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Rangers sign Braden Schneider to AHL contract

The NY Rangers have signed defense prospect Braden Schneider to an AHL contract.

This was relatively expected, as the WHL start date is still up in the air. With Matthew Robertson likely starting the season on the taxi squad, Schneider may join him. Neither will play with the Rangers this season. This signing is solely to get Schneider (and Robertson) more NHL experience during practices.

When the WHL season kicks off, they will be returned there to finish out this season.

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  • IDK but it seems like the Rangers are trying to get Schneider to the NHL sooner than later.

    Obviously not this year, but getting him ready for maybe next year. I guess the Rangers do think that much of him.

    So, at what point do the Rangers use their strength of prospect pool for an upgrade trade? These prospects all won’t be here to play.

  • Once we are out of the CAP hell we put ourselves into with all the buyouts, we should be ready to use these prospects to keep the overall price of the roster down as well as shipping a few off for a young center who can be here for years to come.

    • LOL, there is no cap space that the Rangers won’t use.

      If the Sabres do not make the playoffs this year, then Eichel will but try and force his way to the Rangers, to play with Lafren. That’s $10M per.

      Personally, I would rather have Dubois.

      But, in any case, the Rangers will pull off a trade for a big time center, it’s almost inevitable. So the player they end up getting, at some point, will be paired with Zib, to form a formidable 1 and 2 center tandem. Chytil would almost certainly go in any deal for a top center.

      This is all my conjecture and prediction, BTW.

      • Well let’s hope Chytil takes a good step forward this year, that might negate the need to go after the latest shiny available Center.

        • Fine by me, I think Chytil should be playing 2C now.

          And he should, so the Rangers find out for sure if he can handle it or not, as opposed to assuming that he can’t and they trade him.

          • From a cap perspective we want him to succeed in that role — we need cap flexibility moving forward and Chytil should always remain a cheaper option than Dubois.

          • Agreed, but, Dubois is a budding superstar, ala Zib. And it looks like he will be traded, at some point.

          • You can’t have all superstars in your Top 6 … or your Top 4 d’, etc. Someone who produces well but is compensated reasonably is always necessary.

  • With WHL season going to be 24 games, Schneider gets 2-3 weeks in Hartford, spends 6 weeks in the Dub and depending on Brandon’s playoff luck could be back in April for the end of the regular season.

    Everything I’ve read, Calder Cup looks doubtful unless they open doors. Get those vaccines out tout suite!!

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