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Rumor: Predators to blow it up – Can the Rangers take advantage?

Per Elliotte Friedman, the Nashville Predators are going to blow it up. While we know that the Predators’ centers are not viable trade options for the Rangers, the rest of the roster has some interesting pieces. The Rangers don’t have many holes aside from center, but if there are paths to improve the roster for a friendly cost, they should be explored.

What makes the Predators interesting is they’ve only listed Roman Josi, Pekke Rinne, and Ryan Ellis as their untouchables. This seems odd, but I’m guessing Rinne will retire while Josi and Ellis will be the leadership core? But it seems odd that their young players aren’t considered untouchable.

Dante Fabbro

Dante Fabbro was the first name that came up in the BSB group chat. He’s a 22 year old right defenseman who comes with a decent amount of hype. The former first round pick is in his second full season in the NHL, but he’s had some decent struggles.

Fabbro is purely defense with absolutely no play driving ability. This seems odd, given his college scoring numbers, but this is what he is on the Predators right now. He’d be a wild card acquisition.

The thing is, the Rangers don’t really need right defensemen. Jacob Trouba and Adam Fox aren’t going anywhere. They have Nils Lundkvist coming over (hopefully) next season. Unless the Rangers play someone on their off-side, then Fabbro would be a 7D. Doesn’t seem worth the assets to get him.

Eeli Tolvanen

Remember when Eeli Tolvanan was the prize in every trade proposal? Those were the days. The 21 year old right winger is in his first full season this year, registering a goal in 8 games thus far. He also spent two full years in the AHL, putting up respectable numbers.

Tolvanen again would be a nice add, but an unnecessary add given the depth at the position. The Rangers already have Pavel Buchnevich, Kaapo Kakko, and Vitali Kravtsov at RW. Another nice idea in theory, but that’s about it.

Filip Forsberg

What a trade for Nashville when they landed Filip Forsberg for Martin Erat. Forsberg is by far the best option on the Preds, but again a luxury for the Rangers. The Rangers have Artemi Panarin, Alexis Lafreniere, and Chris Kreider at left wing. The trade cost to acquire him would be extremely high.

But he is a 26 year old winger who is very good. He’d be great for a team that is contending now and needs scoring help on the wing.

And before we get into “replace Kreider with Forsberg” stuff – let’s remember Kreider just signed his deal. He isn’t going anywhere, and the Rangers aren’t looking to deal him.

Viktor Arvidsson

A 27 year old winger, with 3 years and $4.25 million per year left on his deal, who hasn’t played a full season since 2017-2018? Yea he’s a 60 point guy when healthy. And he also plays both wings, which gives the Rangers flexibility. If the Rangers want to add $4 million to the payroll, then center or left defense are their best plays. Not winger.

This is a lot of words to say the Rangers and Predators don’t really sync up on a trade, no matter what any future rumors may say. The trade partners for Nashville are likely those in the contending window right now. This, the Rangers are not. Plus, Nashville doesn’t have many assets worth trading for. The timing isn’t right for a Rangers and Predators trade.

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  • Honestly, I do not see the Rangers giving up major assets until after this season.

    I really believe, and there is a lot of smoke to enforce this opinion/prediction, that the Rangers are going to pull off a major deal after this season. They will want to keep their core assets for that possible transaction. Whether it is for Eichel or for Barkov, or for whomever. A center, I would imagine.

    Now, if they can get someone who is productive and on the cheap, trade wise, then by all means.

  • Ekholm has one more year on his deal and would make for a decent insurance policy, but I’m pretty sure paying him $3.75mm to play 3rd pair is not happening.

    Fabbro can put up points, but is never getting those roles with Ellis on the roster.

    Tolvanen is a bust. He had a 3 month run after being drafted, but once they got a book on him, stopped scoring at evens. Short perimeter player who just won’t go the the dirty places on the ice even though he has the build to do so.

    Lots of assets to deal, but every team has alligator arms when reaching for their wallet that would put Butch Goring to shame. Nashville will have to retain salaries when they blow it up, but they only have $12mm to work with and the 2 prime candidates (Johansen & Duchene) have both monster term & cap hits. Johansen is straight salary, Duchene’s contract is really funky, but would be bought out in 2023.

  • If they’re blowing it up and assuming the Eichel acquisition is prohibitive, would Matt Duchene at 50% retention be worth it? Say for Strome, a mid-level prospect and a future second rounder? Outstanding 3C with Chytil as 2C especially at that price. And if Zib leaves there is some insurance there.

    At 50% retention I might consider a lottery-protected first rounder.

    • Duchene has 5 years remaining on his deal and the wheels are already starting to come off.

      Hard pass

    • For a 3C? No thank you … never say never to a bad contract in the properly framed deal, but when more than a year is involved it’s a hard pass.

  • Why are you talking about wingers when we have too many and need centers? What’s the point of it? We need to deal from strength to address our weakness

  • There’s no guarantee Lundkvist becomes an NHL dman. Fabbro would be a cheap add and I think played for Quinn at BU. As we see everyday, injuries happen and having both wouldn’t hurt for the price. As far as center, I’d be interested in Johansen over Duchene.

    • You have Schneider as well … and we’ve gotten a glimpse at what he can do. Regarding guarantees and Lundkvist, there’s never one … but the odds of him being an effective Top 4 NHL R d’man are pretty sky high.

    • Johansen would cost a lot more in assets and money. Preds probably wouldn’t retain any money but I’m guessing they would on Duchene. And his contract will age poorly. Either way it’s a tough call.

      • You could get Johansen for no more than a 3rd, likely even less if they didn’t have to retain salary.

        If Nashville is retaining 50%, a low 1st at best. 2nd more like it.

        There’s maybe 5 teams that could swing that deal without sending other lousy contracts with shorter term coming back.

        Poile might get an extra two years, but I don’t see how he stays unless ownership told him to do those deals for Duchene & Johansen.

  • JD and JG are not going to do anything with Preds IMO…..As I have mentioned before, they are banking on our prospects that are not here yet to round out the team…..but do they know that we need a center badly???? We need a center with major loins and I think Eichel could be that player……..

  • I would go after Olivier or Tremin and offer up Howden plus a b Level of they insist as return…but big tough guys bother under 25

  • There is no good trade here for the Rangers. Unless, they feel they can grab a role player on the cheap while keeping their assets.

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