Mika Zibanejad’s absence was due to COVID

rangers hurricanes mika zibanejad

A relatively expected bombshell was dropped yesterday, as Mika Zibanejad revealed he was out with COVID. The Rangers couldn’t publicly say anything, obviously. Mika revealed this on his own.

It makes sense that he was out with COVID. The Rangers were mum on the topic, and Zibanejad was no where to be found. The lack of answers regarding his status were also rather telling. The big thing now will be seeing if he was isolated properly. Sounds like he was, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see another teammate get symptoms or test positive.

This is going to be the nature of the 2021 season. Mika Zibanejad may be the first Ranger to have COVID in the 2021 season. But he most certainly will not be the last. Glad to see he is doing better and able to join the team.