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TSN: No takers for Tony DeAngelo, AHL loan possible

Per Frank Seravalli on TSN, there are no takers for Tony DeAngelo, and an AHL loan might be a possibility. Hartford is not an option, with the exact phrase being “he’s not welcome in Hartford.”

Given that there hasn’t been a trade for DeAngelo yet, the report that there were no takers shouldn’t be a surprise. This is now the second time the Rangers have shopped DeAngelo with no takers. Granted this one was much more public than the summer, when the Rangers quietly shopped DeAngelo while they were publicly shopping Ryan Strome.

Where will he go?

This is a question that genuinely intrigues me. With his NHL season likely over, the only way for DeAngelo to play is in the AHL. It was clear from a few days after the DeAngelo saga that a trade wasn’t imminent. Thus no NHL teams wanted him with his current contract. That qualifier is important here.

The AHL teams that take him on loan are going to be the NHL teams that are intrigued by him when he’s a free agent. The Rangers are going to buy him out this summer, so any team that takes him on loan is getting a 20ish game preview of what he can bring to the team in free agency.

Naturally the decision will be about his game and if what he brings is worth the potential distraction.

Potential trade deadline movement?

Another interesting thing here is any team taking him on loan could be looking to see if he’d be worth it for a playoff run. Here’s where things get interesting.

Let’s say the Minnesota Wild (I’m picking a team at random here) are comfortable with him going to Iowa on loan. He plays well enough there that Minnesota wants to add him to the NHL roster for a playoff run this season. They get a 10 game preview in advance of committing to the contract and the player.

This is clearly a hypothetical, but it there is a non-zero percent chance that it happens.

An AHL loan for Tony DeAngelo may actually benefit both the Rangers and DeAngelo in this one. The Rangers may be able to salvage something for DeAngelo, while DeAngelo gets a chance to partially redeem himself and earn a *checks notes* 4th chance in the league. It’s actually a win-win.

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  • If I am the GM of a playoff team in need of a PP2 QB, I would take a chance on him near the deadline. He knows this could be his last chance and if it doesn’t work out you can easily sever the ties.

  • Going back a few months ago and beyond, I was really, really hoping he would work out. I liked his inclusion in the trade, am generally a fan of reclamation projects, as I think they’re a key part of building a top-shelf roster. All of that said, the buy-out will come as a relief.

    • Cap space is banked over the course of the year. If I am a team that spends 100k shy of the cap…..after 10 days, I can spend 1 million over the cap for one day, and I am still cap compliant.

      The cap is designed for the regular season, not the playoffs.

      I do not think an AHL loan would count against the team loaning him, he is still property of the Rangers, which is where his cap obligation will sit until his contract is traded.

  • The NYR shot themselves in the foot by making statements like “never play in a NYR uniform again”. This could have been handled better and more quietly if they just moved him to the taxi squad while they looked for a trade. Now we can’t move him. What a waste of an asset.

    • They did. Never say never …

      The other side of the argument though might suggest it was NECESSARY to make a statement, to take a stand for the sake of the TEAM. There may be more to the story here, something the Rangers don’t want to discuss in public … but they felt it important enough to say to their own locker room, “he’ll never play here again”. Who really knows?

      • All I am saying is that this issue could have been handled internally. Making a public statement may have shown the team what won’t be tolerated, but it also handcuffed our mobility.

        Watching the NYR play the Sabres last night showed me how far we need to go just to match the talent on the ice displayed by the Sabres. They controlled the puck and entered the zone with ease. While we still won, we have to become more talented up and down the lineup. To me, this seems to point to coaching. Can we bring in Claude Julien?

        Zibby and Howden need a day off.

        • You do realize we’re missing Panarin, Kakko and Trouba … that it was Chytil’s first game back. Also, we pretty much dominated the prior games against the Sabres. The Sabres are desperate right now, they played hard. That said, our talent level his head and shoulders above them … no question.

  • A nice wake up call for Tony D.

    It doesn’t matter how good you are, no one wants a mashugana on their team.

  • DeAngelo was a disrupter but he didn’t do so much that it should end his career.. He did make some wild statements that were not politically correct and there was the scrap that he instigated with Georgiev. He does have talent and IMO will end up playing in the NHL in 2022 but only after the Rangers buy him out for the low $333K minimum. Obviously no team will take a risk for the $4.8 million in his current contract.

  • I figure that some team may give Tony yet another chance if he plays in the AHL without incident. He obviously has talent, but just as obviously has issues in controlling his emotions. If I were a GM I’d force the issue of counseling in return to agreeing to hire him.

    That being said, the Rangers should have been more circumspect regarding the incident so not to poison the well too badly for deals for Tony.

    • “That being said, the Rangers should have been more circumspect regarding the incident so not to poison the well too badly for deals for Tony.”

      Possibly, but again there may have been some internal issue which nobody is talking about that necessitated the team going public with the statement that he would never play for the Rangers again. Although it diminished the asset, some things transcend maximizing it. We just don’t know and I suspect there’s more to the story. They took a stand and they may have felt the need to do so. If not, then it was an act of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

      • They were unusually, but not completely, forthcoming about what happened. At least as far as what they were going to do about Tony. I am a bit on the fence as to whether it was the best idea, even though I am sure many of us have often wished for greater transparency in the mysterious workings of the NHL.

  • Dude is a cancerous headcase who has gotten multiple golden ticket chances in life because he can play hockey. He deserves nothing further.
    As the great philosopher G.W. Bush once said– “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.’

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