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Rangers deserved better as Bruins sneak away in overtime

Another Heartbreaker in OT

Though the Rangers would out shoot the Bruins tonight, it would not be enough as Tuukka Rask stole the show all game long, including overtime. Meanwhile on the other end, a couple goals Alex Georgiev would definitely want back were the difference, as he was beaten twice on two separate breakaways. So this is what league average goaltending is huh? Just frustrating as the losses just seem to be piling up in a season where you just cannot accrue this many losses. It will sink the season. But let’s dive a little deeper here and break this one down shall we?

I saw a comment on here before that asked for some more analytics on my posts. To be completely honest, I’m the dumbest human alive and still do not fully understand them. I value their presence in pro sports across North America, but I’m still learning about them.

First Period

The Rangers and Bruins alike came out and played about 6 minutes of nonstop hockey back and forth. The shot totals were low as teams were just kind of feeling each other out with breakouts, dumping the puck in, and getting changes. It was good for getting a look at Mika Zibanejad who had what I would say was his most normal looking game this season. At the time of this post, he is shooting 2.6%. We all know that is not going to be the case all season. Tonight is a hope for things to come sooner than later, as he got more confident with each period. He finished with 4 shots this game.

There was one play in particular though where he drove me insane. It was a feed from Adam Fox from the half wall to Zibanejad–who was wide open–and instead of ripping it on net from the slot, he passed it to Pavel Buchnevich.  While Buchnevich got a good scoring chance at the side of the net, you want to see Zibanejad wind up and blast a piss missile past the goalie from that area.

Later we would get our first goal of the game. A great feed from Brendan Lemieux from behind the net right to Julien Gauthier crashing the net and roofing his first NHL goal. At long last he got it. There’d be a few more chances after that for both teams this period, but all in all, nothing extremely dangerous.

Second Period

The 2nd period would find the Rangers getting a power play. After a long shift the puck would come to Artemi Panarin at the point and get poked by Chris Wagner. Wagner beat Panarin in a foot race to the puck and would score a short handed breakaway goal against. This was one of the goals that I thought Georgiev should have stopped. When you watch the goal, he goes down too early and Wagner does a little fake and snaps it off the far post and in.

We were blessed with the greatness that was Henrik Lundqvist for so long in this organization. It’s really come back to bite us that breakaways just don’t seem to be stopped like they used to. This is going to be an adjustment going forward. It’s not one that I think a lot of people–myself included honestly–are going to be patient with. At the end of the day, the goaltender just has to make the save and Georgiev would end up getting beat twice on breakaways. He will hopefully learn and develop even further.

Third Period

With the game tied, we would go to the third where a minor story would develop. Artemi Panarin appeared to reach for a puck in the second period and injure himself. He did not skate for most of the 3rd period, only logging a total of 3 shifts for 2:34 of ice time. It looked like he was dealing with a lower body injury.

With that, David Quinn had to get creative and promote Phil DiGuiseppe to his line? Don’t get that one. But at the 9 minute mark of the period, Anders Bjork would beat Jacob Trouba out of a puck battle, bring the puck out to the net mouth, and stuff it in through Georgiev’s five-hole. Just a messy goal all around.

Trouba can be a bit of a polarizing defender on social media, but I don’t think he’s as bad as his critics make him out to be. He’s also not as good as those who give him praise think he is either. He’s just a solid defender through and through who was on the receiving end of a bad play. This did put the Rangers in a hole, as this was the third period and now the Rangers had to scratch and claw against a goalie who was just standing on his head through a two periods.

However a little after the 11 minute marker, Ryan Lindgren would float a wrister from the point, deflecting off Lemieux, off Rask, sit in the air, and Kevin Rooney would tap it in. Who had Kevin Rooney at 12 games into the season having more goals than Alexis Lafrenière and Mika Zibanejad combined? What a great bit of bargaining by Gorton for a bottom six player.

With the score tied, the Rangers woke up and really started to try and pressure and hem the Bruins in their zone. They did just that outshooting the Bruins 15-6 in the third with some just ridiculous chances by Zibanejad in particular. With about a minute to go, Tuuka Rask thought the Bruins were down 2-1 and started going to the bench and you could hear the players and coaches yelling at him to get back to the crease. The Bruins possessed the puck at this time, but oh my could you imagine if the Rangers had scored there, and sent the Bruins home without overtime? Just don’t give it to Ryan Strome with an open net!


To another Rangers / Bruins overtime we go and it was a quick one. Fox made an unbelievable diving block to save a goal and then was able to get up ice with Buchnevich for a two-on-one. Buchnevich decided to try and pass it over instead of shooting. Charlie McAvoy broke up the play, banked the puck off the glass and sprung Brad Marchand all alone on a breakaway.

Marchand deked Georgiev out for the game winner 36 seconds into overtime. This was the second goal that I felt Georgiev, with all that time, should have been able to stop. Part of the breakaway also fell on Zibanejad as he completely lost Marchand cheating up the ice during McAvoy’s breakup of the 2-on-1. There was no hope of him getting back to back check at the end of a long shift. The Rangers get the Bruins again on Friday, and hopefully without another overtime. Let’s hope Panarin’s injury isn’t serious, and hopefully the Rangers chances convert into some goals.

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  • Bruins are talented. We have a ways to go. Team played spirited hockey. We seem to be out-classed when our top 2 lines do not score.
    Hate to say it, but we are not a playoff team this year.

    • It is way too early to make this assessment. For the most part, the Rangers outplayed Boston last night and got to overtime with their second string goalie.

      The Rangers are not a lock, that’s for sure, but Shesterkin is a top goaltender. The Rangers two best lines last year were better than Boston’s top two lines (and anyone else’s save Tampa Bay) and Kakko looks like he will ultimately be able to replace Fast and make the second line stronger. The fourth line is now stellar and, when Chityl returns, the third line may also be good. The Rangers really have two good defense pairs for the first time in a long while.

      Sure, injuries can derail, but this team should be very good very soon.

  • The Rangers were lucky they got one point….Debrusk’s puck not going in was a miracle. George was beaten several times and either had luck on his side or Fox saving him. When a player had a break away with Hank, u had a feeling he was going to save it…last night, i looked at my son and said, no way this guy makes the save.

    but at least George didn’t have to worry about a teammate calling him out…because the group is so tight now.

    So tight, that they allowed their superstar to get speared after he was already injured .

  • Hopefully this is the end of the goalie rotation. Georgiev has now let in two soft OT winners, and Igor has really been playing well and establishing himself.

    It sometimes feels like Quinn just won’t let some kids get comfortable and find a rhythm.

      • Breakaways are tough to stop, but more than half of them are. Getting beat 2 out of 2 is definitely criticism-worthy.

        In truth, Georgiev made very few saves that were not routine last night. Not a bad performance, but not a good one either.

  • Tough loss. A reminder it’s still a development year. Unfortunate about Panarin. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious. Our 4th line has been very productive. Glad to see Gauthier finally score. The thing about Trouba is he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but it just seems every time he makes a mistake the other team capitalizes.

    On a final note. I had to watch the game on NBC as I live out of market. Pierre McGuire is just awful.

    • I think I figured out that Pierre is manic/depressive. On the game Monday night that he worked with John Forsland his mic was turned up too loud and he was screaming, trying to out-do whatever Forsland said. Typical Pierre making obscure references. Last night he seemed overly subdued which is never a bad thing. When you actually miss Joe Micheletti, you can’t be in a good place.

      • I think in the 3rd period of the game with Forsland, at one point Forsland said to him..”Pierre what does that matter”..I don’t even remember what they were talking about. I was just wondering what Doc Emrick must be thinking?

  • Soft goals?? Georgie hasn’t been great this year but I think it says a lot about how skewed our view of reasonable goaltending has become when we’re saying “he’d like to have those breakaways back”. If you put your goaltender in that situation(especially your back up Goalie), you cant reasonably expect him to bail you out on a consistent basis unless your name stars with an H and ends with a quist.

    Also totally agree with JJB, somebody needs to attack Marchand for going after an injured Panarin. Its unconscionable that nobody did anything last night, and now he has to die. This is a troubling trend dating back to when nobody held Skjei accountable for knocking out Fast in the play in round.

    • Team has some grit…Pepe, Lindgren, Bitetto, Rooney.

      But the so called leaders of the team are supposed to be the ones that lead…Kredier is a moose of a man but if the rage isn’t inside of you…it isn’t inside of you.

      Trouba, another large man…only plays big when the other team wont ring the bell.

      The only vet to attempt any sort of push back was Buch.

      How disheartening is it for young guys to see the leaders of your team bow to the opposition.

      I just don’t get how hard it is to develop these type of guys…

      Bruins have been like that for as long as i can remember.

      The Flyers are a big team.

      The Bolts addressed it and won a cup.

      Habs added grit to what they already had.

  • Wow it looks like Georgie threw the first punch against ADA. It looks like Georgie should be on the taxi squad. This might not be popular but what the heck. Let me see you throw the punch and the other guy gets kicked off the team? Yes you need to be kicked off the team because the goalie is not that talented. Such a hard burden to carry.

  • I am so disgusted with the way the Rangers are playing. Its a continuation since Carolina beat us in the qualifying round. We are too soft. We pass instead of shooting. How come no one went after Marchand for roughing up Panarin? We need a captain. Gorton and Gordie Clark have got to go. Quinn wants a north south team, but we have east west players. Gorton needs compass. Help us JD!

  • The Rangers played well but giving two breakaways to the Bruins cost them the game. The forth line played excellent and Georgiev while strong in net has to do better on stopping breakaways. Hope that Benoit Allaire will find a remedy.

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