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Rangers likely to keep same lineup – DeAngelo to be a scratch

After Saturday’s dominating performance against the Islanders, the Rangers appear to be keeping the same lineup. Specifically, there are no changes on the defense pairs. This means Tony DeAngelo will be a healthy scratch tomorrow for the Rangers against the Devils.

This isn’t a surprise, as David Quinn rarely changes the lineup after a win. This is especially true after such a dominating performance.

The Rangers leaving DeAngelo as a scratch is likely a temporary thing, as he is definitely better than at least one defenseman in the lineup. It’s not something to be overly concerned about. The question will be who he replaces once he is back in the lineup.

The other question will be whether or not he learned his lesson about boneheaded penalties.

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  • Our D corps is poorly designed. Hard to find a “best” paring set. I guess I’d like to see the following:

    Trouba – Lindren
    Fox – Miller
    TonyD – Smith

  • ADA is better than a few guys in the lineup, but not at his price point. Fox will take his PP time, so unless you flip him and Smith to their off hands on 3rd pair, then scoring is going to dry up even with sheltered OZ starts.

    You can’t deal him now due to teams having cap issues, but come the trade deadline he’s gotta go.

    • DQ does not like Tony D. Move him when you can. For what it is worth, pairing him with Fox may work, but not in DQ world.

        • The time has come to move ADA – his offense is not worth the defensive lapses, bad penalties and lack of composure. Scoring goals is not going to be a problem for this team in the future, keeping other teams from scoring them will be and he and has become apparent he provides little value there. He was a project when he got here and has not shown enough improvement to keep him here any longer IMHO.

  • To me, where Miller lands in the short term should align with his comfort zone. If he is comfortable and effective with Smith, I’m good, though the thought of Fox is intriguing, I can see how that could work. But Miller being ready at all has really changed things. Aside from L-R balance, it feels like they can field 3 serviceable pairs.

    • They need to just get it done already. Politics/maturity/all off ice matters aside this is a numbers game. Tony isn’t currently seeing PP time with Trouba and Fox ahead of him. He isn’t seeing 1st or 2nd pairing minutes. There simply isn’t room for him especially at the pay scale he will command in a few seasons. He’s not part of the long term picture so move the kid.

      • Trouba and Fox are NOT “ahead” of Tony D on the PP — he runs the PP point better than either of them.

      • Actually, if they were going to trade him, then they should have done it already.

        I don’t know if they are looking to trade him, but the “same lineup” mantra is a little too convenient given the circumstances.

        • Not as easy as you’d think.

          The flat cap & ADA’s deal means you only have the following dance partners if you’re not taking salary back:

          Preds (don’t need him)
          Devs(won’t happen)
          Wings(Yzerman was the 1st to trade him away, so don’t hold your breath.)

          So that leaves Kings & Sens

          Taking money back? Doing a deal with Buffalo for Risto is a possibility in a couple of weeks. Florida looking to upgrade, but I’m pretty sure ADA isn’t much of an upgrade on Yandle and the Rangers wouldn’t do that deal anyway.

          LA, OTT & BUF are your dance partners.

          • Torts might HATE him, but he also might love him … and he is an upgrade on Yandle, more dynamic and younger too. If he could play ANY part in a trade for either Barkov or Dubois, you should explore it.

            Taking back money isn’t the problem, it’s positioning that counts right now.

          • There’s NFW the Rangers take Yandle back in any deal: NTC, and monster term & bad number for over 30 player. Unless Barkov is a throw in, fugghedaboutit.

            Other teams? Probably a requirement if Yandle waives his NTC. I got a feeling that Bill Zito is the Brendan Rodgers of the NHL.

            Second order thinking required.

          • I wasn’t suggesting they get Yandle in a trade, was just suggesting ADA is a clear upgrade on Yandle.

          • The flat cap has definitely killed the trades, and even a lot of the FA signings. Guys you would have thought would have gotten big contracts.

            Like Taylor Hall, Mike Hoffman, etc.

  • ADA needs sometime in the press box to figure his shit out. If he continues to put himself ahead of the team, then yes his days as a Ranger should be numbered.

    • He’s 25, not 19. If he hasn’t figured it out yet, after all the coaching talks and scratches with all the different teams since his teenage years, he’s not likely to figure it out now. He needs to go.

  • DQ if you keep your head up I can increase my confidence
    in the team up from a 5. The 5 is on you and Gorton. Good on you for the changes in the line up! I’m hoping you’ve done your time and you can now smell it.

    • 5? With the players we have and the prospects on the team now and in the pipeline? I’m guessing you would have to give a 4 or lower to a vast majority of the teams out there. Harsh.

      • Tanto disagree. Players are playoff caliber now. GM and Coach need to agree on what they need and how to play. Again fish stinks from the head down. It may be harsh but so is the game. Per this site the entire team should’ve been gone after the first game….or was it the staff?

  • The future will require us to trade him. Between Lundkvist and Schneider his days are numbered — not because he isn’t an incredibly highly skilled player whose defense isn’t quite as bad as some hyperbolic fans might suggest, but because of Fox and Trouba being the Top 2 RDs on this team (aside from PP ability). There’s no room for him given his cap hit unless he can slot in as the 1 or 2LD … and that potentially blocks guys like Robertson and eventually Zac Jones. All the other noise (his “outspokenness”, his temper, etc.) is just that, noise.

    The question I have though is what’s his value and how much does the “noise” affect it?

    Wish they could come up with a trade of Strome, ADA plus a 1st rounder or a good enough prospect (that we could afford to lose) for a true top 6 Center like a Barkov. Dubois is interesting as well, but if he pisses off Torts then I have a feeling he will piss off a good portion of our fan base.

    • I don’t know. My problem with Strome as 2C is that he costs too much, not that he can’t do the job. It seems unrealistic to spend above 40-45M for your top six and the Rangers already have $18M committed to Panarin and Kreider. Zibanejad will run you to $27M at the least and Lafreniere will be pricey fairly soon I would imagine. I’m not looking for a 2C that will cost a lot (and I don’t mean get someone cheap for two years with a big payday ahead).

      • He costs too much for what he brings to the table — and what he brings to the table isn’t bad, I just don’t see him as a 2C on a Championship team. There’s something “missing”, I can’t see him bearing down hard enough come playoff time.

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