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Rangers flip the script, shutout Isles in big rebound game

It was a tale of two different teams over the past three days for the Rangers. On Thursday, the Rangers were slow, passive, and bad. Tonight, they were quick, aggressive, and the far superior team. It’s amazing what happens when this team wakes up, isn’t it? They have the talent, but the experience and depth isn’t there yet for consistency. It was nice to see the Rangers shutout the Isles and really flip the script from Thursday’s disaster.

That said, the Rangers really impressed in this one. They jumped on the Isles early and often, completely dominating every aspect of the game. The big thing was the pressure and puck support. They pressured the Isles into turnovers, that we saw. But they supported each other with the puck and gave everyone options. That’s not something that shows up in a highlight.

In-Game Thoughts

  • Surprise – it’s Ilya Sorokin in net, not Semyon Varlamov. Sorokin vs. Igor Shesterkin is supposed to be the New York goalie duel of the future. We shall see.
  • The Rangers are much quicker to the puck in this one already – and they went the first five minutes without a penalty. Progress.
  • Mika Zibanejad pressured Noah Dobson on that one to set up the first goal of the 2021 season. More neutral zone pressure this season please. They were awful at that last year, time to get more.
  • Also progress – the Rangers didn’t give up the equalizer immediately after.
  • A good point by Karly in the BSB chat – just start Alex Georgiev against the Isles. Always.
  • Wow did the Rangers dodge a bullet on that second goal. They had no one on the cross ice pass and, to be frank, Brendan Smith got lucky there to intercept the pass. He did make a fantastic outlet to Artemi Panarin for the goal though.
  • Death. Taxes. Brett Howden getting more time than Kaapo Kakko.
  • Social media had a bunch of complaints about Brendan Lemieux on PP2. He’s good in front of the net.
  • Dare I say that Ryan Lindgren-Jacob Trouba looks good?
  • K’Andre Miller looks so much better tonight. Keep him off the top pair for now. He looks solid with Brendan Smith.
  • Snipe city from Buchnevich – but Sorokin was off his angle on this. Regardless, good plays from Miller and Lafreniere before the Buch snipe.
  • PP1 is interesting to me right now. Why isn’t Zibanejad in his spot?
  • More neutral zone pressure. More goals. This time Kakko on a great rush following a turnover by Dobson.
  • Still would like to see a game where the Rangers don’t take a bunch of penalties.
  • And PP1 connects – this makes it a complete game.

Quick Hits

  • Lindgren-Trouba was solid, and if that’s the top pair, it sets the table for the other pairs. The trick is getting Jack Johnson out of the lineup. However Adam Fox did fine carrying him.
  • Brendan Smith is just fine in a third pairing role, and K’Andre Miller really clicked with him.
  • Kaapo Kakko, even without the goal, had a very strong game. Ditto Filip Chytil.
  • Brett Howden, had a good game. I know I was upset at his powerplay usage, but he was good in this one.
  • This is what happens when you pressure in the neutral zone and stop letting teams walk into the OZ with speed.
  • Only one real gaffe in this one, and the Rangers lucked it into a goal for them. But even if that doesn’t go their way, they dominated from start to finish.

Can we all calm down now? Thursday was one game. The Rangers answered with a shutout of the Isles tonight. This was a complete-180. On to the next.

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  • Good response to opening night clunker – team was solid in three zones; As I suspected/posted earlier on this site – DeAngelo has already found his way into press box because of his lack of discipline. SMH

      • He took a stupid penalty in the first game, an unsportsmanlike conduct for yelling at the ref and slamming the penalty box door, on top of the one he had already been called for. This team can’t afford to do that.

    • They’re not around right now Rich, I handed them all a whine list and put them on a plane to Miami.

    • There was no context, in any way, that made Thursday night’s game acceptable. From the coach on down.

      And even though it was just one game, it followed a similar showing in the Canes’ series, which were the games right before Thursday night’s game. So there was legitimate concern.

      But the team played a complete game, with Georgie making the saves when he had to, so now we know that the team is capable of playing well.

      So, I’m here when they play well, and when they don’t.

    • Never wanted to jump but rather push the coach. Kakko with a goal but barely 10 minutes TOI. Gauthier, one of our better players in clunker, with 6 minutes. Panarin, who stunk on Thurday, got 22. Happy for the win, do not trust the coach. They win despite his actions and not a recipe for sustained success. Also not a recipe for effective development

  • Solid effort. The Russians really liked scoring on the Russian goalie. Nice goal by Kakko too. Mikko Raantanen scored almost the exact same goal for Colorado the night before on their 4th goal of the game too.

  • Complete turn around from game #1, keep smith in with Miller and Trouba needs a partner like Lindgren, replicates when he was on Winnipeg paired with Morrissey he needs a good stay at home defenseman with him.

    I want to see Kappo get more TOU and JJ out of thr line up, Maybe Gorton should have tried to move ADA, blueline looks better without him.

  • So tomorrow everyone will write: “So which is the real Rangers team”?

    Answer: You just saw them.

    PS: More often than not.

  • Way to step up boys. Just what I wanted to see. Islanders never stood a chance. The vaunted no neck coach has no answer when the opponent doesn’t play into his hands by playing east west hockey and allowing counter attacks.

    Good game in particular by Miller.

  • Yes, the first game was just one game, but when the problem is tied to hunger and effort, that’s of concern to everyone, or should be. And in a season without a real camp, to come out the gate with an effort concern is a big problem — especially optically for those not privy to the few practices. So while I myself wasn’t one of those people looking for a bridge to jump off, I totally understand that view, and it wasn’t unjustified under these unique circumstances.

  • us Ranger fans suck………….LMFAO………I have no complaints today…..even the coach will get a pass for now…..

  • Does anyone sense a trade coming for Dubois? I would think DeAngelo and Chytil plus a 2nd round pick could work. Would that be too much to give up?

    • EXACTLY the package I was thinking of myself! – I guess great minds do think alike. Personally, I think he wants to play with Panarin – question is does Columbus want to trade him to the Rangers fully expecting they will be competing again as a divisional rival once things return to “normal”? Also does Torts want to deal with DeAngelo and his issues?

      • Torts may be just what DeAngelo needs. However, I think Torts is on his way out in Columbus. He’s like milk, very short shelf life. When good players are always wanting out because of the coach, its time for him to go.

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