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Rangers Goal Breakdown: Rebounding with their own shutout of Isles

As bad as the first game was, was as good as the second game was. The Rangers rebounded in a big way, dominating the Isles and posting a shutout of their own. This was a big game for the Rangers, as it showed what they can do when they actually buy in.

The big changes in this game were a concerted effort on neutral zone pressure and puck support. The Rangers were all over the Isles in the neutral zone, forcing turnovers that led to goals. They also supported each other with the puck, giving each other options with the puck. This led to more options in the offensive zone, but more importantly more outlets in the defensive zone. Neither aspect was there on Thursday.

Rangers 1, Isles 0 – Buchnevich gets the first goal of the 2021 season

Mika Zibanejad pressured Noah Dobson in the neutral zone and forced the turnover. This led to a 2-on-1 with Pavel Buchnevich, who buried the pass.

Rangers 2, Isles 0 – Dodging a bullet and turning it the other way

The Rangers dodged a bullet here. At 6:20, there are two Isles in the slot and no Rangers. Brendan Smith got a little lucky blocking the cross ice pass here. He then made a perfect outlet to Artemi Panarin for the break, and he doesn’t miss those.

Rangers 3, Isles 0 – Snipe City

What a snipe by Buchnevich. But it was K’Andre Miller who took the hit to move the puck. Then it was Alexis Lafreniere who pressured at the blue line to force the back pass. Buchnevich pressured to force the turnover. Sorokin was a little off his angle here.

Rangers 4, Isles 0 – Neutral zone turnovers again

Another neutral zone turnover by Dobson. Then it was just pretty passing from Filip Chytil and Phil Di Giuseppe, with Kaapo Kakko finishing.

Rangers 5, Isles 0 – The power play finally gets one

After Matt Martin got a double minor, they answered quickly. The original Buchnevich shot was stopped, and Adam Fox, in the slot, made a nice backhand tip pass to Panarin who ripped it home for his second.

Shot Heatmap

The Rangers controlled this one from start to finish. They limited the high priced real estate and the Isles got virtually no opportunities from the slot. Meanwhile the Rangers moved the puck well in the offensive zone and got great opportunities.

Skater Results

Can’t ask for much else here. What a team effort in this one. This is why the Rangers shutout the Isles last night. More efforts like this will lead to better results. Just need to do it consistently.

Charts from Natural Stat Trick and Evolving-Hockey.

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  • The Rangers were very strong on the puck and had great gap control. It was a complete team effort in all 3 zones. So give the coach and the players credit.

    Georgie was a rock when he needed to be as well.

    Buch is turning into a beast, so the idea of trading him, which I have been against totally, is ludicrous. That one goal was a snipe, and what he is capable of.

    If Krav comes, then the Rangers will figure it out. No need to trade talent out the door. Right JT Miller?

    Catastrophe season averted (lol).

    • Even role players like Brendan Smith and DiGuisippi played a heck of a game. Big guys like Mika, Buchnevich and Panarin did their part. Scoring from 3 different lines! Georgiev, the forgotten man at the end of last year, showed that he is still in the running for “open goalie spot”. This team has a lot of scoring talent and have to develop and MAINTAIN last night’s defensive scheme in the neutral zone.

      • This was a team effort, for sure. Starting with the forwards in the neutral zone. Chytil and Kakko were studs, defending.

        And Miller, making plays behind the net while under pressure, was great to see. Kudos to DQ for sticking with him. Miller’s performance was light years ahead of Thursday’s. He looked very, very comfortable.

        Georgie deserves the next start. End of story.

    • Been saying the same. We’re finally seeing the benefit of being patient with a player who has improved so much over the course of the last few years — and still many fans will want to trade him because he might make too much money (something I disagree with unless he’s looking for more than say $5.5M per). I would argue that it’s Strome who needs to go — between Strome and Buch I’ll take Buch every single time.

      I don’t want to see a repeat of the Miller situation — we develop the player and another team reaps the benefit of that development. Yes the RW looks crowded right now, but there’s no guarantee Kravtsov or Gauthier will ever be quite as effective as Buchy is today — not that I want to move on from either of those two young players.

      • My only fear is the real lack of depth at the C position with our prospects.

        The NHL has proven that you win with good centers, up and down the line up.

        • True, but Strome isn’t the answer … and a year from now who knows if Chytil is ready, if Kravtsov can play center, if Morgan Barron can have an impact, etc. Point is, don’t trade the guy who improves every year and is finally about to fulfill his potential because …. money. We’ve done that with a number of players … and as long as they don’t ask/get NMCs and don’t ask/get real overpays, I’m fine with signing them as long as it doesn’t create an IMMEDIATE cap issue.

          People make a lot of assumptions when these issues come up. I’ve heard a number of fans ask well how do we pay Kravtsov, Kakko, Lafreniere, Shesterkin, Fox, etc. etc. There’s no guarantee that all of them will demand huge cap hits, they have to actually earn it first or provide us with enough evidence that we feel safe and secure to pay them big money

          • Right, the first part of your post is exactly the point.

            The Rangers are already playing people at C who may or may not be the answer. Though I think Chytil will come around. The tools are there.

            So the Rangers will have to keep going outside the org to get top centers.

          • Agreed – The goal is to stock your farm system with best prospects in hockey. Not all of them are drafted with the expectation of playing on the big team. Some are simply stockpiled as trading chips for future organizational needs, especially when highest rated players don’t match teams future needs. Rangers are overloaded with Wingers, Goalies and D-men prospects and have plenty to offer now for a top center/ prospect in return.

          • Maybe …. but that doesn’t mean Buch should be the “bait” … given what we have in the pipeline I would think RD is the first cornerstone of such a trade. There will be tough decisions to be made, that’s for sure — but let’s see how Chytil does first.

      • Both Georgiev and Buchnevich are two players who I’ve insisted do not need to be and should not be traded. Buchnevich plays a two way game with skill, and Georgiev with regular work is going to give Igor a nice competition at least for the #1 spot. A great goalie tandem is a good thing, not a problem. Same with a ‘crowded’ right wing situation.

        I was also impressed with Smith’s game (who I also have touted as being better than he is given credit.) My biggest problem with Smitty is his tendency to take inopportune penalties, but he has enough skill and grit to be a good thing on defense.

  • I keep hearing the word patience from the NYR Leadership, but Ranger fans including myself are getting antsy…. Quinn IMO needs to have this team ready to play every night and if we still continue to be a heckle/ Jekyll team… then it’s time for new coach… but I give him credit for last night.

  • The players are inconsistent. Quinn’s approach day in and day out is the same. Age will help as well as learning some attitude.

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