackwell a likely healthy scratch

Kaapo Kakko is set to return tomorrow after a stint on the COVID list. It looks like Colin Blackwell will be the healthy scratch, despite his very strong play this season.

There is very little justification for having Blackwell as the healthy scratch. Based on performance it would have been either Brett Howden or Phil Di Giuseppe. If you want to do winger/winger, then Di Giuseppe was the logical choice.

That isn’t a slight to PDG, it’s a compliment to Blackwell. He’s been great, and he doesn’t deserve the healthy scratch treatment. Lineup confirmation is pending from David Quinn, of course.

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  • Move Blackwell to the off wing in Rooney’s spot on the 3rd line. Have Rooney center some combo of PDG, Lemieux or Howden. Why not put the best available players out there?

    • Because he’s a shnook that’s why. He’s terrible with line creations. It’s like he watches a different game than the rest of the world. It’s also like we score despite of his line assemblies and juggling, as opposed to because of them

  • Very curious, indeed!!
    Unless they are showcasing Howden,Gaut,PDg maybe even Pepe for a trade? Just a big guess..
    DQ can’t be that stupid

  • Wow… just wow.

    In what world is Howden staying in the lineup to sit Blackwell?!? I really hope this changes before the game. This is completely ridiculous.

    I thought they looked a little shaky last night until they got the lead. They play with so much confidence when things are working, but fall to pieces if things go south. Such is life with a young team. But lineup decisions like this don’t help. I mean realistically, you could make a good argument for a few different players to sit ahead of Blackwell, Zibanejad included at this point.

    • Yep, for all of Quinn’s foolish deployments this one, if true, is the stupidest. He’ll bench a hustling, scoring winger who can play center and is defensively responsible for Howden.

      If Blackwell hasn’t proved himself to that hard headed college coach who can? I said, before, Howden’s never ending deployments may be Quinn’s most fire-able offense. He’s a detriment in almost every facet of 5v5 play.

  • I am surprised. I would have expected Quinn to sit Gauthier or possibly DiGiuseppe. But especially Gauthier. Maybe Quinn has had a change of heart about the Goat.

    • Poor Gauthier … maybe this is all part of a surreptitious plan to make sure Seattle doesn’t take him in the expansion draft. 😉

  • Joe Ranger I was thinking the same thing. Has to be because the Rangers are showcasing a player or two right? Blackwell has been a bit of a revelation to this lineup.

  • Quinn just won’t scratch Howden. Buffoon.

    He’ll bench Zib but he won’t bench Howden.

  • Not the player I would take out of the lineup. At times this season Blackwell has been the only Ranger heartbeat while his teammates were flat lining.

  • Blackwell a scratch? Why would Quinn pull a guy from the lineup who has been a solid contributor? That would be an absolutely asinine move and I would really question Quinn’s competency to run this team. Lets hope that this doesn’t happen.

  • You all are aware, aren’t you, that David Quinn is responsible for the Kennedy assassination? I might be able to think of a couple more if I had the time. I get it; every one of the brilliant coaching geniuses on this board knew Quinn was an idiot two years ago. Could we see what happens today before we again bring out the cross and the nails? Just askin’; it’s not like I know anything about coaching. Ten points over the last seven games, against pretty good competition; the team is playing pretty well. Let’s just see what happens, shall we?

    Regards- orange

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