gary bettman

As the NHL looks to return to play, one of the nuggets that has come out is the owners asking the players for more concessions. More specifically, the owners are asking the players for additional deferred salary to account for potential missed revenue due to COVID. The owners are also asking for more salary in escrow to ensure a 50/50 split of HRR.

The players agreed to 10% salary deferral and 20% cap on escrow in the CBA. That escrow number coming down to 6% over the life of the deal. It’s unknown exactly what the owners asked for in their increases, but it isn’t something the players will like and/or want to do. With a January start date in mind, both sides are losing runway to get a deal done.

For the Rangers, Chris Kreider is on the Return to Play committee. He was not on the summer Return to Play committee. That probably won’t impact anything, but this is a Rangers site, so I had to mention it.


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