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NY Rangers Game 15 Open Thread: Why is everyone so angry?

It’s the Rangers 15th game of the season, and they are already down about that many defensemen. Jacob Trouba is the latest to get hurt, and he’s out 4-6 weeks. That means we get a bottom four of Smith-Johnson and Hajek-Bitetto. Godspeed, Alex Georgiev.

Alain Vigneault’s Flyers give up a ton of chances, and Carter Hart is basically Vigneault’s next victim. He follows in the footsteps of Roberto Luongo and Henrik Lundqvist. But a game against AV isn’t the story.

The story is how frustrated and angry everyone appears to be. The Rangers are not very good, which was more or less expected this season. It’s the same roster as last year, just with Lafreniere and without career years from half the roster. But puck luck has been an issue, and the Rangers are too skilled to have this long of a scoring drought. Perhaps a date with the porous Flyers is just what the doctor ordered.

Flyers Lines

James van Riemsdyk-Sean Couturier-Joel Farabee
Michael Raffl-Kevin Hayes-Nicolas Aube-Kubel
Connor Bunnaman-Nolan Patrick-David Kase
Samuel Morin-Andy Andreoff-Maksim Sushko

Ivan Provorov-Phillippe Myers
Travis Sanheim-Shayne Gostisbehere
Robet Hagg-Erik Gustafsson

PP1: Patrick-Couturier-Farabee-JVR-Gustafsson
PP2: Raffl-Hayes-Kase-Provorov-Gostisbehere

Carter Hart gets the start.

Rangers Lines 

Chris Kreider-Mika Zibanejad-Pavel Buchnevich
Artemi Panarin–Ryan StromeKaapo Kakko
Alexis Lafreniere–Kevin Rooney-Colin Blackwell
Brendan Lemieux–Brett Howden-Phil Di Giuseppe

Ryan LindgrenAdam Fox
Brendan Smith-Jack Johnson
Libor Hajek–Anthony Bitetto

PP1: Strome-Zibanejad-Panarin-Kreider-Fox
PP2: Lafreniere-Kakko-Buchnevich-Lemieux-Miller

Alex Georgiev gets the start.

Scratches/InjuriesFilip Chytil (upper body), K’Andre Miller (upper body), Jacob Trouba (thumb), Julien Gauthier (healthy)

Crazy Prediction: Everyone relaxes and has a good time.

Game time is 7pm.

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  • Dave, I am not angry. I am happy that there is hockey to watch, and this blog to talk about it on!

    Beat the damn Flybabies!

  • JJ back in, let’s see how the PK does this game.

    Gaut, another waste of young talent. If I were him, I would wonder what I would have to do to get playing time as well. Another player that does not get any leeway at all, vs Howden who continually shows why he should not even be in the lineup. Gaut is this year’s version of Lias Anderson. Complete joke.

    So how would this work you say?


    Very easily. Play your best players, right?

    • Just curious who you sit then … I mean PDG, Rooney and Blackwell have played well … and in Rooney’s case he’s a Center. Personally I would rather see JJ sit and go with 5D all night long. lol

      • I think you see the odd man out in my bottom 6. 🙂

        The Rangers’ success on the PK and JJ’s absence, are not a coincidence, IMO. He sucks, no question about it.

        I would not mind your suggestion at all (play 5 D men). Fox playing big minutes anyway.

    • I hear ya, but SOP is guys don’t come out of the lineup due to injury.

      With the goal, Blackwell isn’t leaving the lineup next game. Buch was solid, so was Kreider.

  • We need some ugly goals to get a few players going. I don’t care how they go in, I just want to see a bunch of them for a change.

    • To get ugly goals would require players to get to the net. The bottom 6 seems to get that concept, but not so much the top 6, save for Kakko.

  • Everyone talking career HIGHS is really not the reason. Going from career highs to AHL hockey with Our top players putting up 4th line numbers is a MAJOR ISSUE! Its a Coach and management issue! Its a team that looks like they don’t like each other. Most never back their Goalie or young players! Krieder is horrible ever since he had his blood clot! All the physical play is gone because they are AFRAID to get benched or punished! They LIED about the Tony incident and all the players know it! Fact! Management screwed one player, in a shoving match started BY GIORGI! FACT! Just ask Lias. VITALE, HAYES, ZUCH, FAST AND MANY OTHERS! Quinn and Gorton need to go!! JD has done NOTHING since he got here except hang out with his buddy Sam Rosen! Wake up Dolan, the rebuild is going backwards!

    • Kreider had a great hit tonight along the bench wall in the OZ that crunched a Flyer and changed possession in the Rangers favor.

      The bigger issue is that everything is getting sent to the point to hammer shots, but:

      A: nobody’s is getting clean passes to shoot
      B: Neither D is on their off hand once the zone is gained in order to generate quick shots from the point that will catch goalies moving.

      There’s also the issue of Rangers not supporting the D breakout in numbers when facing the 1-2-2 forecheck. You need 4 on the breakoutvv cv with F1 circling for a pass/ waiting to chase the dump along the blue line.

    • Agree with most, except gripe against JD. He has always worked his butt off as player, analyst and front office. Bleeds Ranger Blue and Great decision to bring in Panarin. Stuck with some baggage and should make a change or two. Also Kreids is good but system seems off. Somehow Ruff is making Devils look good and most are AHL bubble players.

  • Off topic, but Neal Pionk has 2G and 11A, +1, and playing 22+ minutes per night. Another ex-Ranger playing much better on someone else’s team. More condemnation for the current Rangers’ coach.

    And when asked why the turn around for Pionk, Jets’ coach, Paul Maurice, in a nice way, threw Quinn and Quinn’s “system” under the bus.

    So, it’s not the fans just complaining.

    • The Numbers
      Since the trade

      Jacob Trouba Neal Pionk
      Games: 83 86
      Goals: 7 7
      Assists: 22 50
      Points: 29 57
      Power-play points: 8 28
      Shots: 191 202
      Hits: 220 203
      Plus-minus: -12 +11
      Salary: $8 million $3 million

      • I can’t even with the rangers and their ridiculous handling of the defense. we’ll be lucky if they don’t trade Fox and Miller to free up money for Johnson’s next contract.

    • Jack Johnson in the box for tripping on his 1st or 2nd shift. Ranger fans have seen this ugly movie……

  • Quinn’s faves front and center: JJ, Strome, and Howden. Brutal.

    Flyers missing how many starters? Doesn’t seem like it. Rangers look disinterested, again.

    Rooney and Blackwell know where the blue paint is.

  • Flyers missing 6 starters, haven’t played in over a week, and they dominate the game.

    Kreider pissed that the Rangers had a 2 man advantage and decided to make it more fair. Wow.

    The only redeeming play in that period was Georgiev, who was outstanding and kept it from being a 3-0 game. And Rooney continues to impress, even with his limited skills.

  • This is getting ridiculous and this pattern is getting worse by game. Flyers missing top players and still making us look like pee wee’s

  • Management can’t let this go on all season — that would be way too demoralizing, not just for players like Panarin but also for these young kids. Sometimes you can make an excuse for a bad couple of games, but this is getting out of hand. I have to believe DQ is on the hotseat at this point — betting he gets a vote of confidence soon if this keeps up, then he will be fired. lol

  • Blackwell one of the Rangers’ important players, lol.

    Might as well double shift players like Rooney and Blackwell.

    • this season should put to rest any notion of Strome as a late bloomer! Panarin carried Strome to a career year last year. Ideally, he’s a 3rd line center but I’d rather have Pageau who is a scorer and plays a grittier game.

      • Made a nice move but couldn’t finish and then makes it worse by taking another OZone penalty.

        Quinn could have sat any one of 15 guys from the last game, but decided that Gaut was the problem. What a clown.

      • Maybe if the Flyers were missing Hayes and Couterier as well, maybe the Rangers could steal one.

      • Absolutely, but 4th line or Kraken would be better. Big mistake was resigning at $4.5M. I think Boo Nieves would be better option or definitely Brassard for $1M.

  • At this point, I would put 5 forwards on the PP.

    Putting Bitetto out there on the PP is a fireable offense.

  • A lot of good comments…but anyone else have a problem with Quinn pulling Mika off the PP. Both units he sits. I know he’s struggling, but to pull him off the PP in a tight game like this is nuts. Kreider takes a penalty when we’re 5 on 3, and Mika sits?

    • Honestly, for Mika’s sake, he probably should sit a game.

      Guys like Rooney and Blackwell are earning the minutes more, truth be told.

      Kreider was noticeable once, and not in a good way.

  • What vision by Panarin. Wow.

    Blackwell and Smith the goal scorers, lol.

    Rooney around the net, again. Maybe he should teach his more talented teammates.

  • Really lucky Flyers missing a line and half of their best players. We’re running around not in position playing bad hockey. Boys are trying hard but lack organization on offense and defense. Coaching needs to pick up. We stole one tonite

  • Kakko’s shootout goal was a pretty one. Good for the kid, he has been playing well and doing everything but netting the puck. Maybe his luck will change now. Panarin’s was a nice one too, and Georgiev stood tall at the end as well. They needed a win and got one.

  • Why are Ranger fans angry? Because we stink…… and death to beat a flyer team with ton of players out…Flyers were off since Marlon Brando refused his best actor Oscar……and for those that are using injuries, pandemic, etc, as an excuse for Ranger poor play this season…..remember that they were playing like crap at full strength as well……This is a reflection on the coaching staff….poor coaching.

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