Artemi Panarin ranked #4 in NHL’s Top Players Right Now

The NHL Network has released its Top 50 Players Right Now, and Artemi Panarin sits at number four on the list. Panarin was behind Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon, and, laughably, Leon Draisaitl. I say laughably because while Draisaitl is very good, he did not account for 35% of his teams wins last year, like Panarin.

Panarin carried the Rangers to the play-in round last season. Without him, the Rangers would have been in the bottom-five of the league. Worth noting that without him, the Rangers would not have won the draft lottery, thus getting Alexis Lafreniere. Granted that has nothing to do with Panarin, but worth stating.

Artemi Panarin being ranked among the top players right now was a given. Panarin is going to be a key cog in the Rangers’ success this season. As he goes, the Rangers will go.

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  • Hard to argue too much with the list. He is the top Winger as the other 3 players ahead of him are centers. so there is that…

  • I love his play away from the puck, and his fight to get it and keep it. Let’s face it, several other players who don’t even play on the ice with him improved from having him on the roster. These things aren’t always measured.


  • Panarin is one of those players who makes everybody on the team better. It’s not JUST his skill, it’s his tenacity, his energy, and his attitude. He never gives up on a play, never slows down, practices hard, and obviously enjoys the hell out of playing the game. With a guy like that on the team, everybody just gets the feeling.

  • I agree with the reader’s comments regarding his play away from the puck and his tenacity. Having never really watched him play except for nationally televised games I was blown away by his work along the offensive boards and in open ice, where he removes the puck from defenders with ease. Mostly doing it with just stick work (legally). He rarely throws the body, which enables him to pass or shoot once he strips the puck. He’s amazing at this. Of course he’s a remarkable player in other facets as well. A well deserved #4! Bread man rules!!! LGR!

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