Rangers sign first round pick Braden Schneider to entry level contract

The Rangers have signed 2020 first round pick Braden Schneider to a three year entry level contract. The contract comes with a cap hit of $925,000, but with $400,000 in bonuses. This brings his “real” cap hit up to $1.325 million. As we’ve learned this year, those bonuses matter.

Schneider hasn’t had much action yet in the 2020-2021 season due to COVID, but the Rangers remain high on him. He had a strong showing at the 2021 World Juniors, putting up 1-2-3 in six games. He also looked good in his two game stint in Hartford, picking up an assist.

Braden Schneider’s contract doesn’t kick in until the 2021-2022 season. It is worth noting that the ELC contract age is 20 years old, as Schneider turns 20 in September. Thus, his contract will not slide if he goes back to the WHL next season.

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    • For the most part, four years from his draft year. I think.

      The KHL is different, and rights are held indefinitely since there is no transfer agreement.

      • CHL players have 2 years.

        For players who are in NCAA, they have until their entry class matriculates. Can be 4 or 5 years. Take Steven Fogarty as an example.

        For those in JrA or USHS, they have 4 years, except if they then go NCAA, then the clock starts again. Can be up to 7 years (2 in JrA, 4-5 NCAA) from their draft season if they redshirt.

        Europeans who play in countries with a transfer agreement(everyone except Russia) have 4 years. As Russia does not, age 27 is when rights end as player is now UFA.

        Schneider would only return to Brandon as an overager, so next year would be Hartford as he was already their best D when he played.

  • Rangers love Schneider don’t they? It really feels like Nils is going to be trade bait for a center.

    • Yep, it does feel that way. Seems that Gorton wants “playoff” type guys that are tough in a short series. Nils might be prime trade bait in the eyes of the FO.

  • My wife is from Manitoba. 2 years ago while up there I caught a Wheat Kings game and had no clue who was who as I just needed to get out of the in-laws house a bit. This kid was all over the place and remember thinking he has something to his game someone in the NHL will love. He is a worker. On the night I saw him he hit everything that moved but not in a dumb way. He plays north south, hits the outlet pass , skated well and played like he was 10 years older. When I saw we drafted him I told my Boston buddies this dude is going to make my Ranger’s fans fall in love.

    • Yeah, I really like this draft pick. I watched him this past World Juniors on the NHL Network and loved the way he plays. I don’t think he’s that far from being able to debut on the Rangers. He just needs some polishing to get used to the NHL pace, time his passes and time his pinching on the offensive blue line for the NHL specifically. Other than that, he’s pretty much ready to go after this WHL season at the earliest in my honest opinion.

  • This contract signing feels rushed. Worth noting he could be a chip in a possible Eichel trade. Buffalo may have requested Schneider be under contract prior to trade, so he can’t run away.

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