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Rangers no-show, but still manage a win against Buffalo

The Rangers did not deserve to win the game tonight, but were saved from an embarrassing loss to the Sabres by Igor Shesterkin. Buffalo controlled 55 of the 60 minutes in this one, but unfortunately for them the Rangers scored twice in those first five minutes. Luckily for the Rangers, Buffalo is bad and Shesterkin was superb.

This was not a good effort at all by the Rangers. The much improved defense was non-existent. Buffalo got multiple high quality chances in front. Shesty came up huge on most of them. But let’s have some good points first:

  • Kreider has six goals in his last five games.
  • Lafreniere has a three game point streak
  • Shesty was superb
  • Shesty almost scored

Rangers 1, Sabres 0 – Is Mika back?

This is just a great pass from Mika Zibanejad to spring Pavel Buchnevich.

Sabres 1, Rangers 1 – Just bad all around

First the neutral zone turnover and a failure to get the puck deep by I think Colin Blackwell. That’s a big no-no. Then a wipeout by Brendan Smith at the blue line caused a coverage issue. Blackwell and K’Andre Miller didn’t communicate well enough, and Sam Reinhart was wide open in front for the easy goal.

Rangers 2, Sabres 1 – Offensive zone pressure

Zibanejad with the pressure and the hit to force a turnover. Buchnevich picked up the loose puck and waited out Carter Hutton. Alexis Lafreniere made sure his leg got in the way so he got credit for the goal, of course.

Rangers 3, Sabres 1 – Kreider smash

Chris Kreider used the defenseman as a screen and sniped a corner. He was shocked it went in. Or was shocked he was able to pick a corner like that.

Rangers 3, Sabres 2 – Screens galore

Buffalo really did control the game, and when that happens you make your own luck. This was a bit of a luck goal, but created by a point shot with five guys in front. Igor Shesterkin never saw it.

Shot Heatmap – Not good Rangers, not good at all

This is just a disaster for the Rangers. They were really lucky to come out with a win here. Buffalo skated circles around them. The solid Rangers team defense took a night off. Those happen, but against Buffalo?

Skater Results – Clunker

Most of the Rangers were in the ‘bad’ category throughout this one, at least from a quantity standpoint. Luckily quality was a bit more balanced. Worth noting that Jack Johnson and Libor Hajek were both in the bad section for both quality and quantity. That’s expected. What wasn’t expected was K’Andre Miller and Brendan Smith, but this checks out since they gave up a few good chances while out there.

Sometimes you just take two points and run. This is one of those times. The Rangers needed key saves from their goalie in this one. Luckily for them, Shesterkin was up to the task, and carried the Rangers over the Sabres in this one. Hopefully this is a one time blip in performance, and the Rangers come out firing on all cylinders on Thursday.

Charts from NaturalStatTrick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • I thought the game was pretty even with Shesterkin being the difference maker. However, the Rangers will need a better effort if they want to beat the Fishsticks. Hopefully we will see Kaak back in the lineup.

  • I dunno about your take on this game, Dave.

    Definitely Laf’s best game. Was noticeable entire game. That line was good.

  • I don’t think the ratio was at all 55 to 5 minutes, but the play for most of the 2nd and 3rd tilted Buffalo’s way.

    So, do we all still want to get rid of Buch? I mean we developed him, should we just move him now while he’s in his prime? Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question.

  • Hope not, Buch is rounding out to be a complete team player. I guess it depends what kind of deal he is looking for.

  • It was a rather loosely played game by the Rangers, a free for all but a win is a win. The positives Chris Kreider, Igor Shesterkin, Adam Fox and Pavel Buchnevich. The negatives Libor Hijak and Jack Johnson. The team had better clean up the D game if they expect to beat the Devils in back to back games this week.

    • i feel the same they are a funny team some times they look like a stanley cup winner and the next game they are a out of the the playoffs team

  • All you can say about the game,(sloppy,disinterested,bandwagon hockey)..
    +JJ and LH on the 3rd pair,enough said.
    But we won!!

  • 2 points! Buffalo played and cycled very well in our zone for a bottom of the pack team. We try for the perfect pass and usually don’t even get a good shot on goal. Move Blackwell down when Kakko returns. It is time for Howden to sit. He was horrible again.

  • Buchnevich is now all we wanted him to be. Kreider is hot. Igor also played much better. Yeah, overall the game was not well played, but they won while missing important players. I’m not going to complain!

  • I have to say I agree with Dave. Glad someone wrote it up this way. I did not think they played great. Buffalo is not that good of a team, so I think that really helped the NYR look decent.

    Glad to see Kreider stepping up these days. I railed on him on here last week. But I’m noticing him now almost every game and he’s really come to the forefront with Panarin still out.

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