Lineup Changes

Tony DeAngelo skates with taxi squad

Tony DeAngelo skated with the taxi squad today as David Quinn shuffled the lines. This came after DeAngelo took a very undisciplined penalty in the shutout loss to the Islanders yesterday. The defense pairs were:

Ryan Lindgren-Jacob Trouba
Jack Johnson-Adam Fox
Brendan Smith-K’Andre Miller

Quinn has a habit of shuffling lines like this, and then reverting back after one practice. The entire Rangers team was awful, so let’s see if this sticks.

The other big change was adding Brett Howden to the power play. This came at the expense of Kaapo Kakko.

It’s one game, so there’s no reason to get worked up. But this is something to keep an eye on going forward.

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  • Looks like Kakko is back to being the whipping boy again. Oh and lol at Johnson playing 20 minutes last night and don’t get me started on Howden on the pp

    • I’m a big Kakko fan and I’m excited for his future. I hate how David Quinn has managed him thus far, but Kakko was horrible last night. He had no jump in his step, very flat footed. All these bloggers keep writing on him having to find his game and get more minutes, it all starts with him needing to be more explosive with his feet, everything will fall into place after that.

      • Quinn is much worse than AV!!! Played all his kiss ass faves the most!! When teams dnnt like their coach, this is how they play!

  • Once again, DQ shows no patience with Tony D and Kakko. Do me a favor and move them both to another team so I do not have to read about DQ’s hissy fits. This loss falls at the feet of Quinn, not Tony D and not Kakko.

    DQ still lives by the stick and not the carrot

    • Not so much about Kakko as Goat really stepped up his game.

      Tony D? Had some moments jumping into the play, still can’t defend worth a lick and has impulse control issues. I’d say his odds finishing the season as a Blueshirt at below 25%. Will have to go over depth charts to really figure the odds out.

      • Howden laces his skates and DQ thinks he is magical. 4th line did crap. You need to either tell DQ that Tony D and Kakko are the future, or move them both for a real center and move Strome to 3C. Chytil looks too timid.

        • Tony D has no future here.

          He’s priced himself off the roster, considering Fox’s ELC ends the same time Tony’s bridge deal does.

          They sheltered him last year, gave him opportunities to flourish and for counting stats, he did. So now you have to maintain appearances until you move him.

          • See I’m all in with your analysis this time. Spot on. The sooner Tony D is outta here, the better. Lundkvist will be much better defensively. Fox is already better than him. So with Trouba, Fox and Lundkvist, we are good at RD. Tony D can go and tweet his life out of NYC.

          • Tony D got PP1 minutes from the jump instead of Trouba, benefiting from sheltered O zone starts with Panarin.

            With all due respect, seeing as you can’t grasp context and player usage leading to certain outcomes; you can take your malinformed opinions, turn ‘em sideways and stick em where the sun don’t shine.

      • Tony D was paired with the worse Dman in the NHL!!! Who got 20min ice time! Quinn sucks and is targeting Tony for bias reason’s because the whole TEAM SUCKED AND TOOK BAD PENALTIES!!! JOHNSON WITH THR 1ST ONE TO SET THE TONE OF THE GAME!!! Meanwhile Trouba and Miller SUCKED!! Who puts a rookie on the top line to kill his confidence!! THID WAS ALL ON QUINN

    • What world do you live in? Ranger treatment of Kakko has been patience on steroids. Among players who played all year, Kakko was likely the worst player in the league last year, but DQ ran him out there game after game. He get first crack at 2RW.

      As for DeAngelo, he has control issues and DQ needs to manage those. Outbursts like that need different handling than ineptitude does.

      • Control his outbursts. You mean like DQ yelling “f$&ing rabbit ears” and making idiotic gestures at the refs?

    • Lay off the crack. It’s not good for you.

      Tony D had issues before NYR got him. He was suspended for harassing a teammate.

      He was a reclamation project. And he was doing well till he signed his contract.

      I wonder if he ever made a special needs kid eat stuff off the street.

    • Put down the crack pipe. LOL.

      If you are really an attorney, god help your clients.

      PS – your caps-lock key is acting up.

    • Meds. Stay on them. This rant is really poorly written and makes no sense.

      Thanks for attempting to share your thoughts, though. We’re all proud of you!

  • I worked late so I missed the game but I’m gonna guess they didn’t win many draws on the PP. that’s the only reason Howden would be there.

  • no need to get worked up, you’ve got to be kidding me. any organization that allows a team to be put on ice that plays like that should get out of the hockey business. what an embarrassment to anyone that even considers themselves to be a ranger fan. i’ve been one for 57 years and i don’t remember anything so gosh awful horrible, no excuses for that showing at all. this completely falls on the coaching staff #1 ( jack johnson, really ) and then #2 (the players for not picking up any of the pieces the staff left them.)

  • This is clearly an unprepared team. Playing the Isles first 2 games won’t help things as they are a true Cup contender.

    DQ needs to own this mess. This team is NOT a playoff team.

  • Holy crap guys,
    It’s game one with a new defensive coach in place. Did they play poorly? Absolutely!
    The sky isn’t falling and things will work themselves out with time

    • Tough for anything to work offensively if you can’t exit the zone, let alone the other two. They are just too casual with puck possession on the best of days, which is dangerous with a heavy team like the Isles.

  • This is a very young Ranger squad and they have a lot to learn about what it takes to become a hockey pro. Holding players accountable is what is needed to motivate them to stick to the game plan. Egos always are a challenge for a coach as some players will feel they are bigger then the team. If they don’t want to change, then yes move them out. Cut out the cancer.

  • Wow! Honestly thought they’d bench Miller for Smith while keeping their new shiny toy, Johnson, in the lineup. Bet Johnson will be the last guy to sit amongst all the D-men.

  • I think, that DQ can recall Rycov from Cska and Kravtsov from Traktor. Smith, Johnson and Tony would better, if they are out of Rangers.

    • If Rykov was 2nd-3rd pair in the K and has been a healthy scratch the last 3 games, where does that slot into the Rangers lineup?


  • 1. Howden has no business being on the powerplay.
    2. The team had no battle level or intensity last night.
    3. Kakko should be playing with Zib and Kreider.
    4. Lafrenierre should be playing with Panarin and Strome…. not Chytil and Gauthier. He will be fine on the right wing, did you see the jump in his step when he got a shift with Panarin? He didn’t want to get off and change….
    5. Chytil is not going to be what people think, he just skates around aimlessly chewing on his mouthpiece thinking he’s an exception to having to move his feet, battle for the puck, and create plays. Chytil would be good at a local no hitter open hockey session where guys don’t where shoulder pads. Gorton needs to ship him out of town in a package before his value drops.
    6. David Quinn will not realize the above 5 points, the only one he will realize is likely Lafrenierre with Panarin eventually, but he will put Kakko with Chytil on the third line again. Buch will get traded eventually and he will no choice, but to put Kakko in his place anyway like I said in point number 3.
    7. These defence combinations aren’t going to be better. Smith and Miller against the Isles…. Man. At least with Trouba Miller has someone to lean on when he’s in a jam… Smith sucks.

  • I’ll say this: if they really have a captain, this nonsense will get nipped in the bud.

    If they really had a leadership structure, the C of the future would’ve started a light tussle after the 2nd goal and one of the boys would turned it into a Donnybrook. Started sleepy, stayed there.

    That’s not a coaching issue.

    • All a coaching issue!! Team WAS NOT PREPARED!! JUST LIKE IN THE Bubble he didnt know how to prepare them!! Panarin, Krieds, Trouba, Zibby Buch ALL SUCKED but no word or benching of them BUT Kaapo and Tony get blamed ! Playing favorites divides team and that’s what Quinn does!! It NoT COLLEGE!!! THEY ARE MEN

  • Quinn was so thrilled with the results of the lottery, that he requested use of the ping pong ball machine that the NHL used that night, to come up with his line ups.

    My question for Mr. Quinn: “Do you want to be fired?”

  • I love how Johnson can get a penalty that leads to a goal and turnover the puck that leads to a goal and he is still in the lineup. In favor of a younger better player. DQ is a moron and he’s gonna ruin these young players.

  • I don’t understand having JJ in the lineup. Trade ADA with Strome, and some combination of Jones, Lindbom, Robertson, Huska, a first–for a center and a sold bottom six warrior. Ready or not–lat night was no fun to watch. The Islanders looked like men playing hockey against a Level C squirt team.

    Lemeiux–Chytil–Buch–(Maybe sit Chytil for Blackwell for a game or two)
    Di Giuseppe–Rooney–Goat


    I can handle watching a team, with a lot of fight, lose. Watching a listless team meander around the ice like a dilettante appreciation society at a life coach meet and great soiree–is just too painful to watch.

  • Hey I am a fan of Tony D usually, but he deserves the dog house at the moment. He usually responds to Quinn’s punishments, so it’s the smart thing to do.

  • It’s this kind of line up overreaction after one game, that, once again, tells me that this guy is not an NHL coach.

    Hell, juggling the line up after one period was another example.

    And if he really, really watched the game, then he would know that his team was not prepared, in any way, to play that game. And that juggling the line up, of unprepared players, was not going to matter.

    But then that would have required Quinn to put blame on himself, which he never seems to do.

    This guy is amateur hour.

  • DQ doesn’t have a clue, we are back to conversation started 2 years ago, he is not the coach which would help this team to jump next level.

    Gerard Galan is still available

  • I agree with most of the comments written here and will some them up win one sentence:

    “Rangers have too many skill players and not enough grit players in their lineup”

    Everything I saw against Carolina in the playoffs, against the Islanders, the Flyers last year, against Boston confirms that. They get outworked in the corners at both ends, they get smothered in the offensive zone, in front of their own net, they get worn down too easily. A hockey team needs balance, letting guys like Hayes, and Fast go, instead of being patient and waiting for the skill players to come together has hurt this team. For this team to take next step some softer players on offense and defense need to be swapped with more physical role players. Until that happens this team will not take the next step.

  • I just don’t understand the love affair with krappo. He goes up and down the ice with no idea of what to do. No interaction with his linemates and NEVER wins any battles for the puck. I could go on and on but I’ll just put this up there with all the other #1 busts this team has drafted through the years.

  • Why waste time on Johnson, a washout with other teams? The Rangers needed someone like Boyle, great on pk, face offs and an edge to him. The Rangers are simply too polite – I hate Marchand but he has that nastiness which no one on the Rangers has. We need more character. We need teams to come in and dread playing us. Not the case now

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