NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: February 8, 2021

Last Week’s Results: W 3-1 (vs PIT), W 4-2 (vs WSH), Devils game postponed
Season Record: 4-4-2 (7th in East Division)
Schedule This Week: 2/8 (vs NYI), 2/10 (vs BOS), 2/12 (vs BOS), 2/14 (vs PHI)
Last Poll’s Results:  5.35 (160 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • This is a pretty good team, that still isn’t deep. If we get the goaltending we have received from Shesty going forward, we will be better. Leave the top 2 lines alone and leave the defense alone too. Still too many benchings for my taste.

    • A lot more depth on this team than last year, both on d’ and up front. Bringing in guys like Rooney, Blackwell and Bitetto has seen to that, along with the maturation of some of the younger players, and the addition of Lafreniere. Gauthier is concerning, but he hasn’t really been given a chance — although he should be doing more with what he’s gotten so far.

      • Yeah, people keep saying the same thing even as the facts change. If you measure the top two Ranger lines compared to other top two lines, the Rangers were great last year and so far this year relatively weak. On the other hand, I think Lemieux-Rooney-Gauthier compares quite favorably with nearly any fourth line in the league. The Rangers can run twelve competent forwards out there even with two guys hurt. Up front at least, there is no depth problem.

        Obviously the defense is another matter. Miller, Bitetto, and Johnson replace Skjei, DeAngelo and Staal. Not a pretty exchange, though long term at least, Miller may be the prize of the six.

        Rangers are clearly thin on D. They only have eleven players available to them on the 50 man roster. Further, Crawley is clearly not an NHLer and the same may or may not be true of Reuanen. They better not have any more injuries than they have now.

        • We lost our top scoring d’man and we’ve won 2 games … point is, regardless of the “exchange”, Bitetto has been a good addition so far, ditto for Miller … and Hajek looked fine the other night (as opposed to trying to put too much on his plate, i.e., playing with Trouba as the 1st pairing. So depth-wise we’re in better shape … when Smith gets back we’ll have some leeway. Jack Johnson is the only real stiff of the so-called Top 9D, luckily he doesn’t have to play and the coaching staff realizes they are better without him in the lineup — just pray they win the next few games for emphasis on that point.

  • This is another year in which kids develop. It is a short season, and it likely will be full of stops and starts because of the coronavirus. But, I expect that the following season will be the season where this team starts to come into its own. I am back at a “9” despite some misgivings about the coach regarding his development as a NHL coach, and the mindset that brought JJ to the team.

    • It will be an 8 until they replace this coach.

      There was a Finnish interview posted on the other BSB with Kakko. And, basically, Kakko complained that his coach told him “not to do this and not to do that.” Or, basically, the things that makes Kakko an elite talent. It’s when Quinn let’s him play that Kakko does well.

      Quinn’s concept for playing NHL hockey is nonexistent or misguided at best, which is why Howden, a player who probably should not be playing NHL hockey, continues to play here. Even without any production or intangible benefits. But the coach likes him, so…

      Howden has one assist and 10 SOG so far this year. Atrocious. Which is why I was suggesting Alex Iafallo as a trade target in exchange for ADA. Plus, the Kings have plenty of cap space to take on the full ADA cap hit.

  • I for one, am tired of being in “rebuild mode”. We need to solidify our top 3 lines on offense and the top 2 pairs on defense (which I think we have done).

    We need to make another deal or two to make this team a real contender before I say we are anything above a “7”.

    • Clearly you lack the virtue of patience. Pretty much everybody here knows that next season is the reasonable point in the rebuild to expect true contender status — they may or may not make the playoffs and we all want to see a step forward this season, but to expect them to be a dominant team (real contender) night after night is at this stage a foolish notion.

  • Rangers need a skilled center and should use young talent where that are deep, of cause that is defense, and trade for an under 30 it old center that is good on face offs. They would help solidify the team, that they have nicely assembled. I rate them at a 8, but if they must start winning face offs and score PPGs.

    • Face off wins, like +/- can be a flawed measure of what’s happening — i.e., who ultimately controls the puck. The issue is when they lose so many faceoffs cleanly, that should be the first order of business.

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