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Rangers play 66% of a hockey game, get goalie’d again in loss to Devils

Igor Shesterkin and Mackenzie Blackwood were the story in this one. The Rangers had no business being in this one in the first, but Shesterkin stood tall. Then the Devils had no business being in the game in the second and third, yet Blackwood stood tall. Unfortunately for the Rangers, two flukey goals were the difference in this one.

Listen, the Rangers are injured. They are short on talented depth. They were basically playing a youth hockey team up front and AHLers on defense. Yet they still showed up and put up a good game. This wasn’t coaching, this wasn’t goaltending. It was a matter of luck. The Rangers can’t buy a timely goal at the moment. Some of that is luck. Some of that is lacking true skill right now.

Devils 1, Rangers 0 – A rare PPG against

The Rangers haven’t given up a powerplay goal against in seven games. It looks like he didn’t see it? A good shot by Pavel Zacha. It was only a matter of time.

Rangers 1, Devils 1 – Colin Blackwell, again

This was a solid goal by the entire third line. Good passing, getting to open ice, and using defensemen as screens. This ended with Colin Blackwell with a laser from the circle.

Devils 2, Rangers 1 – Bad luck

Will Butcher threw one in front and it just hit off Jacob Trouba’s leg. Bad luck. The tweet says it was Zacha’s, but it wasn’t.

Rangers 2, Devils 2 – Resting Buch Face

Chris Kreider forced the turnover in the corner, then fed Pavel Buchnevich across the Royal Road. Buchnevich snuck this one under Blackwood’s glove.

Devils 3, Rangers 2 – The Double Deflection

There was nothing Shesterkin could do on this one. PK Subban’s shot was deflected right off the shot, then again in the high slot by Yegor Sharangovich. You can argue that Adam Fox was a little late to Sharangovich here.

Devils 4, Rangers 2 – Running Around

A bunch of turnovers in their own zone, which leads to blown coverages all over. Nick Merkley was left open long enough at the circle to get it by Shesterkin

Devils 5, Rangers 2 – Empty netter

Chris Kreider tried to force something in desperation, and it didn’t work.

Shot Heatmap – Frustrating

The Rangers had a disastrous first period. They were lucky to get out of it scoreless. But they really turned it on after that period. The Blueshirts utterly dominated, yet Blackwood stood tall, yet again. This team just can’t buy a goal right now.

Skater Charts – Some Good and Some Fun

The Rangers played well again in this one. But this is one snake bitten team. Blackwood stood tall when he needed to. The Devils got two lucky goals when the Rangers were dominating the game.

These are the losses that sting because you know the Rangers could have (should have?) won. I’m focusing on the positives and the process in this one. The first period was rough, but the second and third were solid hockey. This isn’t fun, watching the Rangers lose like this. But we knew it might happen a lot this season. And so far, it has.

Charts from Natural Stat Trick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • 4 straight losses. No offense. Zero energy in P3. That’s coaching. Blackwell. Shesty Phil DeGiusseppe grind. Koppo grinds. Fox. Same. Nothing from everyone else.

    • Playing your top 6 a ton of minutes during a compressed schedule is a coaching issue; find it incredulous that the GM hasn’t talked to DQ about it.

  • They were flunky goals for sure, but when you get a shot on goal anything is possible. Watch how the Rangers will give up the shot to make that sweet pass through 2 players only to have the pass blocked.

    The top 2 lines can learn a lot watching the bottom 2 lines. Get the puck on goal, screen the goalie get a stick on the shot for a tip or go after the rebound hard. Losing Trouba in the 3rd didn’t help. I thought he was having himself a good game till then. But as a whole, this team is underachieving. Time for Gorton to shake things up.

    • It is maddening to watch the top lines playing cute with passes when pucks on net … jamming the front of the net …and flat out forechecking is how you end a scoring drought.

    • “Time for Gorton to shake things up.”

      It’s all about next season for the Rangers. Almost all the dead cap space off the books, and there will be guys available for trade. Barkov is a big target, as FL will not be re-signing him, per reports.

      Whether Eichel is attainable or not, he will want out of Buffalo.

      Point is, I think that Gorton and JD are just biding their time for the right deal to come along.

      They may be quiet to the outside world, but this season is not what they envisioned, I think that is a fact, so they are busy behind the scenes. I assume, lol.

  • The thought process to hire Quinn was plausible, but the outcome, not so much. I’m now convinced that it is time to make a move. That being Gerard Gallant.

    He’s way too good of a hockey guy to not be employed, at least I don’t think he is. Seattle will scoop him up soon either way.

  • Mika is pressing. He just keeps teeing it up from above the circles….most NHL goalies should stop that. He looks like the guy from a few seasons ago. To come out in your own building, and let the opposition dictate play is unforgivable. Yes they were missing Bread and Miller, but that’s when coaching HAS to be the difference…….. It wasn’t! They lose again!

  • It’s really time now to make a change. Only three to four players playing to their capabilities . Lindgren, Fox,Kakko, Panarin. Everyone else not so much. The ADA thing really helped things. 😂. They actually really miss his game and his grit.

    • And while JD is at it. He should also fire Gorton and half the scouting staff especially Clark. Gorton has made significantly more bad trades than good and pissed away assets. Time to assert control JD and bring in your own people. Dump Sathers’s garbage!

  • Looking like Rangers going to be in the running for a top 5 draft pick again. This draft is really heavy on defenseman. Maybe JD will pump his fist again when they pick 3rd overall and draft yet another defenseman – because that’s what they need.

  • I’ve tried to stay relaxed about it all, but it’s very troubling nonetheless … you can “process” all you want, but the goal of playing the game is to win.

  • This team lacks depth down the middle. And it is the youngest and smallest in this division. The Rangers are hurt at the moment and are just playing with no confidence. And once the losing train starts rolling well it just keeps rolling for this team because there is no one presently that can stop it. (I think this is what Dave was referring to in bad luck)

    In past times you had players like hank, who could give you a consistent 60. We have to totally unprovens in net and it is showing. Letting in fluke goals here and there on a nightly basis.

    You had someone like Staal on the backend that could be that veteran presence in a moment of chaos. He could calm the nerves and just make a subtle play to get you out of trouble. We have Tony DeAngelo having a mental breakdown and then punching our goaltender.

    You had players like well anyone really. Anyone with enough game experience to not get rattled and let a bad bounce here or there shake the confidence because they have been in the league long enough to know these things all pass. We literally are the youngest team in the league and it is not even close.

    Here it is in simpler terms for those who can’t read between the lines……If 45% of your cap is not playing due to injury or just downright having a awful year, and that same 45% of your cap resides in 7 roster spots. Then add another 13 million in buyout cap space which is another 15% of the total cap and this is what you get. That is roughly 60% of our total cap that was completely and utterly useless last night. I don’t know about any of you but to me that isn’t a David Quinn issue, that seems much more like a Jeff Gorton/J.D. issue.

  • And this was a team that did not play for 2 weeks. Wow.

    Kakko was spectacular. It’s a crime that he has not been rewarded with pts. The best Ranger for 2 weeks now, other than Fox.

  • The problem is both a player and a system issue. The so called top players afraid to crash the net, can hardly score and a team that plays disorganized hockey. Quinn says that Kakko is playing well. He may be trying but when is he going to put one in the net? The tough straight line North American hockey element is missing. Watch the team closely. The “no one line” just can’t compete with those of other teams.

  • Local sports writer stating that coach is in trouble. JD will make a change if the team doesn’t turn this around quickly.

  • I am sure glad we got rid of the cancer in the room…because this locker room is so much better off for it.

    To me, the cancer are the guys who make all the money and do absolutely zero to earn it.

    Zib, Kreider, Trouba, Strome, Smith all make the most money and are all bad to horrible this year.

    Until that changes, what you see is what you get.

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