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Bruins wake up, shut down Rangers for revenge

The Rangers completely dismantled the Bruins on Friday, so we had to assume something the Bruins would get revenge today. They came out a completely different team, and shut down the Rangers from start to finish. Say what you want about effort, consistency, and afternoon games, the Bruins just gave the Rangers nothing. Sometimes you tap the stick and move on. This wasn’t one of those games where the Rangers were sloppy. The Bruins were just better.

It’s worth reminding folks that the Rangers split a two game set with the best team in the division without Artemi Panarin, Filip Chytil, Jacob Trouba, and Kaapo Kakko. That said, Mika Zibanejad’s Casper act is a huge problem. With all these guys out, Zibanejad needs to step up. Chris Kreider and Ryan Strome have answered the call so far, but Zibanejad has been non-existent. Let’s hope this is lingering COVID effects, and not a sharp decline.

Bruins 1, Rangers 0 – Just a good move

If you’re looking for a defensive fault here, there is none. K’Andre Miller and Chris Kreider had good communication here, with Kreider releasing because Miller had the better angle. Charlie Coyle just made a nice move on the angle taken by Miller, which gave him a cut to the inside and a quick shot over Alex Georgiev’s glove. Georgiev was pulled for the rest of the period after this for concussion protocol. He should’ve been pulled immediately after Nick Ritchie fell on him, not after the goal.

Bruins 2, Rangers 0 – Traffic in front

Good move by Connor Clifton at the point, which Brendan Lemieux bought. This opened a shooting lane with four guys in front. Igor Shesterkin didn’t see it, and this hit Trent Frederic in front.

Bruins 3, Rangers 0 – Clean faceoff loss and traffic

The Rangers, if they are going to lose a faceoff, need to at least not lose them cleanly. It’s the clean losses that hurt. The Bruins went to work immediately, and it’s clear Georgiev never saw this shot from the point.

Bruins 3, Rangers 1 – The B’s Seas Part

I don’t know what the Bruins were doing on this. Colin Blackwell was given a ton of ice and the Bruins just let him walk in from the blue line to the high slot for a prime chance.

Bruins 4, Rangers 1 – Empty netter

Charlie Coyle empty netter. The capper on the Bruins revenge on the Rangers.

Shot Heatmap – Bruins On Display

The Rangers did a decent job limiting quality again. They weren’t perfect by any stretch, but the number of quality chances against was relatively small. Their expected goals against was less than two goals at even strength. It’s tough to have any issues with the defensive performance. Just the Bruins were better.

Skater Results – Mostly Bad and Boring

The results were mostly boring, which makes sense since this game was pretty boring. There are some notable players that had bad games. What else could you actually expect? The Bruins were better. That’s the story.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Rangers put up six on the Bruins on Friday. The reaction is the Bruins got their collective acts together and shut it down this afternoon. It happens. The Bruins are a very good team. The Rangers are wildly inconsistent, missing four key players, five if you include the ghost of Mika Zibanejad. Hopefully the Rangers get Chytil and Kakko back for Tuesday’s game.

Charts from NaturalStatTrick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • Yep the Rangers were beaten by a better team today as the Bruins were very good in their own end. They won the battles and broke out quickly for the counter attack. One highlight is the play of Colin Blackwell. This guy just never stops. He is an inspiration to what the underdog can achieve thought perseverance. Lots of hockey left and hopefully we will see Kaak and Chytil back in the lineup soon. The Rangers need to be bringing in fresh legs in and out their lineup to be competitive in a very tough division.

    • Sorry, he was awful. He won a race on an almost icing and played the puck with disinterest. For most of the game, it was like he wasn’t there.

  • Meh, IDK what Ranger fans expected, the Bees got spanked 2 games in a row, they were not losing again to a depleted Ranger team.

    My friend said that the Rangers were getting roasted on Twitter. IDK why. The Bees are a better team and were not going to lose 3 in a row, especially with all the Ranger injuries.

    On another note, HOW did the Rangers NOT get a PP after Blackwell’s goal? McKegg swings his stick and Bruins are punching Rangers in the back of their heads. Yet Blackwell goes off with McKegg. Laughable.

    Way too many shots blocked against the Rangers. Great Ranger chances that never got to Rask.

    Rangers need a goal and Rooney and Lemiuex are out there. That’s not what I call trying to do everything possible to try and get back into the game. But that’s just me.

    Jack Johnson should never play a game as a Ranger ever again.

    • It’s not just you — the use of Rooney and Lemieux was another Quinn headscratcher. If anyone in the bottom 6 earned more ice time with their play through 2 pds it was Gauthier and diGiuseppe, yet they barely sniffed the ice. We really need to see Lemieux on that late PP? And he finally woke up and got Lafreniere away from Mika, and the difference was immediately noticeable. Agree, we weren’t going to win today with that effort regardless. But at least get a feel for what’s happening out there, and put your players in the best position to succeed.

      • I don’t get Lemieux on any PP. And then not Gaut, on top of it.

        Quinn wants to play Rooney 5 on 5 and the PK? Fine. But they’re down 2 goals and he’s out there? Zib at 50% is better offensively than 100% of Rooney.

        DG sucks now, he just does, but they need bodies. So when Kakko, Bread, and Chytil come back, who comes out? Not Howden, that’s for sure. Idiotic. Howden is an NHL lifer in a Rangers’ jersey.

        The probability that Howden and/or JJ are on the ice for a goal against, is extremely high.

        • “I don’t get Lemieux on any PP.” This actually potentially makes sense, if things are done right. The Rangers have too little traffic in front and it makes sense to use a player to jam up the crease. The two best should be Kreider and Lemieux. Many years ago, Washington did this with Scott Stevens.

          • I have better goal hands than Lemiuex does. If they want just a screen then put Miller there after Kreider.

            Or, how about, wait for it… Gaut.

    • “On another note, HOW did the Rangers NOT get a PP after Blackwell’s goal? McKegg swings his stick and Bruins are punching Rangers in the back of their heads. Yet Blackwell goes off with McKegg. Laughable.”

      That’s every team that plays the Bruins … I’m not sure how they don’t get called for 10+ penalties every game.

      • Sounds like we’re watching the Penguins. (Hey, both wear black and yellow…maybe that confused the refs.)

    • Ridiculous….we have no protection for our kids. We need Reaves and JD is afraid to trade any of our prospects for a Bonafide centermen….where is our star center in the minors?….playoffs are not happening this season and I’m afraid that JD/JG will use this as an excuse to bring back Quinn…freaking terrible.

        • Funny that you mentioned Brashear. Couldn’t win 1 single fight when he was a NY Ranger. Remember that when he played? I’m saying, “When is this guy going to be the Donald Brashear of the Flyers??!”

  • The Bruins were very good defensively today, in stark contrast to their previous effort against the Rangers. They were very good in their own end, frustrating the Rangers.

    I am sure that on Friday Bruins fans were calling their team ‘flat’ and not making enough effort, like Rangers fans are doing today. To me, it seemed that the Rangers failed to adjust to the Bruins’ game plan, or were at least unable to execute a strategy.

    • The Bees were loaded for bear the second the game started.

      Anyone, including the Rangers or the coach, not expecting that are fools.

  • No blame for Georgiev in this one, but why is DQ starting his second string goalie two games in a row? Don’t tell me that it wss because he played well and won his last start. I suppose DQ thought this, but Georgiev is not a streaky goalie. In starts immediately following a strong win, he has a bad record. With sporadic starts, he elevates his focus. Why do I know this and the Rangers don’t?

  • Did anyone else notice how easily the Bruins got body positioning on our guys in front of the net today?

    Our guys were getting beat on body positioning in front our own net all day.

    It should be our goalie, then our guy in front of our goalie playing the role of a firewall and then the other teams player trying to battle for position. On our team, we have our goalie, then the others team player in front of him and then our guys.

    Ritchie had way too much time hacking away at Georgiev without anyone in front of Georgiev to even stop him, then he finally fell on Georgiev’s head with all his weight and almost killed him.

    On the third goal from McAvoy, he takes a one timer from the blue line and who is hanging out right in front of Georgie? Ritchie. Strome was the only one there with inferior positioning looking chest to chest on Ritchie, instead of Strome’s chest looking at Ritchie’s back trying to move him out of the way. The key fundamental step to guarding your net is to get body positioning on the opposition and you do that by making sure you are the first guy in front of your goalie so you can get leverage by either moving a guy or getting to a rebound first before they bang it in or just I don’t know… PROTECTING YOUR GOALIE!!!

    The Bruins watched tape, came back today and exposed our defensive coverage system to beat us.

    This is on the coach to adjust defensive principles and coverage, the players will do it if the coach preaches it. I don’t care what defensive system you are running, being first in front your own net is something every hockey player knows. It needs to be enforced by the coach.

    Quinn is in over his head here. His defensive coverage is simply not working.

    • I have to agree with you McDangle not a lot of crease clearing going on in front on Georgie. Too much playing the stick instead of playing the man.

    • The fact that somebody on here actually disliked my comment means those two don’t have a clue about hockey. I’m sorry, but this is how the game is played. You have to guard the front of the net and if you don’t, you’ll lose more often than you’ll win.

  • Complete stiffs: Howden, DG, JJ, Brodz.
    Little to no production: Lemiuex, Smith, Bitetto, Hajek.
    Top players doing zilch: Zibs.

    That’s 9 out of 18 skaters in the line up, and Ranger fans expected to win today? They played a great game on Friday night, but that was the exception against the Bees, as the Rangers’ line up stands right now.

    Getting Bread, Kakko, and Chytil back, makes it a different story.

  • You know–they are missing a number of good players, playing a better veteran team and it was closer than the 4-1 score–for a lot of the game. The 6-2 victory game was not close. So all good signs. If they do not make the playoffs this year–next year.

    On a scale of 1-10–10 being, “Like, game over, man!”

    How concerned are folks about Mika? I am at a 4.5.

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