Report: Artemi Panarin to take leave of absence from Rangers after Russian hit-piece

Per Larry Brooks, Artemi Panarin is taking a leave of absence from the Rangers. This leave of absence comes from a hit piece in Russia saying Panarin “beat up an 18 year old girl” in 2011.

Panarin’s support of Vladimir Putin’s political rival Alexei Navalny is not a surprise. Panarin is very vocal in his support for Navalny and his disapproval of Putin. This appears to just be a hit-piece of fabricated news designed to hurt his reputation.

More to come. We hope this is a fabricated story. As for the on-ice Rangers, Artemi Panarin’s leave of absence is going to hit them hard.

Update (11am): I realized I was unclear regarding the leave of absence. That is my fault. It is likely because Panarin has family in Russia and there is some relative fear for their safety.

Update (12pm): The Rangers have released a statement, and it is strongly worded.

This is a good statement by the Rangers. They nailed the phrasing and the timing.

Update (1:15pm): There is a lot of fact checking the story is unfounded and completely fabricated.

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  • Why the leave of absence then? What does he plan on doing, flying back to Russia?? He can’t address this here and not leave the team?

    • he has family there…

      total hit piece by russian media because of his support for Navalny (sp)

      I’d have Kravtsov on a plane today…

    • Would you want to play Hockey and carry on while worrying and (I am assuming) trying to arrange the emigration of his family members still under Putin’s control ? A little cold, or tone deaf…no?

    • Why would you say this? So is it you believe the story emanating from the free press of Putin? Or are you equating to the free press in the USA? Or do you believe they are equal( the reporting)?

  • We should prize our freedoms from totalitarianism and resist all tides to pull as in that direction.

  • rumors are flying it was a mentally unstable KHL coach/former NHL goon who said it & state-run media certainly ran with it

  • Sounds almost like our country. ‘Free and independent’ press can blow someone up whenever they want, facts or not. I don’t know the details but this has to really suck for him. Hope it works out, for him and the Rangers.

    • unfortunately too many of the sheep buy what the “in the tank” State Media feed them…independent thought and thinking is sadly a thing of the past.

      • True. Think of all the “Stop the Steal” crazies who follow Q and Putin light. I am just glad our past four years of flirting with totalitarianism are over. For now. This is a scary reminder of what we were heading toward. Hope Bread is okay.

        • People like you are the ones trying to shut people up! Let them speak! Let them speak! Let them speak!

          • Ok so here’s the deal. I’ve been trying to figure out if you’re a troll, or just passionate. I’m leaning towards the latter, which is the reason why I haven’t banned you yet.

            That said, enough with the personal attacks. I’m sick of it.

  • In 2011, Panarin couldn’t bench press a broomstick. Nazarov is a crazy as an outhouse rat, but one never knows.

    A guy I know was designing sound stages/control rooms for a TV channel, went for drinks in his hotel bar with some coworkers. Ladies of the evening kept on chatting him up, eventually he asked a doorman to let the ladies know he wasn’t up for the “dating” scene. Doorman walks over to the 1st gal he sees and rips her ear off, then kicks her out.

    Russia is a hard place.

    • It must not have bothered Nazarov much, as Panarin played the next day and had 4 points in the following 2 games.

      • For those in the know, reach out to Jon Mirasty or Nick Tarnasky, as they were the only legionaries on the team.

        • Good to see that The Post has got a presence here and that Mirasty agrees with me:

          {{“I don’t even think Panarin could even beat up a girl,” Mirasty said. “He was a little, skinny kid and he was always just smiling, making people laugh, and he was a hell of a hockey player. It just don’t add up to me.”}}

          If you read the translation below, Nazarov said Panarin was at the bar with the non-Russian players, this guy was one of them.

      • please stop confusing the Communists with facts…it will only make their heads explode. (hopefully)

    • As for the season in question: Didn’t get into the starting lineup until October of that year, only rarely did he not start until New Years, then wasn’t dressed until moved to Kazan.

      • Correction: still played until the transfer. Vityaz was bottom of the league, Kazan was a playoff team. Apparently went out on loan as he returned to Vityaz the following season but without the results.

  • He doesn’t seem the type, AT ALL … and I know looks can be deceiving, but I give this story a 1 out of 100 chance of being factual.

    • considering the past record of Russian lies, I think 1 out of 100 is a lot higher odds than the story deserves…I might go with 1 out of 100,000.

  • Not sure what to think about this one. I certainly hope it’s not true, for both him and the woman. And I hope his family is alright too.

    If it’s true, I don’t know where they go from here. If it’s false, then this is just mind-boggling. I agree with Tanto… this does not seem in his character at all.

    • Just saying, the guy has a squeaky clean rep … and now, out of the blue, after he’s been speaking up for the opposition in Russia, a 10 year old story pops up about this happy go-lucky person beating up a defenseless 18 year old girl? Um, right.

      • A Russian hit job by Trump’s boss against someone who supports his rival, who I’m shocked hasn’t been killed yet. What a joke! My sister could beat up Panarin. What an affable man he is. The only people who would believe this are the toothless Trumpers who believe in Q.

        • There’s still time… I mean the guy got off a plane in Russia after recovering from a poisoning (as if the Russian government isn’t known for poisoning the opposition) and was promptly tossed in prison — and the stories of Russian prisons are pretty scary.

          • Dude I have a life outside of this site, which is a hobby. I don’t live here 24/7 to catch every comment the second it’s posted.

            Lenny didn’t personally go after a specific commenter here, nor did he target you specifically. If you took offense to it, then there’s nothing I can do about that.

            Can you please inform me what my social views have to do with this? I’m intrigued.

          • It appears that Lenny felt called out by the “toothless Trumpers who believe in Q” line.

          • Dave you let this shit head talk about half of the population!

          • Half the population? That’s hardly a personal attack. lol Guess we know which “half” you think you belong to. 😉

  • The most hateful thing on this planet is the expression, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” Panarin was maligned by someone who was politically motivated to malign him. This is not information and should be ignored by us – except for the unfortunate fact that Panarin must deal with it. Bearing false witness against thy neighbor is now more a creed than a commandment violation.

    I don’t know Panarin doesn’t have skeletons in his closet, but then again I don’t know that about anyone here besides myself and no one else here knows I am innocent.

  • When Panarin was rumored to be an acquisition, I remember I went online and watched a lengthy video that was nothing more than Artemi sitting around his apartment talking, playing with his dog. If I recall it was all russian but with closed caps. Besides being impressed with what would seem to be a pretty mellow guy, I was shocked to hear his thoughts on those in power in Russia. I was surprised how outspoken he was because he came from such a poor and vulnerable household. He was primarily raised by his grandparents who are still alive. He seemed quite brave. Now it appears he may be paying the price. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • This is Putin trying to silence him and any opposition through intimidation and fear. Putin trying to hold on to power. Control the media, control the narrative and perception of fact.

    Wonder where Russia could have gotten that idea from? …. SMH

    • I think it was the other way around, Russia (and previously the Soviet Union) has been doing it for over a century now.

  • Anything that comes from the Putin controlled press in Russia has to be taken with many grains of salt. I hope that his family is safe.

    It illustrates why in the USA a free press is not the enemy of the people. Quite the opposite.

    • Contrary to the opinion of some here, the press in the US is free to contradict any published story — so if you write a story about someone, you’re sure that someone can and will dig up FACTS that can either contradict, better clarify or support what has been written.

  • After 4 years of a president spreading lies, attacking the media and encouraging people to attack the capitol–this story hits a little close to home. I am just glad we are moving on and hope that we do not see another version of Trump from either party. The next one probably won’t be as stupid. Hope Bread and his family are safe.

    • Appreciate it if you keep those “perceptions” off this hockey board and to yourself – half the country doesn’t agree with you. And its not about one side is right and one is wrong – regardless of what garbage is being spewed by the media. That’s a fact you need to consider when posting. Its posts like this that keep inciting and dividing us as a nation.

      • Half the country thinks Obama and Tom Hanks are lizard aliens who drink the blood of children.

      • Not quite half — and a % of those people voted that way just to be contrarian. Some think it’s funny and/or cool to vote for the guy that pisses off the so-called establishment/deep state the most.

        • Most of us don’t come on this Hockey blog to hear half-witted dumb bias political opinions and nonsense. Can it, NOT THE PLACE!

          • Sorry Dave, I thought this was a NY Ranger hockey blog, my mistake. I always respected your insight and labor to brings us very excellent articles day after day as a fellow fan and enthusiast. I have been really blessed and honored as a fan for 50 years to be a part of it. Now it appears that you have a hidden agenda, using your position and fan base to subtly exposure and promote your political views. This is exactly the attitude of both left and the right that is dividing our great nation and weakening us before our true enemies who want our destruction. This nation is in real trouble and is sinking fast. Left and Right should be praying for God’s mercy on this land, time is running out! God bless you, my friend. Please keep on writing about our Rangers!

          • If you think politics can always be disengaged from sports and players in particular, you’re wrong. When appropriate Dave will interject it — and you are free to believe or not believe in his viewpoint.

          • So your great understanding, is definitely all the truth? Thanks, now I really understand.

          • I stated it wasn’t quite half (46.9% to be EXACT). That is a FACT, prove me wrong … and regarding the “contrarian” point for some people who voted for Trump (certainly in 2016), that’s my experience based on a lot of people I know — they just wanted some change from the perceived establishment. I can’t quantify that number, but it exists.

      • Hawk – given that this is my site, I will determine what should and shouldn’t be posted here. Given that the issue is politically motivated, I’ve allowed the political discussion. I’m not overly thrilled it went into US politics, though.

        • Dave – you sound like a child now quite honestly with that comment. I asked to stop the politics here. Are you running a Liberal Propaganda Site or a Hockey Site?

          Please lets us know ?

          It may be your site but without the people here what do you truly have?

          • Craig and Hawk – if you are unable to comprehend that this is my site, then you are free to leave.

            This post is, unfortunately, about the political nature of the issue. Thus, politics are inherently involved in the discussion. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it any different. And it has nothing to do with any of my particular feelings on the matter.

            It seems to me that unless people agree with your particular viewpoint, you don’t want them commenting on politics. Seems hypocritical, no?

            I have not censored anyone’s views here. I have 2 strict rules:

            1) No COVID conspiracy theories or disinformation.
            2) No personal attacks on any members here.

            The only comments I have deleted were for #2. All other comments, no matter which side of the political fence, remain.

            If you don’t want to talk politics and just want to talk hockey – go to the post from today. I am removing political posts from that thread.

            However, if it’s just you don’t like seeing other viewpoints from your own, I recommend taking a step back and reassessing your own complaints.

          • In other words Dave, you are kind of saying, if you don’t like it, lump it and get off. I get it, very nice and professional.
            You’re open for political views that agree with yours and are bias to your ideas, and that is your right as an American, but others should have that same right and opportunity without being mocked and badgered. This is supposed to be America. I’m glad you are removing all political posts, and I commend you for it. Now maybe you can continue to focus on hockey which you are great at!

          • I don’t see anyone censored for their general philosophical beliefs … and like he said:

            “I have not censored anyone’s views here. I have 2 strict rules:
            1) No COVID conspiracy theories or disinformation.
            2) No personal attacks on any members here.”

            It’s his blog, I think those are two pretty reasonable requirements to participate in it.

          • “It seems to me that unless people agree with your particular viewpoint, you don’t want them commenting on politics. Seems hypocritical, no?’

            Dave – honestly – yes its your site and you do a great job with the articles we all know and appreciate that but take this advice from a 60 year old man (and Ranger fan since the 60’s) – you need to take a step back –

            What Viewpoint did I express that people don’t agree with?? Re read all of my posts here? That this isn’t the place to express personal political preferences? You should keep them to yourself so that you don’t incite arguments and division? Seems there were more thumbs up than down on my post so i have to disagree.

            Threatening to ban people or telling them they should leave because they say that they are sick of hearing Liberal pandering, and Trump hatred comments being spewed on a Hockey Blog of all places is in fact ridiculous. (and seems politically charged) There are other places for that – I come here to get away from that crap – I think others do too as well

      • If you could count without having to use toes as well as hands, well more than half the country agreed with him.

        Save your lousy opinions for something you know less about, like hockey.

        • There are 320 Million People in the US – 212 Million “registered voters” and Biden got 80 Million Votes – that’s not half the country – not even close

          • So the people who didn’t vote for either candidate necessarily agree with that viewpoint? I don’t think it works that way, we can only go by the will of the majority of people who actually thought the issues presented were important enough to make them go out and vote.

          • Just factually corrected a wrong statement that was a poorly thought response to my comment –

            Sorry that seems to bothers you

  • Google translate of the interview with Nazarov

    {{Nazarov said that Panarin beat a girl in a bar in 2011: “I heard about 40 thousand euros to release the brakes.”

    Former Vityaz coach Andrei Nazarov said that the ex-forward of the Moscow Region club, and now the Rangers forward , Artemy Panarin, beat an 18-year-old girl in Riga in 2011.

    – In Riga on December 11, 2011, our “Vityaz” lost to the local “Dynamo” with a score of 0: 2. Panarin managed to shoot at goal only a few times during the whole match. It seems that he saved energy for the evening “feats”.

    – Did you leave Riga immediately after the match for reasons of economy?

    – We were to fly to Minsk in the morning. Most of the hockey players went to rest by their numbers. Except for a few legionnaires and Artemy.

    – Decided to relax?

    – Walked in the bar of the Radisson Hotel. Moreover, during the evening rest, he somehow did not like the young visitor of the institution. Our striker sent an 18-year-old citizen of Latvia to the floor with several powerful blows.

    – Is the reason known?

    – It’s hard to say now. After beating the girl, he hurried to the room. And he asked to bring his teammate Misha Anisin, who in the bar, unlike Artemy, ordered only juice. But the police arrived quickly. Panarin was detained. They drew up a protocol.

    – Criminal case shone?

    – Case, court and real time. But respected residents of Riga stood up for Panarin. Negotiations were held with the police authorities. I did not participate in the negotiations, but I heard about the figure of 40 thousand euros in cash for putting the brakes on the case.

    – As a coach, did you have an educational conversation?

    – Yes, but this is not the main thing. We did not even apologize to the parents of the girl who suffered from Panarin, and to her herself. But they did everything to prevent our rising star from thundering into jail. Didn’t ruin a career.

    – But the prison could ruin.

    – It happens differently. But what is now clear is that we were wrong then. Artemy did not deserve to be saved from punishment by the whole world for the fact that he beat the girl.

    – Well, if you stumbled – who does not happen …

    – So if only once. But there was also the theft from the pockets of his own children’s teammates. And he himself later talked about it. And the willingness to raise a hand against the weak. And provocations – albeit verbal – of recent years in his social networks, – said Nazarov. }}

    • Innocent till proven guilty. How can we be so quick to judge. As with another player you don’t have all the truths

  • While Panarin, unfortunately, has to take this seriously, there is no reason why anyone else needs to, at this point, treat this as anything more than the fabricated, political hit-job it clearly is.

  • Tony D only threw a punch at a goalie and didn’t beat up a little girl, but he gets removed for life. Where is the justice here?

    NYR need to investigate fully. If there is a hint of truth to this, Panarin needs to be booted too.

    • If it is me I give second chances.
      Tony D used his up.

      Trade them both for Eichel!! problem solved

    • Justice begins with not investigating charges that are not credible.

      And your reference to an 18 yr old girl as a little girl would be an insult to her if she actually existed. I do realize you only did it to intensify the libel.

      DeAngelo was not booted for throwing a punch at a goalie (if I understand correctly, he did not even do that). He was booted for numerous acts of bad conduct, the actual nature of which have been withheld from the public. He is clearly a belligerent human being and someone Quinn felt was a problem for the team. Rightly or wrongly, he was banished for who he is and not for some infraction.

      • C’mon Dave, there’s no way Panarin would be punished by the Rangers well before he joined the League, let alone the Rangers.

        Even if it was true, Panarin was not subject to the CBA or the SPC at the time, the Rangers & the League would have zero legal standing to void the contract.

    • The hotel people said the incident never happened. That plural, people. This case is quickly closing.

    • So Sal are you saying that the allegations against Panarin are true? The difference here is that the Rangers knew what happened with Tony – 100% … not to mention they suggest there’s a pattern of behavior here, like his reactions to being sat out. In Panarin’s case we only have an accusation about a 10 year old incident … a ONE source accusation from a crazy who has been known to be at odds with Panarin and his point of view. Why now?

  • Artemi, I am a lifelong Penguins fan but want to say what is being said about you is absolutely not true and criminal and we cannot wait to see you back where you belong, on the ice..I speak for many here in NY and the USA that you have our love & undying support and look forward to when your good name is cleared.God bless you and your family..See you back on the ice

  • There is another point here as well. While this allegation is almost certainly spurious, it is aimed at a 29 year old for conduct when he was 19 or 20. [this also incidentally applies to Brett Kavanaugh.] Whether or not some conduct should have been punished at the time, it makes no sense to destroy someone’s life for youthful behavior he has outgrown.

    So even were the allegation true, it still should not matter if it does not reflect the man today.

    • I agree… but the so-called moral majority were ready to dispose of Tony D. for immature egregious stuff that was done in his teens also.

      BUT… and this is what kills me, a person who took another’s life and has served his time has “shown” redemption and remorse deserves another shot in society. And will be welcomed by this same moral faction. Different standards for different transgressions just belies anything sensical.

      And for the record ADA probably used up his chances and I do believe in second chances for anyone that is truly regretful and remorseful.

    • AMEN, Ray. Well said.

      If this report is true, don’t we all do stupid things when we were young? If doing stupid things all along, up to this point in time (in other words, it has become a “habit”) describes Artemi, then he would be judged as “guilty”. If he did do that back in the day, and repented/changed his actions/attitudes and is a “class citizen” today, then all is forgiven and (he) should be given a pass…not judged for one little incident.

      • These allegations as well as the ones directed at Kavanaugh describe more than just stupid behavior. Don’t minimize them.

  • Ray. I hear you. It depends though. If someone is confronted and they show remorse and disgust over their actions–if they can show they’ve changed–I agree. Our brains aren’t even fully developed until our mid 20s. However, if they stomp their feet and yell, “I like beer!” while crying–they’ve learned nothing and deserve no respect.

    To the main point–where is the woman? There is no accuser. It is very rare a woman makes false allegations of this nature. So all we have is a sketchy former coach, known for assault, who has been harassing Artemi over social media for years makes this claim? Nazarov, in the same interview talked about Artemi going through teammates pockets and stealing money? I will be sad if this end up being true. With that said, based on the source alone, I will be shocked as well.

    • I personally disapprove of Kavanaugh actually, but there was every indication that, assuming the allegations were true, he had changed since the actions seemed totally unlike his adult behavior. Unfortunately we live in a world where denial of the charges would get him confirmed no matter what and admission likely would have torpedoed his nomination. One can legitimately argue that denial was wrong and he deserves no respect. However he does appear to have learned his lesson (if he was guilty in the first place).

      I agree that the Panarin charges should be given no weight whatsoever, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to make the philosophical point that even valid charges of this nature should not affect our assessment of someone who now appears to be of good character.

  • My God, what is happening to the world and the people in it.

    Has the bullying tactics of the few overcome the rationale behavior of the many? It seems like anyone can say whatever they want to try and inflict emotional pain and suffering. Does not matter if the allegations are true or not, to these people that spew this sh-t.

    God’s speed Artemi, we are all behind you. Come back soon. The ass-oles be dammed.

  • Hit story about panarin comes out : let’s get the facts right!!!!

    Tony deangelo was racist to miller per a nyr blogger. sounds plausible I guess…… FIRE HIM IN TO THE SUN ASAP

      • I don’t think the “difference between the two incidents” is the issue here. Tony wasn’t banned from the Rangers for any incident with Miller, that we know of … he was banned because of his reaction to his scratching and the Georgiev incident (as far as we know) — that on top of his past behavior. The Miller story was quickly disputed and apparently denied by all parties, it would appear to be a non-issue. In any event, Rangers’ management knows the truth about Tony’s actions — they know very little about what happened 10 years ago with Panarin, hence “let’s get the facts straight”.

        • I’m not questioning the rangers , I’m obviously getting at the clear difference in approaches by this blog and others in handling such information. They were still peddling the miller thing even after denials from relevant parties.

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