Lineup Changes

Alexis Lafreniere boosted to top line in recent lineup change

It looks like Alexis Lafreniere will be on the top line tomorrow. In the latest practice, he was with Chris Kreider and Mika Zibanejad. Pavel Buchnevich was with Artemi Panarin and Ryan Strome.

The defense pair changes were expected, although it is disappointed to see Brendan Smith benched after points in two straight games. But on the bright side, the bottom-six forwards remain intact, and they’ve been strong to start the season.

It took just three games before Lafreniere moved to the top line. We wondered how long it would take, and less than a week was the answer.

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  • So Trouba and Lindgren develop chemistry and Quinn quickly pulls the plug and the Johnson-Tony pair will be brutal. I would like to see Julien on the third line but hey Quinn gotta put everyone in a blender a week into the season.

  • so sick of this coach already. he hates kaako and filip.
    he jumping around to much with D pairs. Strome no way belongs on the 2nd pair.

  • Hopefully, playing JJ on a regular basis will convince Quinn that he doesn’t belong. The good news in the present lineup is that DQ knows what Smith can do and so isn’t forgoing knowledge in not playing him.

    It seems to me that the only pairings that can work with DeAngelo in the lineup are: Lindgren-Trouba, DeAngelo-Fox, Miller-Smith. (maybe Fox & Smith reversed?)

    You want to pair Miller with a solid RD who can cover for rookie mistakes and Smith is good in that role.

    It is hard to create a good lineup with DeAngelo playing on the right side. Lindgren is too valuable to pair with Tony. Miller is too young and JJ is too weak to expect either to cover for him defensively. Maybe Smith?

    • Agreed Ray. Tony belongs either with Smith with Tony as RD, or with Fox, with Tony as LD.

      Lindgren belongs with Trouba, and Miller with Smith if Tony is with Fox. If Tony is with Smith, then put Miller with Fox.

  • I like the A-B comparisons with consecutive games against the same opponent. You get to see what works(and what doesn’t) and then commit to your best lineup. Normally that would be 10-15% of the season; problem is 15% of the schedule is a week from Friday.

    If they split games, then it’s fine to wait that long, but an in division sweep in any series might force their hand after the Penguins stand.

  • I said it before the season started, and I’ll say it again now. Smith will be more valuable to this team this year than many would expect.
    He should certainly be playing over Johnson.

    • Johnson is a hard worker but not very skilled. Send him down to Hartford to show the kids the work ethic.Smith should be in the lineup, and put Lingren back with Fox. If Miller was as good as advertised from camp, let him play! Stop the musical chairs every other day with the lineup. We need a professional coach, not a college coach.

  • The Rangers organization Friends and Family discount continues- let’s keep playing Johnson over better options. JJ is most likely the worst blue line player in the NHL.

  • Get JJ out and put Miller with Smith, the lad looked comfortable playing along side him. Smith isn’ t ideal but he’s had a decent couple of games and is definetly better than JJ. I don’t understand what DQ is messing at here.

  • A coach needs to be consistent. If your going to sit a player in the press box for poor play it should apply to everyone on the team. It burns my ass that Smitty who has been good and works his tail off has to sit, while JJ who is an adventure out there remains in the lineup. Wake up Quinn before you lose this team.

    • Agree. And what about Hajek? If he plays, he will most likely get better. If not, even his trade value is zero. Waste

  • I’m really starting to question some of Queens decisions why put all the pressure on the kid and why is Johnson playing I had a Smith what the hell is he thinking

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