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NHL Return to Play: Owners seeking adjustments to new CBA

As the NHL looks to return to play, one of the nuggets that has come out is the owners asking the players for more concessions. More specifically, the owners are asking the players for additional deferred salary to account for potential missed revenue due to COVID. The owners are also asking for more salary in escrow to ensure a 50/50 split of HRR.

The players agreed to 10% salary deferral and 20% cap on escrow in the CBA. That escrow number coming down to 6% over the life of the deal. It’s unknown exactly what the owners asked for in their increases, but it isn’t something the players will like and/or want to do. With a January start date in mind, both sides are losing runway to get a deal done.

For the Rangers, Chris Kreider is on the Return to Play committee. He was not on the summer Return to Play committee. That probably won’t impact anything, but this is a Rangers site, so I had to mention it.

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  • The Commish’ office is in a very sad state. They negotiate a deal and not 4 months later, want concessions. Did they think that the stands would be packed in January?

    Brings to mind the expression – Poor planning on your part does not cause an emergency on my part.

    NHL trying to back players into a corner. Not a good situation.

    • Absolutely correct. Management screwed up, now they should just shut down the league and let the players out of their contracts. Let them make the big buck in Europe.

      • I couldn’t agree more, the league made a major mistake and misjudgment. However, the fact remains, if you only have a gallon of water, you can’t give out a gallon and a quart. If you can’t play under the terms you’ve agreed to, then let them go. Don’t look now folks, but this is happening all over the country. Personally, I worry more about individual unemployment, the destruction of small businesses, and food lines throughout the country than I ever will about millionaire athletes losing a couple of sheckles.

          • I think one should judge owners and players by different standards. The success of the NHL requires two things – a pool of businessmen who view owning a hockey team as a good investment and a pool of athletes who think playing professional hockey is a good way to earn a living.

            Also, the difference between $10M a year and $2M a year is minor compared to the difference between making and losing money.

            There is a political problem here which is very simple to understand. Most of us care about the health of the teams but liberals (a group which includes me) often have little regard for the well being of the owners. But in many respects the well being of the owners exactly coincides with the well being of the teams.

  • The owners are right in this case to ask for concessions but it should only be for this season. With vaccines and therapies either already available or within 30-60 days from being used, one season should be enough to ask for some additional give back. You can get blood out of stone.

  • The NHL is in a very difficult position. They need to play to generate TV revenue, but cannot do this safely with fans or regular travel. It might be best to just move the season to a March 1 start date and play a 40 game schedule. No one knows the right (or safe) thing to do right now.

  • Again, absolutely right, no-one knows. There are much bigger issues in this country them whether or not Artemi gets his millions!!!

  • This is a sorry situation, and I can understand why people would be pissed off at the league management. The obvious question is did Gary Buttman give up any of is pay? The answer is not no, but hell no!!!!!!!!!

    The player’s association made a deal in good faith, the NHL should live up to their agreement……….

    • Walt, the issue is this, though, if you owed me $100 dollars but lost your income and only had $50. How are you going to, realistically, pay me. Fact is you can’t. I don’t support the owners or the players here. Just if you can’t live up to agreement let them go play somewhere else. In fact I don’t see why the players even need owners permission. A breach is a breach.

      • JoeS

        I understand, but as tanto said above, your inability to plan well, and getting into trouble, does not constitute an emergency on my part.

        Let’s face it, when you have owners like Jacobs in Boston, and Melnik in Ottawa, who are tight as a drum, and could care less about their people, why should the players give a flying crap for them. Add insult to injury, they will pay back in installments, over the course of a few years without interest, that’s horse crap.

        I can’t be sympathetic to the owners, they are worth a fortune, and could absorb the loss much easier than the players can. I feel for the venders, ticket agents, parking lot owners, etc, they are the ones hurt. When the crisis is over, and they start playing again, the owners will increase ticket prices, and like schmucks that we are, we’ll pay gladly to watch a game we all love. Will they thank the players by giving them a higher cap ceiling, hell no they won’t. When it comes to Bettman, I hate the basta*d, who had a street named after him, “One Way”.

        The owners remind me of a person with a loaf of Italian bread under his arms, and complaining that they’re hungry, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!

        A breach is a breach, I agree……………..

        • I understand, but as tanto said above, your inability to plan well, and getting into trouble, does not constitute an emergency on my part. ”

          Should have been Truth Hurts said”

        • I can’t say that I agree with everything you said, however most of it I support. Clearly in my post I stated I neither support the owners, nor the players here. I was just saying let them go play elsewhere if they want, that’s all I was saying.

          Hope you and your family, however it may be, have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving! I wish that to all who see this. I truly do!

          United we stand, divided, we fall!

  • You are correct on this. Every one involved in senior management with the league should be taking the same type of pay structure as the players in order to make this fair and move to a Jan 1 start date

  • What an embarrassment. I mean HOW can the league/owners not clearly state in the CBA, that they just signed, that comp deferrals would occur based on the % of games played vs a full season? It’s common sense under the circumstances?

    Bettman, once again, being the arrogant ass that he is, thinking they were going to play a full season, or close to a full season this year, is about as delusional as it gets.

    So the owners sign a deal that they cannot live up to, after the players already gave concessions relating to the pandemic. Wow. If I ran my business this way, then I would be out of business.

    Once again, the Mickey Mouse leader and league strike again. If I were the players, I would tell Bettman and the owners to eff off. Sometimes business people make bad deals, you know?

    What a disgrace.

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