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Rangers snap the losing streak with shootout win over Flyers

The bruised Rangers and the plagued Flyers played a hockey game tonight. That’s really it. This was not a pretty game to watch. The Rangers dressed an AHL caliber blue line, while the Flyers dressed an AHL caliber forward group. You would think something had to give here, but it did not. Both teams played very low event hockey. But the chances were there, and both Carter Hart and Alex Georgiev had to make some solid saves. In the end, the Rangers needed the shootout to get the win over the Flyers.

Neither team was excellent in this one, but it was the Rangers who controlled most of the action. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since it is an Alain Vigneault team. Georgiev looked good, and the bottom of the lineup got the job done again. At some point the top half will need to pull their weight, but a win is a win.

Flyers 1, Rangers 0 – No help

The Flyers had three forwards at the net mouth and not one Rangers forward came to help. That’s not a good look.

Rangers 1, Flyers 1 – Slot Deflection

Connor Bunnaman released Colin Blackwell in front to make a half effort to block Pavel Buchnevich’s shot. This gave Blackwell more than enough room to deflect it through Carter Hart.

Rangers 2, Flyers 1 – Brendan Smith?

Rangers force the turnover at the blue line and get a shot on goal. Hart didn’t control it well, and Artemi Panarin made a great pass on the backhand to Brendan Smith at the back door.

Flyers 2, Rangers 2 – Of course it’s a late game goal

Chaos in front after an off carom off the boards. Joel Farabee took advantage of the chaos and poked the puck over the line, which was not even past Georgiev. But Georgiev was in the net, so it didn’t matter. This sent the game to the shootout, as the Flyers killed off a Rangers powerplay in overtime.

Shot Heatmap – Low event, advantage Rangers

The Rangers had a big advantage on the quality and quantity in this one. Credit to the Rangers makeshift defense here. Also the Flyers were extremely shorthanded in this one, so let’s not celebrate a huge defensive effort. This was good enough, though.

Skater Results

Given the circumstances, this is very good. Every Ranger was either good or dull in quality. Some were a little outshot, but they held the quality in check. This may have been a boring game, but the Rangers needed the two points and they got them.

Hopefully the Rangers start healing up, they should get K’Andre Miller back for Saturday’s game. This was as good a result as you could have wanted. So let’s hope it carries over to Washington. They certainly needed this one, and sometimes all it takes is one.

Charts from Natural Stat Trick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • Fox played thirty minutes tonight and likely will be around there most of the rest of the season. I dunno if I’d do that call up one of the kids from Hartford and give them a chance over Johnson and Smith or Bietto. I’m so tired of hands of stone Howden playing 14-15 minutes a night— the guy adds nothing.

  • Great to see what Kakko can do when turned loose, not just the shootout goal, but the sick sequence where he set up Buch in front in OT, that was fun to watch.

    • Almost everybody in the NHL is great when they have time & space: Kakko getting better at evens.

    • That was very good to see, Kakko “unleashed”.

      I would love to see this Lafraniere dude getting some open space to show off his talents…and finishing with the puck.
      (When is he going to start scoring some goals? When are we going to be “wowed” by this 1st overall pick talent?
      …We’re waiting!)

  • The Rangers need to trade for a high scoring forward, so they can win the Stanley Cup during the Brendan Smith window…

  • Hey it’s a win. Flyers missing 6 really good players, certainly 6 of their top 10 players on the team, so let’s not get too excited.

    The good: Georgiev, Panarin (wow), Blackwell, Rooney, Kakko, Fox of course, Smith, Bitetto.

    The bad: Zib (again), Kreider is totally MIA until he gets to the post game press conference, Howden was a turnover machine in the first, and JJ is just unwatchable (I know, no practice time, but he played this way before the injury).

    I really think that Zib should be sat for a game or two. Put Blackwell at 2C and move Stome up to 1C for a game or two.

    Quinn gets credit for having Kakko shoot in the shootout and gets criticized for deciding that Gaut was the problem in the Devils’ game, when he had like 15 players he could have picked from. Brutal. Why trade for Gaut if this is the way it’s going to be? Even when Gaut plays well? But, we have a young player friendly coach. Right.

    • This team stinks….and it’s the coaching staff..just barely eked out a win against a flyer team that had not played since Godzilla arose from the pacific in 1950..

        • I hope Lafraniere doesn’t fall into the category of “He’s great where he came from, but is an underachiever while he plays here.” (And that’s on the coaches and the system he implements)

          • I don’t think so. There appears to be a malaise surrounding the team, for whatever reason. I think that Lafren will be as good as advertised, at some point.

            You have top picks of 2 separate drafts not scoring. is it them or the coach or the org, in general?

    • Disagree on Kreider. He was noticed in the penalty box. He and Strome are usual suspects when it comes to taking dumb penalties in the OZ

        • Rangers have been won of the worse (or unluckiest) teams when it comes to 5 on 3 pp’s. Sorry, but that’s what I’ve seen over the years with this team.

          • The Rangers that are crashing the net are the ones with the lesser talents.

            The better players need to start following their lead. That’s how you score in this league, these days.

    • Gauthier was acquired for a third round pick (Keane) who has still not made it to the NHL. Certainly Carolina did not see Gauthier as a can’t miss guy and it simply makes no sense to go all in to play him no matter what.

      That being said, he has been under used in games he has played and is good enough to dress ahead of Howden and Lafreniere.

      • I know that the Rangers did not give up a lot to get Gaut, but the guy has played well in the restricted minutes that he’s gotten.

        If Quinn used the same barometer for sitting for other Rangers as he does Gaut, the Howden would never see the ice again.

        This guy picks and chooses. I guess all coaches do, but this guy is ridiculous.

    • I love the Kreider press conference reference. He’s talking the talk and not skating the skate. If there’s no major trade looming ( Eichel ) let’s see if someone will take him for a promising potential 2C.

      • “We’re frustrated.”
        “We need to be better.”

        Blah, blah, blah. blah, blah…

        I was all for re-signing CK, but he has been atrocious this year. Except for the occasional burst of energy on the wing, he has been invisible. Most games.

  • It’s a good win, regardless that the Flyers played with their farm team!! Lol
    I’m beating a dead horse, 1 minute in, what happens (penalty) on who JJ..status quo. If Miller returns sat JJ better sit.
    If DQ really wants to send a message sit out Kreids,Zib and Howton on sat.
    Lafren is a disappointment so far,relegate to the 4th for a game.
    Move up Rooney,Blackwell maybe even Lemeiux and put Gaut back in..
    That’s a statement!

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