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Ranger fans send their Jack Eichel trade proposals

The smoke surrounding Jack Eichel’s divorce from the Buffalo Sabres grows thicker with each passing day. Elliotte Friedman went on WGR550 and said that he does envision a scenario where Buffalo trades Eichel. Not only that, but the Rangers were one of two teams he sees offering a package for Eichel. The Rangers do have the pieces to make it work. I polled Twitter and asked folks to send their best Jack Eichel trade proposals. Here are some of the highlights.

This seems to be the most popular scenario. Buffalo gets a young top-six center, a top-six winger, a top prospect, and a few picks to get the rebuild going. For the Rangers, this is actually a relatively low cost.

If Buffalo wants just futures, then they’d get two top prospects and 2 first round picks. Ryan Strome here is just to make money work.

I had trouble wrapping my head around this one. I guess the money works if you factor in Mika Zibanejad’s next contract. For Buffalo the return is all over the place.

This gives the Sabres three pieces to plug in immediately and then two first rounders to restock the shelves. The premise here is that the Rangers can’t afford Eichel and Zibanejad’s next contract, which might be true.

This is the other direction the Sabres may go. Instead of trying to rebuild on the fly, they get prospect that are close, but not all are NHL ready. The three kids are all likely destined to be productive NHLers. The firsts are the firsts. The question here is salary.

Kreider isn’t accepting a trade to Buffalo.

We are getting into “is this enough?” territory. Logically speaking, this isn’t enough. But disgruntled star players never fetch what they are worth. Ryan O’Reilly got some magic beans. Is Eichel the next in line?

Brandon. You’re fired.

It’s fun to do these Jack Eichel trade proposals. While there are some good ones, some bad ones, and some Brandon ones, it’s almost impossible to guess what the trade cost will be. To get to a proper trade cost, we need to understand what direction Buffalo is heading in. They can tear it down, or can rebuild on the fly. We likely won’t know that until the trade deadline. Until then, let’s keep those proposals coming. It’s fun.

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  • I do not believe that Eichel will be traded to the Rangers. Who is to say that Buffalo wants to even move him? For this to happen the Rangers must first unload some high salaries to open up cap space. Is Buffalo that anxious to get Ryan Strome or even Chris Krieder if he agreed to it?

    • Over $8 million comes off the books this off-season in buyout cap hits alone. They have the cap space to fit him. It’s future contracts that will take some maneuvering buts all doable.

  • This is easy… Ryan Strome, Brett Howden, a 1st, a conditional 2nd, and if they throw in Reinhart, we could maybe think about including Libor Hajek.


    What? What’s wrong with that? Seems fair to me…

    Buch, DeAngelo, Kravstov, Barron, 1st rounder.

  • It all comes down to demand and what other other teams are willing to give up for Eichel. Word is he wants to play in NY but that’s not up to him as his NMC doesn’t kick in for a couple of years.

    Teams will line up for him, so IMO, Buffalo will want one of Kakko and Lafreniere plus (much?) more depending on league-wide interest. And in the real world they wouldn’t be wrong. So, for me, I’ll pass.

  • Love eichel but all those trade rumors and trade proposals are sick and no where near! Jack eichel is a top 10 C in the league we aren’t gonna get him for bullshit, the trade proposal starts with strome(cap), need to throw in 2 insane prospects if we don’t wanna give kakko/laf, so we gotta have to throw in Strome, buch, lundqvist, kratsov, and 2 1st and prolly still wouldn’t get it done, eichel isn’t a scrub and will require a lot to get

    Another thing that I was thinking of, is maybe trade zib for other assets to facilitate a trade to grab him since we won’t be able to keep both in the long run, jus a thought, no hate from me !

  • Some of these trade proposals are ridiculous.

    Kratsov, Lundkvist, Kratsov Strome, 1st Rounders??

    Yes hes a #1 center, but his name isnt McDavid and you don’t deplete the farm system for him. The Rangers did dumb moves like this years ago and suffered for decades as a result in the minors. It takes more than one player to make a team – the Rangers aren’t one player short of contending and their prospects combined give them more of a chance to contend than just Eichel. How has it worked out for Buffalo so far?? He is not god and makes them worse in the long term not better if this is the price.

    Not anywhere near worth what I am seeing people posting here.

    Big pass – lets develop our own players if this is what people are willing to part with.

    This is real Hockey – not Fantasy Hockey.

    • So how many of our prospects do you think are going to actually play for us? Look at the wingers we have and the defenseman so where do they fit? Trouser, Miller, Fox, and Lindgren on D means only 2 spots for the next 5-7 years so where do we put 4 other defensemen with only 2 openings? We have too many prospects and if this season keeps going this way we will be in the top 10 of the draft which means more prospects.

  • If some of you think we are getting him for cheap you are living in a dream world. Centers always cost above average so that means 3-5 players/prospects and draft picks. Plus salary has to go back to them because he makes 10 million a year. That means Strome, Buch, etc. Kreider isn’t going up to Buffalo, we will have to give up Kakko or Kravstov for sure.

  • Panarin last 3 years +36, +14, +19, +14, +10

    Eichel last 6 years -9, +5, -11, -25, -13, -16

    Both are elite scorers, One is a difference maker in the game, the other is on the ice for a lot of scoring but at the end of the day hurts his team more than he helps. Hence Buffalo has gone NOWHERE with him in the lineup.

    Scoring goals and assists may work well for fantasy leagues but in the NHL you can see the differences in the players are miles apart.

  • Zib would have to go. Reichel can’t save Buffalo what makes u think he can save us. He would just replace zib at a higher cost. We would also have to kick in some young talent. It’s a bad deal for us IMO.

  • I don’t want to play the “get the new shiny toy” game, 4 out of 5 times you lose … but if I were, it has to start with Strome, ADA (the cap space money has to work) and a 2021 1st, then at least 2 top prospects (like Kravs and Nils, or Kravs and Robertson) — but I don’t see why the Sabres would do this? If I’m the Sabres, I want either a Kakko or a Miller and a Chytil somewhere in the deal.

    The problem is that Eichel can either replace/slightly upgrade Mika, upgrade Strome or upgrade Chytil. Right now Mika is struggling, but we all know what he’s capable of … and I believe Chytil can be that 2C we want (but he’s a year away). Within the salary cap structure, we need Chytil. He won’t command BIG $s and he can still put in a year or two centering a real good 3rd line. A trade of this magnitude dictates that it’s Strome who has to be part of the trade, otherwise you’re just upgrading Mika somewhat or replacing a very good salary cap asset like Chytil (and bumping Strome, a very mediocre cap asset, to the 3rd line) …. and for what, a King’s ransom and the diminishment of our overall depth?

    I would rather they go after a real good young Center who hasn’t YET made his mark in the NHL in exchange for another real good prospect and perhaps our 1st rounder — we don’t need to trade for a superstar, it will require too many assets and will play havoc with the salary cap (unless the trade includes BOTH Strome and ADA — and that’s not happening).

    • What would it take to get Byfield or Turcotte from LA. They are not looking to trade them so the Rangers would have to entice them–which would mean overpay.

      Strome, ADA, Jones, Kravstov and a 2nd? And a third? Probably not going to get anything more than a dial tone.

      Kravstov, Robertson and Jones? Throw in Tarmo and Rykov? A first? LA has a need for young D and a glut of centers.

      Not sure if they could get one of LA’s top 2 center prospects and JG not get fired for what he sends west.

  • Why do the Rangers appear to over pay in trades? It makes no sense to trade for Eichel (or most any other player) and include any player named Fox, Miller, Shesterkin, Breadman, Mika, Chytil, Kakko, Lafreniere, Kreider or Schneider. Don’t trade from that group, or the trade is foolish. We can offer Strome, Buch some really good prospects and with Quinn at the helm, really good picks. Otherwise Buffalo, no thank you.

  • If the Rangers are going to trade for Buffalo’s overpaid underachiever, then a fair trade would be to send Zib and Kreider to the Sabers for Eichel.

  • Kravtsov, Buchnevich, Chytil, Lundqvist, Georgiev, 2021 1st round pick. Maybe another 1st if they demand more.

    This trade up here is worth a shot and see where the conversation heads from there. You can tweak it to make it compelling for Buffalo. If it works, you move Strome for a 2nd round pick or an effective checking line forward elsewhere. Smith comes off the books to free more cap space.

    Think of this top two lineup after this trade:
    Panarin, Eichel, Lafrenierre
    Kreider, Zibanejad, Kakko

    Lafrenierre can play RW, it’ll likely be better for him to shoot off the pass and one time the puck. They will move the puck and cycle it so much that it won’t matter. That line will be dynamic.

    You still have Morgan Barron as your 3rd or 4th line center. Build a solid bottom 6 gritty third and fourth line. Keep Rooney and Lemieux, we have guys we can put in the bottom six. Howden is ok for the fourth line for now. Blackwell I would keep. We need a heavyweight. Simmonds maybe.

    Clean and purposeful lineup. If cap becomes a problem down the line, move Trouba. Keep him with Miller for now. Fox Lindgren still in tact. Braden Schneider and Matthew Robertson are a future canadian third pair. We don’t need Nils Lundqvist. A backup goalie for Georgiev can be found, we have Wall, Huska, Garland.. we don’t really need Georgiev if he needs to be included for Eichel.

      • I didn’t throw Miller in and never mentioned that I ever would.

        Chytil sucks and Buchnevich isn’t needed. Kravtsov isn’t on the team and wouldn’t be needed if Eichel is here. Lundquist isn’t on our team. Georgiev is our backup goalie and replaceable. This trade keeps the core of the team is in tact and adds Eichel. The draft class this year isn’t that great and Gordie Clark is an idiot and can’t draft anyway. You’re not losing much here and whatever we’re giving up can be replaced.

        You, like most ranger fans lack vision on how to architect an nhl lineup. You won’t get much value out of Kravtsov and Chytil playing this line hockey. You’re better off going with heavier shooters who can win a faceoff and I’ll penalties.

        You still have Zibanejad, Kreider, Kakko, Lafreniere, Panarin and now Eichel with this trade proposal. If Buffalo actually takes my proposed trade, whoever says no to that trade is clueless about the game.

        • I meant you won’t get value out of Kravtsov and Chytil playing third line hockey. You will also run out of room on the powerplay for them so they won’t get powerplay time and they aren’t penalty killers….. Like I said, a lot of fans have no vision on what type of players we have and where they need to play to have success.

          • Chytil will end up the 2nd line Center and you’re overpaying for a player that is perhaps a slight upgrade on Mika … and to suggest Buch isn’t “needed” is mind blowing, especially in light of the fact you threw in Kravtsov into the deal. You throw in Georgiev when we don’t have an adequate backup to Shesty other than him. You throw in Lundkvist who will be on the team at the end of the year possibly now that ADA is out … plus 2 1st rounders, the first of which might be a pretty good pick considering we have a long road to hoe to get into the playoffs this season.

            This is a rebuild, the team needs to be tweaked … we don’t need to move 5 valuable players plus 2 1st rounders for 1 player not named McDavid or Draisaitl. It’s an overpayment and I can’t imagine there’s another team out there willing to part with a backup goalie that could be a #1, a proven RW like Buch, an “up and coming” BIG Center with offensive pop, and 2 real good looking prospects … plus possibly two 1st rounders!

            Re: Miller, funny that you focused on what I said about throwing in Miller while you’re at it — it was clearly a friggin’ joke suggesting you were already giving up too much.

          • Chytil isn’t going to be a good second like center. He’s soft, he cut through the middle of the ice with his head down and got killed. He had a lot of time to avoid that hit or at least protect himself when cutting to the middle like that. Anyone who plays the game knows not to cut in the middle like that in any junior league in North America, let alone the NHL. It was only a matter of time with the way he plays that he was going to get cut in half. He’s also really lazy, can’t win faceoffs, and doesn’t have a snipe…. He’s not good bro. You’re too high on him. Chytil will never be at Eichels level or even Zibs level. That’s everyone who is disliking my comments problem is that you guys think Chytil is going to be something that he simply isn’t. Even if he pans out to be alright, he won’t be anywhere near as good as Jack Eichel. Read Larry Brooks post today, he already said it would take Lafreniere to get Eichel, which I would never support. You’re arguing over Chytil, Buch, Kravtsov, and Georgiev.

            Buchnevich isn’t needed because you have Kakko and Laf that can and should be our top 6 wingers along with Panarin and Kreider. Buchnevich is a top 6 winger and not top 9. He won’t be content with a top 9 role and his performance won’t be as good. We can put in a winger that will be better suited and will perform better in a top 9 role. I guarantee you Buch won’t be around much longer anyway because the Rangers will want to give Kakko and Laf more ice time including the powerplay.

            Kravtsov I like, he’s soft too though and has the same issue with him being a top 6 forward and no room for him there on this team. He’s a powerplay guy. I saw him at the world juniors at center and the Rangers should try him there…. But they won’t. They’ll put him on the third line and again, he’s not better than Eichel and he isn’t suited for third line hockey.

            Georgiev is alright, I like him. We have a lot of goalies to backup Shesty though. Georgiev isn’t going to be a backup the rest of his career either. He will want to go be a number one somewhere eventually and I will say that this is why he’s replaceable.

            Nils Lundqvist is small. We already have a small right handed defenseman. We also have a big right handed defenseman in Braden Schneider who hits like a train and who is going to play on the third pairing for the Rangers sooner than you think. The future is Trouba, Fox and Schneider on the right side. Not Nils Lundqvist, I like him but again he’s not needed and even if we trade Trouba for cap concerns down the line, we should get someone bigger who plays more physical than Nils.

            This upcoming draft isn’t good. There isn’t that much deep talent. There are no Eichels or Lafrenieres there. The next first round pick…. I didn’t include it in the initial deal. I said maybe include it if you can swing Eichel, again Maybe.

            This trade is mostly giving up players who aren’t on the team or who are expendable and wont be on the team when we’re ready to contend for a cup. You’re not winning a cup with frickin Chytil as your second line center, if he can survive a physical deep playoff run to begin with.

            There is a major difference in following the rebuild process and allowing time for young players to develop versus following the rebuild process and allowing time for the RIGHT young players to develop. Please notice how I never mentioned Kakko, Laf, Fox, Miller, Schneider, Robertson to get traded and that’s because they are the right pieces to build around and because we already have them, we have the luxury of sacrificing the others that I mentioned to get Jack Eichel.

            An Eichel Zibanejad one two punch down the middle…. I guarantee you that this team with this trade will be way better than the one you’re talking about with Buch, Chytil, Kravtsov, Nils, Georgiev, and a not so special first round pick, there aren’t any number one centers there. Certainly no Eichels.

            Eichel over Chytil and Kravtsov all day.
            Braden Schneider over Nils Lundqvist all day.

            I think this topic just opens up a lot of avenues for comments to be misunderstood and requires a deep analysis of what value you’re really getting out of players before laughing at a trade proposal like you have here.

            That’s all.

          • See above reply to Tanto. Chytil isn’t going to be a really good 2C.

            Ask yourself this – will Chytil be better than Zibanejad or Eichel?

            I’d rather have Eichel and Zibanejad as my top two centers…..

      • Tall order … more likely to be Foxlite, which is pretty damn good. Schneider may eventually supplant him as the 3RD, but personally I’m hoping they trade Trouba before that — although I’m not sure they can keep a guy like Schneider down another 3 years.

      • Nils is good, but he’s small. Fox already plays the role of a small defenseman for us. We don’t need more midgets on D.

    • You guys are WAY OVERPAYING for Eichel with some of your trade proposals. Like most of you, I’m tired of seeing the Rangers involved in moves that “over pay” (NY teams always seem to get fleeced in trades!)
      All this quantity (and quality) that some of you are proposing is more fit for players like Crosby (whose play has diminished a bit, given how long he has been around in the League), McKimmon, Matthews or even a Leon Draisaitl (Connor McDavid is in a class by himself, so I won’t name him).

  • Eichel is a very good player, but he is no superstar. Look up his stats. Granted he’s been on a lousy team, but he’s no Crosby, McDavid or even Malkin.
    If the NYR want to trade for him I believe they would do it with the thought of still having Zibby around to form a stellar one two punch of centers. Unfortunately, Zib doesn’t look like the same player he’s been in the past this year.
    If Sabres are going to move on from Eichel it signals a complete tear down and rebuild from scratch. They’ll probably want teams to take a bad contract or two along with Eichel. They’ll probably prefer young NHL ready prospects and picks as well.
    So if I’m the Rangers I would try to avoid taking back bad contracts that I can’t bury in the AHL like they did with Belesky. This would mean the package would have to be a strong one.

    Eichel for Nils Lundqvist, Vlad Kravstov (that’s 2 cheap NHL ready former 1st rnd picks), Tony D, and a 2021 first round pick and 2022 2nd round pick.

    I think it’s a lot to part ways with, but if the Rangers don’t take any bad contracts and want to keep him away from teams like the Kings they’ll need to give up something like this. Even by doing this it really doesn’t adversely affect their current roster and makes the team deeper by pushing Strome to a 3 or 4c (assuming Chytil comes back strong). It suddenly makes the Rangers center position depth very good.

  • Fair points here. Thing is the Rangers do need an impact center, especially if Zib walks, and they don’t have that in the system.

    Also, they currently have more prospects than can actually play for the team, they will have to make a trade at some point.

    I’m generally not a proponent of the shiny new toy, but they are going to have to go outside the org for a center.

  • Zibanajad, Strome, Howden, 2021 1st round pick, 2022 2nd round pick, and 2023 3rd round pick for Jack Eichel. Promote Patrick Khodrenko and TRY to trade Tony DeAngelo to Calgary for Sam Bennett in order to play at the other center spots.

    • Zibanejad should not be included in any package for Eichel. You’re not improving the team if you trade him. The whole point is to have them both.

  • Realistic? That Buffalo would actually consider? Buffalo will like it but Ranger fans won’t:

    Chytil, Krav, Nils or Robertson, and a first. I would assume that Kakko, Lafren, Miller, Fox, and Shesty, are off the table.

    Buffalo won’t want anyone over 25, or near that age. If they trade Jack, it will be a total rebuild for them. So no way they take Zib, or Buch, or Kreider, or even ADA. Certainly not Strome. They will want young players, under 25, that can play now, but with upside.

    • Finally, Richter coming through and actually makes sense with a trade. Similar to mine. I would try to keep Robertson, but he does make the package more appealing than other dmen we have that are young.

      That’s why my package had Georgiev because Buffalo doesn’t have a good goalie and Georgiev isn’t going to be a career backup for us. We can find a good backup for Shesterkin.

      Buffalo gets a decent return either way if they have to trade him.

    • I would trade any of Nils, Robertson and Schneider way before Miller. 6’5″, fast and skates like he’s 5’8″. Can’t trade a player like that.

  • Buch, Kakko, Lafrieniere, Georgiev and Panarin for Eichel. Very fair deal as the team getting Eichel will be in the same place as Eichel is now in Buffalo but with less talent than Buffalo

    • Panarin Lafreniere and Kakko in the same package for Eichel????

      Dude, are you living on mars?

      Maybe for Mcdavid and Draisatl I would consider that…

    • No way Buffalo accepts this trade for Eichel.

      Even the NHL 21 video game on the medium trade difficulty setting won’t accept this trade… lol

  • Unrealistic and giving too much, but, a couple of the Zib+ are close, especially the ones with Skinner. I’d say Zib, ADA, plus a Prospect plus Exchange of Picks for Eichel, Skinner, and Hall. The latter 2 will likely go back to their Good Days, and Sabres will get present help, future help and some Salary Cap relief until Zib and ADA Contracts are up

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