NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: November 30, 2020

Key Dates: None – pending NHL announcement on 2020 season
Last Poll’s Results:  7.98 (58 votes)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

Given the current roster construction, farm system, management, coaching, etc., how confident are you in the Rangers' overall future?

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      • Dave … (I wrote this post, below, for an article that was posted 5 days ago…but I’m thinking that since it was 5 days ago, everyone is done reading it (and commenting on it – like yourself)…so that’s why I’m reposting my comment here. Just wanted you to see this … in my appreciation.

        I don’t post much, by I just wanted to tell you that you and whomever works with you, for Blueseatblogs, runs a wonderful site here! I really enjoy reading the commentary, for the past year or so, with the opportunity to join in on the conversations. This blog seems to me a lot more “mature” (in the comments section) than the other “rival” blog…and THAT I LIKE.

        Keep up the good work and fine reporting –we all very much appreciate it –“anything” on the Rangers! Thank you.

  • NHL news should have zero affect on our confidence regarding the Rangers. In all honesty this poll should be suspended until some real news that directly impacts what the Rangers are doing.

    • Tanto,

      I agree! There is zero new news coming out. With the state of the country with this freakin virus.no one knows who will be safe, start date of season, or if we will even have a season. We’re all in a holding pattern.
      No team is really going to do anything now.
      Until a vaccine is safe or we get a handle on it,it’s just status Quo!!

      • I kind of agree. The only thing I don’t understand is that if the NHL was able to (pretty flawlessly) finish a season during the worst pandemic since the “Spanish Flu,” they should be able to figure this out.
        Granted it’s a full season as opposed to just playoffs but the NHL players were dedicated to doing things the right way. The NHL quietly went about its business while NBA NFL, & MLB.

    • Participating in this poll is a way to show support for Dave. You are a really bright guy. I shouldn’t have to spell it out more clearly than that.

      • I’m all for supporting Dave, but again there’s going to be 0 change if there’s 0 news — not to mention the fact that the poll doesn’t work for some of us). There are plenty of things to write about or expand upon (deeper dives into players, coaches, front office personnel and/or scouts), commenting on those things would also show support for Dave.

        Dave is go to for me, I rarely comment anywhere else and I’m always quick to click on a link to anything he writes.

        • You could be fickle like me, depending on mood, etc. Even with no news.

          You could look at it as lemons, or something that can be turned into lemonade.

          I’m still at an 8. I have to see how the players are deployed to go higher than that.

  • I vote 6 every time. Only because we haven’t really seen any of the kids at their peak yet. Its exciting and encouraging to know that they’ve stockpiled players who have been universally hailed as possible future stars. But, until they are, they’re not.Here’s hoping I’ll move that vote up a view notches in the coming months.

    • I agree with your post, but I would raise the vote to 7 or even an 8, in regards to what you wrote: very true about these players being “good on paper” (i.e. reviews of past performances). However, I voted a “9”, as the players we have in our system are exciting/successful, and I am really encouraged in the direction this team is, and will be going…how good this team could actually be in as little as 2 years!

  • Dave

    Where did you hear this???????

    “There may have been a Vitali Kravtsov trade in the works this Fall. That looks to have fallen through.”

    This is the first time that I heard anything to that affect. I’m not questioning you, but the source who may have put this out there. If we trade the kid, I believe it would be a huge mistake!!!!!!!!!

    • I am inclined to side with Truth Hurts here. I don’t want to trade Kravtsov, but I am interested in what he will bring back in trade. If you can get Miro Heiskanen or Jack Hughes, it seems like you should trade him. If someone offers you the #15 pick in the 2021 draft, you say no.

      Because the Rangers seem loaded on the wings, I would trade nearly any wing IF the return was a comparable player who filled a need. An exception is Lafreniere because too many #1 overall picks end up in the HOF and it is really embarrassing to have traded a HOFer.

      I divide the team into three groups – players to trade, players one won’t trade, players that will be dealt for the right price. Most players are in group 3.

      • ALL players are in group 3. It’s true that the “right price” for some players may be so high that it severely limits the market for that player, but, never say never. What if Jack Eichel DEMANDS a trade out of Buffalo, and the Sabres ask for Zibanejad in return? Do you make the deal, or not?

      • I would trade him if we got an equally good prospect that was a natural born center — he would have to be a top prospect though.

  • Kraftsov has lots of potential right now. Is he a top 6 NHL forward? We risk losing his value if he actually plays and gets pushed around at the NHL level.

    We need to see if he is Buch 2.0, or better, or worse. I am all for keeping assets, but we are nearing the point where we need to build a stronger, more rounded team. We should listen to every offer at this point.

  • Right now there’s so much uncertainty regarding the next season, salary cap levels, and team budgets, that I think the trade market is pretty much bogged down. That being said, I also think that the Rangers will be in a great position when the market opens up again. We have a VERY deep prospect pool, with more players than there are places for on the team. I can definitely see some packages being put together to bring in players who address specific needs on the team, like 2C and LD.

  • As a hospital health care worker and seeing up close what is going on, I cannot see the NHL starting until April, 2021.

    • Unfortunately, from the conversations with some family members who are physicians and nurses, I have a feeling that you may just be right. They see a surge coming just before the vaccines are widely available. Everyone needs to be vigilant.

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