K’Andre Miller with inside track to break camp

Following last night’s scrimmage, which was not televised, David Quinn had nothing but glowing remarks for rookie defenseman K’Andre Miller. Miller has been a standout in camp thus far, and Quinn has taken it one step further. Quinn stated that K’Andre Miller is forcing his way onto the Rangers roster come opening night, which is bold given it’s only three days into camp.

The possibility of Miller making the Rangers out of camp has always been there. He was invited to postseason camp in August to get time with NHLers. At the time, Quinn mentioned he would have dressed Miller if he were able. While Miller is certainly a top prospect with top pairing potential, I personally thought he was pumping the kids tires at the time. Apparently Quinn should have been taken at his word.

By all accounts Miller has been by far the best defenseman in camp. Quinn has been particularly impressed with Miller’s decisions with the puck. Miller has a ton of skill that apparently is no longer just raw skill. There’s still a long way to go, but K’Andre Miller making the opening night roster seems more and more likely with each passing day.

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  • Good. Very good. Sometimes the best case scenario works out. If he doesn’t completely falter, that also would give Quinn the option to switch KAM and ADA later, if he feels so inclined.

  • All it takes are 1 or 2 of the kids cracking the lineup and performing well to change all expectations for the Rangers. Hopefully K’Andre is just one of many such lineup upgrades.

  • Very encouraging, I just hope the team can make the tough decision to send him back to the AHL if he proves not yet ready during the season.
    We’ve seen numerous young players make the initial roster and show they aren’t quite ready and are nevertheless kept on the NHL roster.

    • In all fairness Reen it seems like a number of LD “things” aren’t going to happen if Miller makes the team.

      • Only people who thought that Jack Johnson was taking a regular shift are the usual “sky is falling” fools. Bitetto was going to get ice time over Johnson.

        He got the hook up as “break glass in case of emergency because JD & JM like him and he needs the money.

        • You can throw in Hajek into that mix … and Robertson and even Smith himself, although they left themselves with little other options on the right side.

          • Robertson hasn’t filled out enough to make the team beyond taxi squad practice time.

            Hajek was barely good for Brno when he needed to be great at this point in his development in that league.

            Once ADA was moved over, depth chart went:
            ADA(crossing fingers)
            1st guy to step up/Bitetto

            ADA & possibly Smith on their off hands will generate a ton of extra points from the point much like Klein & Holden did during career scoring years.

  • IF he makes the team out of camp then the good thing is he can start off on the 3rd pairing — let him build up his confidence with sheltered minutes. I think Smith on the right side is a good thing — a veteran who always plays a hard game. Let’s not throw him to the wolves so to speak. This is contingent of course on the Trouba-ADA pairing actually working (or in the alternative Trouba-Lindgren and Fox-ADA).

  • This is a good sign for the young prospect Miller. It’s important he starts his profession hockey career on the right skate.

  • If he earns the spot, GREAT! If he’s as good as we hope, he fills a huge hole in our D. In the worst case, it looks like he’ll be on the taxi squad, and travel with the team.

  • That is very encouraging news about Miller. I was not aware that he had come along that quickly. It will be terrific if he makes the team.

  • One caution. All defensemen (not just Miller) on Shesterkin’s team played well. Robertson, Crawley and Raddysh all looked good. That’s what Shesty does. Of course, it means that the Rangers should be good on D, no matter who plays.

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