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Rangers to hold Alexis Lafreniere back from 2021 World Juniors

As expected, the NY Rangers are going to hold Alexis Lafreniere back from participating in the 2021 World Juniors. The club needed to make a decision, and it was the right decision from an asset management standpoint.

This likely means that Kaapo Kakko will be held back from participating in the 2021 World Juniors as well. Both prospects were eligible, but the Rangers will want to hold them back to continue training at the NHL level.

The logical person in me says this is the right move. After all, why risk injury? But the fan in me is disappointed because I would have loved to see both at the tournament.

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  • The Rangers currently have some of their young top prospects playing overseas. They are just as vulnerable to injury as Lafreniere, if he was permitted to play in the World Juniors. The “he might get hurt argument” is a line of bull crap.

    Hockey players are property of their owners and their owners do not want to loan out their property. Particularly when their is no financial transaction in return. It’s disappointing for fans and the players who want to represent their country. But not surprising, as hockey has become big business and like all big business, its only the bottom line that matters.

    • No one is anyone’s “property”. The player has a contract with the team and the terms and conditions of the contract apply.

      A contract is an agreement between two parties to deal with each other the contract is the framework in which both parties agree to deal with each other.

      If Alex wanted to play in world juniors he could have put a stipulation in the contract that he gets to decide to play.

      • Geeman

        Agree fully. Besides the kid has absolutely nothing to prove, and the injury factor is for real, in spite of what Bloomer may think!!!!!!!

        Personally I’m glad they decided this way……………

  • I’m hoping it was his decision “as well”, but who knows (maybe they know more than we do?) when the NHL season might actually start. Perhaps it would be a good thing for him and/or Kakko to play — despite having nothing left to prove at that level, it would provide both with a more competitive environment than practice.

    • I can’t see any use in these two players playing in the WJC. It will do absolutely nothing to prepare for NHL competition. Manhandling a group of mostly nineteen year olds will do nothing but further inflate ego’s that will only need a dose of NHL reality to see that the WJ’s are for those heading to the minors, or at best are on the cusp and the Big League Club isn’t certain of their place in the lineup. Neither Lafreniere or Kako is NOT going to make this club, they are assured spots.

    • Being devils advocate , I do think he should sit out

      But at what point is playing time in game situations meaningless?

      Aren’t all star games meainingless? Practices? Preseason ? Olympics? Where do you draw the line?

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