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MSG broadcast details for 2021 Rangers season

MSG will broadcast 50 NY Rangers games this season. As expected, Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti will return for the broadcast. John Giannone will do pregame, postgame, and intermission coverage. Steve Valiquette and Anson Carter will return for select games as well.

Kenny Albert and Don LaGreca return for the radio broadcast.

Below is the full MSG Rangers broadcast schedule:

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  • Has there been any news on Al Troutwig…

    He was Stella at Ranger games

    Hope he is feeling well

      • I pray he gets back soon…I don’t mind Gianone as the very occasional fill in for Sam, but the man cannot conduct an interview. I scream when instead of asking a question he makes the irritating request,” Speak to…” and his penchant for asking everyone in the locker room the same question over and over…infuriating.

      • I love Duguay, but to be fair his analysis was stuck in the 1980’s and he never was able to get a handle on the game as it’s played now…

        • Yes, that is why we who loved the 79 cup final rangers and want to see those 80s fashion faux pas jackets and curly mop head. He, who was looking for guys to step and “play the body” no mention of physicality. I also loved Espo both on the ice, in the booth and as the GM, making a trade a day, on slow days

  • Al Trautwig, not a word in over a year, Amazing
    I wish I could say the same for Micheletti, not a word in over a year!
    Bring back Dugie, more Anson, stick Valiquet between the bench’s

  • How is it possible that we can’t get any current information on Al Trautwig’s disappearance?

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