Irresponsible Rumormongering

Was there a potential Vitali Kravtsov trade to Pittsburgh in the works?

Some interesting Vitali Kravtsov tidbits, as there may have been a trade to Pittsburgh in the works. It’s unclear if the trade got nixed at some point, but per, in an interview with Alexey Shevchenko, Pittsburgh specifically gets mentioned.

The interview mostly goes over Kravtsov staying in the KHL, a decision both team and player agreed upon to get playing time. Kravtsov does specifically mention that there is no space for him on the roster, but I think he’s more eluding to this year and not in the future. After all, the Rangers do have Pavel Buchnevich, Kaapo Kakko, and Julien Gauthier on RW next season. On Kakko is guaranteed to be part of the long term future as of now.

But the crazy piece of the interview is how Shevchenko kind of glosses over where the Pittsburgh rumors came from. We did suggest that the Rangers might want to consider a Vitali Kravtsov trade in September, but Pittsburgh would not be the ideal landing place.

The only way Kravtsov gets traded is for a haul. He’s a top-ten pick who is currently having a solid season in the KHL. The skill is clearly there. This isn’t a Lias Andersson situation, where the skill just hasn’t shown up. He’s talented. He’s clearly got potential and the Rangers want him as a part of the future. This is a fluid situation that will likely work itself out over the next year or so.

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  • other name i thought of with pit was malkin – if was available at the right retention rate , would you include vk ?

    i mean if we had a precisely 3 year window maybe i can see it but i dont know if management sees it that right now and tbh the d construction rn doesnt indicate that.

    • the post is prominently tagged “Irresponsible Rumormongering” I’d say that adequately disclaims this is not intended to be Pulitzer quality journalism (no offense Dave!)

      so maybe if you only want the whole story, don’t read it 😉

      have a happy thanksgiving everyone!

  • I think all this history is a bagel, nobody would trade Krav for 2 years of 34 years old Malkin…. just tired of those fake news

  • Until they know what they have in Gauthier and until they can make a final decision on Buch, I don’t see this happening. No need to rush the kid at this point but I suspect the situation will clarify itself come the end of the season.

    Re: any rumor surrounding Malkin to the Rangers, that sounds like something the previous Ranger FO would have been open to, not this group.

    • the fun thing about this roster is there’s a bunch of guys nobody can agree whether they are top-6 or career 4th line forwards.

    • tanto

      There was talk of Malkin being moved a few months back, and Sid said no way did he want that to happen. If true, Malkin isn’t going anywhere except to the Pens training camp!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree, not much to see here, but in Dave’s defense, he did list it under “irresponsible rumormongering”

  • Looking at the quartet Buch, Kakko, Gauthier, Kravtsov, I do not think it unreasonable that Kravtsov turns out to be the best of the bunch so it seems absurd to view him as being blocked. He could not make the team last year because he was not NHL caliber yet – and that may still be true – but his projection was higher than all but Kakko and there is no reason he won’t meet expectations.

    OTOH, I don’t see why Kakko is guaranteed to be part of the long term future. Don’t get me wrong. He is expected to have an excellent career and he is a very valuable asset. One does not trade him unless one is well compensated. But untouchable? What is that unique thing that he brings to the Rangers that they can’t find elsewhere? Chris Kreider, who ultimately may not match Kakko’s career numbers, brings a much-needed net front presence – but Kakko seems projected to just be really really good. The Rangers have depth at right wing and trading a right wing seems reasonable. And Kakko is the right wing with the highest trade value.

    And if Kakko, Lafreniere, Kravtsov, Shesterkin, Fox hit their marks, there is no way to pay the quintet when added to Panarin, Zibanejad, Trouba and Kreider.

    Trading either Kakko or Kravtsov makes a lot of sense. Many people here seem to only want to trade players they don’t want to keep. Good trades often involve dealing players that you like but who are not critical to the mission in order to get players that you need more.

    • “And if Kakko, Lafreniere, Kravtsov, Shesterkin, Fox hit their marks, there is no way to pay the quintet when added to Panarin, Zibanejad, Trouba and Kreider.”

      One of these last two name’s will be gone soon… They have a window that is coming up, so they can make moves soon. If there are any disappointed season’s. I don’t think the FO would have any shame in asking one of those two to bounce and waive their clauses.

      Your anti Kakko talk of putting CK on a pedestal doesn’t stand a chance with management.. Laffy alone could very well take that PP1 role of his. He along with Kakko could bring a better element for that top PP on controlling down low more… Finding 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock lanes from behind the net, cycling better, zone entries, better hand eye plays (deflections) etc… All stuff that Kreider is either okay at or fails miserably on a nightly basis. I could see them using Kakko like how Brad Marchand is used on the Bruins. It will open up a world for cross crease passing plays and better movements without the puck, again another thing that CK can’t do.

      Regardless if all those young name’s hit their stride’s soon… You will still have to pay: Zib and his contract that should come in bigger than Hanks previous monster deal… A combo of Fox, Laffy and Kakko are going to cost something pretty.. Management will want to give a long term deal to at least 1out of 3… That is going to cost Staal’s previous money plus some to do that.

      Ps… Something big to think about- Quinn did a interview a month or so ago.. He literally mentioned how proud he was with everyone in the top 9 except for two name’s… Buch being of course one of them and Chris Kreider being the other one… I don’t think Quinn is a fan, how he handled the question about CK being captain last season and all the times that he’s benched him since taking over. Just sayin…!

    • “And if Kakko, Lafreniere, Kravtsov, Shesterkin, Fox hit their marks …”

      Aside from the fact that’s just a good thing, you can’t possibly expect all of them to be at the same level. What they end up making on a long term contract will be to large degree dependent on when that contract is signed and where they are in their development at that moment. It’s quite possible that the spread in terms of long term salary for these 5 guys ranges from 3-4M to 10-11+M. I would think the 3 locks for long term contracts here are Shesterkin, Fox and Lafreniere, the earlier they are signed the better. Next would be Kakko and lastly Kravtsov who is already going to be 2 years in and has yet to play an NHL game.

      So again, I think there will be a good spread if the Rangers handle this wisely and IF they end up having the requisite faith and belief to sign them before they become too good to sign. All that said I think Kreider and Trouba may both not finish their contracts out with the Rangers.

      • I believe Trouba and Kreider cannot be traded until 2024. And i said hit their marks – if any on the list hits their mark, you won’t get them for less than $6-8M. Shesterkin is likely a steal for Panarin money. And we should be hoping that Lafreniere will have a HOF career.

        A key aspect of my model is that it is absurd to have a top six all in the $6.5-12M range. (even worse as only one of the six is a center). If Kakko nd Kravtsov become stars, the Rangers likely annot afford both – and if they don’t, is that a reason not to trade one. I like Buch as an affordable second or third line player — and i llike trading Kakko because what you can get for him is a player that some other team’s fans would be horrified to lose.

  • When Vitaly gets back from Russia try him at 4th line center with Howden and Lemieux on his wings. Soon they will need to trade Strome for a draft pick to use the money for Mika and Kravsov will be a cheap replacement if he can be a 3C. Give him a tryout.

  • Anything can happen, but I don’t see Kravtsov being moved, especially to a team within the division. Before this happens, Buch gets moved because of cap issues. If it isn’t Buch, then it would be Gauthier.
    Also there is noting else to talk about, so why no start rumors?

    The last statement isn’t directed are Dave……………

  • There’s two ways to look at this Kravtsov thing..

    1) He’s using the media by sending shots that he wants his role to be crystal clear by the time he joins the team… He doesn’t want to look over his shoulder at a AHL between’er like Gauth.. His recent statement totally puts pressure on making a decision for Buch’s future…

    ^ I have a hard time believing that he suffers from low confidence.. Which means he’s really messing with his fellow countryman Buch and his future on the NYR…

    2) He’s scared that he will have to fight threw the bs to earn a top 6 role. I don’t think he wants to spend long on the third line w/ Chytil… Bottom 6 for that matter or else his statement doesn’t get made. There is plenty of room down there to make the team out of camp.

    At the end of the day he named name’s and everything.. There have been harder paths for youngsters to carve into a NHL lineuo than this one… It’s usually not normal for a young cat to do this kind of thing.. Especially scary when they’re from the KHL talking like this..

  • I’d rather trade Kravtsov to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Nikita Pavlychev. We are in desperate need for a center, and Pavlychev has the potential to develop into a taller, tougher poor-man’s Eric Lindros.

  • Horse Pucky Rangers not trading Kratsov to Penguins. Please let’s stop the insanity. Players will be traded at some point – IMHO the trade will be on defensive side of the ice – to many defenseman prospects in pipeline vying for limited spots. After Kratsov who else is in the offensive prospect pipeline with a higher ceiling? I’m not including Lafy or Kakko or Chytl etc… it’s great to hear about sand paper and tough to play against but you still need someone to put the puck in the net. Kratsov not going anywhere – this isn’t the Sather Rangers anymore this is the JD and JG Rangers – build through patience and development.

  • Kravtsov as a player has world class ability. However, I’m concerned about what is above the neck. Plenty of players that make it into the NHL have had world class ability only to crash and burn for various reasons once in the league full time. Last season when he wasn’t physically ready to handle the NHL grind, he got sent down for his own good. Chytil went through it earlier and came back a better player because the staff down there knew what it took to be a pro in the NHL and how to maximize a player’s talents. Props to Chytil for listening and applying as well. Same as Lindgren who could have made the team out of camp. Kravtsov, however, sulked in Hartford and asked to go back to the security of Russia and the KHL. That was his right, per his agreement with the team but it’s a bad read for the player. He should have stayed down there and learned how to play the pro game on North American ice. Quinn I believe didn’t care for the attitude (he was quoted later in the year of being proud of Lindgren and Chytil for going down to Hartford, not complaining and coming back better players – a not so subtle jab at Kravtsov) and at least at this point he is a player with a ton of ability who may have an attitude problem. I’m of the opinion of the opportunity arises and there is depth on the roster or a need for a top 6 forward or top 4 D-man via trade, Kravtsov will be the one sent packing. All depends on the progress of players like Kakko, Lafrieniere, and Gauthier, but I have a sneaking suspicion the front office and coaching staff aren’t 100 percent pleased with Kravtsov’s attitude right now.

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