Jacob Trouba out 4-6 weeks with upper body injury

The hits just keep on coming, quite literally. Jacob Trouba is now out 4-6 weeks with an upper body injury.

Trouba is the latest in a slew of injuries on the Rangers blue line. K’Andre Miller missed last night’s game, but at least he should be back for tomorrow’s game. Jack Johnson and Brendan Smith have also missed time with injuries.

Trouba had been playing pretty well this year and had clicked with Miller. This is yet another blow to a blue line using their 8th and 9th defensemen in significant roles already.

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  • This would be good news if they hadn’t sent Braden Schneider down to juniors or ADA had not been sent home. Schneider was the best dman in Hartford’s two wins and it wasn’t even close. ADA should not have been dismissed so hastily. Yet another example of Gordon’s asset mis management.

    • Exactly! Gorton should have anticipated Trouba going down for 6 weeks. Why isn’t he more prescient? He certainly isn’t a hockey version of Nostradamus. 😉

  • When I checked my email and saw the title of the blog (Jacob Trouba out 4-6 weeks with upper body injury) the first words that came to mind were “and the hits just keep on coming” — you nailed it. On the bright side this is certainly going to give us a chance to see more prospects play, I mean we can’t play Fox 40 minutes a night, right?!

  • Crawley didn’t spend long on the taxi squad.

    Looks like the Rangers will have a lottery pick again, too bad this year’s draft isn’t nearly as good and a total crapshoot on top of that. Any more emergencies back there and Robertson will get called back.

    • Any Swede’s NHL ready?

      Maybe Gorton should call up Tony and say “just kidding”.

      That is why Gorton is a bad manager…just like Tony, he let emotions get in the way…why is everything so transparent with him.

      Sweet Lou does something, no one knows about it…it’s like Gorton wants to be on Page Six.

        • “I told him if his name came up in anything at all that he would be on waivers,” Gorton said. “I felt like I had to stay true to my word, the organization’s word.”

          • Putting a $4.8M per year player on waivers was maybe a statement they needed to make … BUT “you’re never going to play for the Rangers again” is something more, and that came from JD.

  • I wanted the Rangers to go after Chara and I got a bunch of thumb downs…now, i hope you enjoy Jack Johnson, Anthony Biletto and Brendan Smith for the next 15 games…can we catch the Sens and Wings for last place.

    • I hate those … it feels like it’s never going to be 100% again and there’s always a nagging doubt about its structural integrity.

  • Was Trouba hit last nite not on camera? I watched most of the game and I didn’t see or hear any mention of anything regarding him. Maybe a groin injury?

    • Maybe, there’s a silver lining, Rocky. Sabres are playing another year of “non-play-off” hockey. Maybe, this heightens Eichel’s demand to be traded after the season?

      • They won’t trade him unless they get a HAUL — that might be diminished somewhat if we get another good early 1st round pick.

  • All these injuries do is save DQ’s job. Let DQ now be the fall guy and play more kids. Trade Zibby and Strome for more picks that NEVER reach potential. We are a cursed franchise.

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