NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: December 14, 2020

Key Dates: None – pending NHL announcement on 2020 season
Last Poll’s Results:  8.25 (104 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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  • Right now an eight until I see a more solid balanced established defensive core, but we are headed in the right direction.. Great move hiring the new special defensive coach with a good record. The young D.men coming up may step in and develop into something special and a 10 rating is not far off! JD, and JG are doing a great job!

  • Overall confidence is off the chain for me.

    – Hockey is coming back.
    – The lame duck Daffy, I mean Donald Trump and his administration can stop making America look weak. That science project can done for good now!!!!!!!!!! Major win for the American people I would say.
    – The young core of Laffy, Fox, Kakko, Kravtsov gives me hope for the future.

    Actual confidence for this upcoming season?
    – I think NYR faithful should gear up for another lottery pick.
    – Lack D-men who can shutdown top lines, lack of 2-way forwards, poor depth in the bottom six and four.
    – Boston, Philly, Pitts, Isle, revamp Buff and Washington in a shorten season means ZERO mistakes can happen if you want to be a top 3 team in this division.

    • NotSoAvery

      There you go again showing your stupidity, enough already with the politics…….It’s amazing, when people respond to your rants, you cry foul……Get a job!!!!!!!!!!

    • When you say “lottery pick” I assume that you mean that they are not making the playoffs?

      Admittedly, the division realignment does not help the Rangers making the playoffs this year. But if Shesty is off the charts, then winning a lot of games in a short season is possible, if he gets hot, and steals games.

      With a possible 50ish game season, Shesty could play a lot of them, maybe 40 of them.

      • Lottery pick= well yeah no playoffs. If they do make it then it will most certainly be a race to fill up a wildcard slot.

        This time we won’t have a broken down CBJ and Carolina type teams fumbling to the finish line. We saw what a injured riddle Pitts could do with Croby not at his best. They might never win again but they’re definitely playoff worthy with that core.

        Washington games are going to flow like when Philly came to town. The ex NYR effect will mean something here, Caps will show up for Hank just like Philly did for AV and Hayes.

        This team didn’t match up well against Buff last year. I think the Boston Bruins, can easily win 5-6 out 8 games just like Philly, Pitts and Washington can do. The coaches over here are the top hitter’s who’ll have a field day playing match up game’s verse the Rangers entire D corps and bottom 6.

        ^ I don’t see how Shesty can gobble up pucks 24/7 against those teams. I’m talking about majority of the best top lines, top 6, top 9 and center depth are all in this division (offence juggernauts). I think the bulk of special teams (PK!) and top defending teams are probably within this division too.

        Shesty mental fortitude will be tested before the half way mark. 4-6 game series will threaten to chase him before most of these series get good. Will he be able to come back and show up? TBA… Him stealing games might just mean instead of a top 5 pick, it goes up to 10-15 draft pick.

  • I gave them a 9, thinking long term. I don’t see a Cup this year, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to hear some noise from them around playoff time.

  • Confidence shouldn’t change from end of last year or from last week. No real new developments to make me feel that we are more ready to compete. League alignment and additional “taxi squad” is more cause for concern than for excitement.

  • I am still a 9 voter.

    Short term, it is still a developing team. They should some great games and take out some good teams at times, and get drubbed other times. It goes with the territory. They should make some noise, but it is next year when I think things might start to all come together.

    They should be fun to watch this season, and be better than they were.

    • Hey bro.

      9? Why? It all looks good, but I want to see how Quinn handles his players and the line ups.

      If Howden is anywhere but the 4th line, then there’s a problem. If Jack Johnson is getting close to 18 minutes per game and is playing important game minutes, then there’s a problem.

      I am not confident that we have an NHL coach, quite honestly.

      • You really think just because JJ’s a 8 min player that it will make a difference? Smith playing 15+ mins can’t happen neither.

        Throwing Lindgren on the top pair and giving Trouba 19-20 mins isn’t going to help much. You can have robot scanning for loopholes as the bench boss. All the team’s will continue to take advantage of that and whoever is on the 3rd pair. Quinn has been dealt a bad hand on D and chances are with the bottom 6 as well (Laffy will be a top 6 sooner than later). Faceoffs, poor straight line defending, 200 ft games can’t be all on the coach.

        Quinn’s idea of making a fortress is the right idea with his zone D approach. Not enough savvy 200 ft forwards to go man to man on this roster. Matter of fact, he let’s his wingers cheat by giving them a better chance at shot blocking and being in the shooting lanes verse that saggy zone play. That makes the “fort” a lot higher up above the high slots. Instead of like the Torts era where you had to retreat back to this one spot down below the hash marks. In return this helps the transition play develop quite nicely for skill guy’s with speed.

        • There are 2 facets to a successful team:
          1) Getting the talent
          2) Playing the talent the right way

          I am very skeptical of #2). Honestly, i do not believe that Quinn is an NHL level coach. He’s a college coach, IMO, nothing wrong with that. But he’s here.

      • Hey Tony, I guess it is because of Igor, Lafrenière, Kakko, Kravstov, Fox, Panarin, Zibanejad, DeAngelo, etc., and the young defenders in the wings, that long term I am a 9. Short term they are still developing. Quinn is still developing too. Whether he makes it as a good NHL coach is still to be seen, but he too has potential. So I am optimistic (but I am an optimistic guy by nature!)

        Merry Christmas my friend, stay healthy and watch the egg nog!

        • Good assembling of talent Peter, no question.

          The ingredients are good but how is the chef? That’s my concern.

          Merry Christmas my friend, and the red wine will be flowing since we will be at home, lol.

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