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Rangers dismantle Bruins as puck finally bounces their way

It was only a matter of time. The Rangers were due an offensive outburst, and boy did they get one tonight. This game started off going back and forth, but the Rangers really did control the action from puck drop. But it was the second goal of the game that showed the Rangers were finally going to get some puck luck. After that, the floodgates opened as the Rangers crushed the Bruins.

While the depth players continued to contribute, it was the big guns that blew it open. Chris Kreider, Adam Fox, Alexis Lafreniere, Ryan Strome (goal, two assists!), and Pavel Buchnevich all had strong games. Mika Zibanejad played well too, but he was, yet again, snake bitten. The dude could offer his entire salary and still not be able to buy a goal this season.

Rangers 1, Bruins 0 – Excuse me that’s a goal!

Julien Gauthier, when he’s on, he’s on. Gauthier and Ryan Lindgren created this, as Lindgren forced the turnover in the neutral zone, springing Gauthier to enter the zone. He tried to cut to the net on the initial rush, but was cut off. Instead he used his strength to shield the puck and maintain possession. He circled back and just rifled a wrister that Tuukka Rask didn’t see with Phil Di Giuseppe in front. It was in and out so fast that Sam thought it went off the post. But excuse me, that’s a goal.

Rangers 2, Bruins 0 – Thy luck, she is changing

The Bruins hit the crossbar, and then it wound up in their net. Chris Kreider powered out of the defensive zone and dished to Alexis Lafreniere at the entry to the offensive zone. Then what sauce from Laf to Ryan Strome. Easy finish. The Bruins completely forgot about Strome over the Royal Road.

Rangers 2, Bruins 1 – Missed hit

Brendan Smith went for the big hit on Patrice Bergeron and whiffed completely. The Bruins outnumbered the Rangers, then it was just a nice passing play. If you’re going for a hit, you can’t take yourself out of position.

Rangers 3, Bruins 1 – Colin Blackwell is something else

A clean faceoff win meant the Rangers could set it up on the powerplay from the get-go.

Watched the replay finally, and boy was I wrong on that. The Rangers actually lost this clean, but Blackwell got in to force the turnover and give the Rangers time. He then got back to the high slot.

Colin Blackwell set up in the high slot on the 1-3-1, and was basically untouched. Adam Fox’s shot from the point was deflected by Blackwell.

Rangers 4, Bruins 1 – Rask lets in a softy

Puck luck, she is-a-changin for the Rangers. There’s no reason for Chris Kreider to score from this angle. But kudos to him for muscling the Bruins off the puck behind the net to create his own luck.

Rangers 5, Bruins 1 – Adam Fox. Good at hockey

A little give and go from Fox and Buchnevich here. Adam Fox is a wizard with the puck, but credit Buchnevich for getting behind the Bruins defense here. John More and Jakub Zboril just let him skate by. What a pass from Fox.

Rangers 6, Bruins 1 – Johnny Bravo

There is no real breakdown here by the Bruins. This is Kevin Rooney with a good pass to Jonny Brodzinski, and a great effort by the latter for the diving goal. If you drive the net, you score. That’s two in a row where they drove the net and scored.

Rangers 6, Bruins 2 – The Rat

The Rangers had some rough luck, as the dump in hit the linesman. The Bruins turned it, and then a pass over the Royal Road to David Pastrnak shifted attention to the weak side. Georgiev thought he had Pastrnak’s shot, but the puck sat there in front of him, and Brad Marchand was untouched to tap it in. Fox tried to lift his stick in advance, but Marchand still beat him to it.

Shot Heatmap – This is what you want to see

There are few things better than a dominating game. This was one of them. The Rangers really brought it for their fans tonight. A lot of quality and quantity from them tonight, although they did allow a lot of quantity the other way. But they dominated this game, no doubt about it.

Skater Results – Good and fun

A whole lotta good and fun, which checks out. The Rangers were excellent tonight. Very little to complain about tonight. The Rangers and Bruins exchanged shot attempts, but only one team got quality too.

It was only a matter of time before the Rangers puck luck changed, and this offensive outburst was certainly evidence of that. This was a huge game for the Rangers, if just to show that they won’t always run into a hot goalie. They torched Rask for six goals, and they get the Bruins again on Sunday afternoon.

Charts from Evolving-Hockey and NaturalStatTrick.

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  • There’s been a lot of talk about captains, but how about Fox? Seems like it ultimately ought to be him or Panarin based on how central they are to the team…

    • Fox is weird. His rookie season he just stepped on to the ice as a star veteran d-man.

      From go he has been calm and smart. So few mistakes for a guy so young and he keeps getting better.

      He might be a great choice, but I worry about rocking that boat.

      Then again he is proving to be unflappable.

  • I complain about the bad games…but damn this was a good win. Will give credit to DQ on this one – fair is fair. Let’s hope they can continue to play this way more games than not.

    • Told you he was a good coach. People just don’t have patience in this city for rebuilding. So as they learn their place on the team, Quinn is blamed for their mistakes

  • I thought this game was going to be a blood bath. It was but the results I predicted.

    This was a great game. If they can continue on like this and then, over time, get Mika scoring along with the return of Panarin, Chytil and Trouba.

    Could be good stuff.

  • Complete game here, from top to bottom. Good deployment, good effort, Rangers paid a price throughout. They’re going to the net, and goals are the result. Again, not rocket science.

    WHY, can’t Kreider play like this at least 75% of the time? If he would, then he’s a 30-40 goal scorer and has a big impact on games, consistently.

    Lindgren, man what an underrated player he is. Bloody almost every game, doesn’t back down, plays solid D, and now is even getting involved in the offensive end. He and Fox HAVE to stay together, no matter what defensive prospects come.

    Lafren a BUST? THAT was a world class pass on the tape. Just wow. Sharp, on the ice, and Strome did a great job finishing it. Tremendous play, with Kreider getting a well deserved secondary assist.

    Was very happy for Buch to get that goal in front of his family.

    I wish that I were there last night, but priority to my family and the people around me won out. But happy for those who did attend. It was a great, and symbolic scene that we are closer to “normalcy.” Great tribute to our heroes, the front line medical people. Well deserved.

    Other than a brain fart by Georgie on the Bees’ first goal (where was he going, lol?), very, very solid game.

    Miller is going to be GREAT. He’s already good now.

    Please, coach, get Gaut MORE MINUTES. 11-12 minutes, a goal, 3 SOG, and a couple of hits. That’s great production based on the minutes. Get him on the PP as well, to get him more minutes.

    • That was one of Gaut’s best games, he played with some edge and aggressiveness — that’s exactly what I want to see from him, without that he’ll always be ineffective.

      Speaking of ineffective … Howden. When Chytil comes back, a sit down for Howden would be in order. Good luck with that.

      • Truth be told, after a couple of early stinkers, he’s been playing this way for a while. He just doesn’t get the minutes to be noticeable.

  • The most enjoyable game of the season. The goals by the star players are what we have come to expect but when you see guys like Blackwell, Miller and Gautier stepping up that is really special. Blackwell is working his tail off, Gautier is suddenly realizing to use his size and Miller is playing an A game every shift.

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